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Best Furniture Floor Protectors

Choosing to use furniture floor protectors is a great way to lengthen the life of your expensive flooring investment. These little felt protectors provide a barrier between your furniture and the floor, effectively helping to reduce scratching and scuffing that will make a floor look dull over time. Commonly used in commercial applications — especially in education on school chairs and desks — felt furniture pads are ideal for residential use as well. Choose the best floor protectors for hardwood, vinyl, laminate and other hard-surface floors as well as rugs and carpeting by browsing the selection in the 1877FloorGuy store.

When choosing any type of floor protector for your furniture items, look for commercial grade felt pads and plastic slides from brands like Expanded and Flexi-Felt. Heavy duty felt furniture floor protectors are best suited to prevent damage to hard floors such as wood, vinyl, laminate and rubber flooring at home, in schools, meeting spaces, healthcare facilities and more. When selecting hard bottom glides for furniture, choose durable heavy use protective slides, like the ones from EZ Moves, to move heavy equipment or furniture with ease over rugs and carpeting.

Types of Floor Protectors
Chair glides come in three common types: felt, plastic and metal. Metal chair glides are typically ineffective in institutions that are tough on furniture, such as schools, that find damaged metal glides leaving gouges in the floor due to sharp, rough edges. Metal furniture feet also rust when the floor or rug beneath them gets wet from leaks or spills, leaving ugly stains on resilient hard surface floors and on carpeting. Felt and plastic floor protectors each have their place on the base and feet of furnishings to save the floor from damage.

Customers at 1877FloorGuy are most often looking to protect LVT, hardwood, linoleum and other resilient flooring surfaces so our store has lots of options for protecting these hard floor surfaces from scratches and dents. The best type of pad that we recommend using on hard surface flooring is felt because of the way it protects the floor. When felt furniture pads are commercial quality they will last and greatly reduce or eliminate scuffing where chairs or other items move frequently on the floor.

  • Felt Floor Protectors
    • This type of floor protector comes in many attachment styles to fit a wide range of furniture and facilities for residential or commercial use. Felt floor protectors are the best option for hard surface floors. The least expensive type of floor protector is the felt peel-and-stick design that adheres to the feet or base of chairs, desks and other pieces of furniture to effortlessly glide over hard-surface flooring without causing damage. The most standard peel and stick felt pad is round and comes in several diameters and in large or small quantities. 1877FloorGuy has done the best job of sorting these items in their online store but it can be confusing so feel free to call Customer Support for guidance.
    • Many customers like the look and secure fit of Expanded’s Clear Sleeve Floor Protectors that can fit over square or round chair and table legs without the use of adhesive. In addition to round felt pads that stick on and clear sleeve felt pads that grip, 1877FloorGuy has high profile Slip-On® or low-profile Slip Over® Floor Savers™ for school classroom desks and chairs, Flexi-felt Ultimate Shrink to Fit felt chair glides that are possibly the most durable felt furniture attachment ever and Wrap-Around or Clip-On felt bottom pads for sled base and stacking chairs.
    • Felt floor protectors are the softest option, so they’re ideal for any hard surface flooring, especially LVT that tends to scratch more easily than stone and tile flooring, and they can be used in residential and commercial environments. Heavy duty felt protector pads can be swapped out if you don’t want to clean them, or you can use a vacuum to lift off dirt and dust from the pads to keep floors from scuffing long term.
  • Plastic Floor Protectors
    • Plastic floor protector glides are intended for use on carpeting or ceramic tile floors. Resilient flooring, such as laminate, linoleum and vinyl will scratch when plastic furniture glides move back and forth, especially if the glide becomes damaged and there is a sharp or rough edge sticking out that will scratch the floor. Plastic bottom glides that fit to tables and chairs can adhere to each furniture leg or they can sit under a heavy piece of furniture so it glides easily and won’t snag carpeting or area rugs. Plastic furniture glides come in many shapes and sizes however most popular, at 1877FloorGuy, are the 3-inch square or round hard plastic bottom glides that fit great under the legs of a coffee table or sofa in a home’s living room or in an office waiting area. Available in several neutral shades, these plastic glides blend with most carpet colors so they don’t stand out.
    • Fitted styles of plastic furniture bumpers are also available. Frequently used in meeting rooms on tubular sled base chairs are the plastic wrap around glides by Expanded. In heavy use settings, be sure to check plastic guides periodically for damage and replace ones that are nicked or have a rough edge.

Choosing the Right Size Based on Furniture
Floor protectors come in so many sizes and style options that it can be confusing. To choose the right size basic round felt pad that sticks onto a chair or table leg to protect your floor from furniture scratching, measure the diameter of your chair or table leg at the base and select the size felt pad that is the same as or slightly smaller in diameter. For finding the right size clear sleeve felt protector, buy the sample pack that includes a measuring tape and all of the clear sleeve sizes – you’ll save time and money by doing so.

To meet the needs of customers with large and small amounts of furniture, floor protecting pads are available in large and small quantities, from 4 to 1000 pads, depending on the item. To try out pads and find the right size for your furniture, buy a small package to start or purchase the Clear Sleeve Sample Kit.

If you’re scratching your head because you are still not sure which furniture bumper will protect your floor and look best, don’t hesitate to contact 1-877-FloorGuy for additional advice and information. The small amount you’ll spend on these tiny felt protective pads will add years of good looks to your home or facility flooring, in which you’ve made a large investment, so protect it.

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Schools - Floor Cleaning During Summer

Clean Schools and Commercial Spaces in the Summer with These Products

The summertime is the best time to prepare educational environments for a new wave of students in the fall. In addition to performing a deep clean, the custodial staff will typically refinish floors during this time, since it’s the only period all year where staff has two or three months of interrupted time to work on the floors. 1877FloorGuy is here to help you find quality commercial and educational cleaning products for cleaning K-12 environments as well as college dorms and other university spaces.

Educational Cleaning: The Basics

A good K-12 school or dorm room cleaning and maintenance plan should not only include top-quality products that keep floors and other surfaces looking clean, but also solutions that ensure that floors are protected from damage by the daily, heavy foot traffic, furniture and chairs, such as floor protectors and walk-off mats. It should also include the application of a quality floor finish to help keep floors in their best shape year-round.

Because college dorm rooms can become especially dingy and dirty over the course of the semester, you may need a few extra cleaning solutions to tackle the job. All of the products mentioned below are excellent for cleaning dorm rooms and will help make dorms look their best even after students have left behind significant grime. We also recommend choosing a reliable multi-surface cleaner, such as Spartan Shineline, for cleaning dorms.

  • Floor Protectors — Equip floors in every single classroom with high-quality floor protectors by FlexiFelt and Expanded Technologies. Furniture floor protectors come in many styles ideal for school chairs and desks, including thick felt slip-on protectors as well as clear heat-shrink sleeves.
  • A Neutral Floor Cleaner — A good pH neutral floor cleaner for commercial use will help revitalize and refresh floors without dulling or damage. For example, you can use Diversey STRIDE Neutral Cleaner either with your auto scrubber, mop and bucket or spray bottle in general and daily cleaning without damaging the floor’s protective coating.
  • Commercial Mops and Buckets — Enhance any educational cleaning routine with fresh, clean equipment for the new school year, such as commercial-grade mops and buckets by O-Cedar. You’ll also want to invest in a reliable two-bucket system so that you can easily maneuver large amounts of water and solution throughout your facility. This system has two buckets: one to hold the solution and one to hold clean water for rinsing.
  • Floor Cleaning Machines — In situations where you need to strip, clean and buff large areas of commercial floors, an automatic floor machine can do wonders. When paired with the right 3M Floor Machine Pads, these machines will assist with everything from deep cleaning early in the summer to floor preparation before applying new finishes.
  • Floor Finishes — Custodial professionals know that finding time to fully refinish a floor is nearly impossible with school in session. The summer is the ideal time to add a new finish to the floor to enhance shine and add protection. We have a range of commercial floor finishes and preparation products at 1877FloorGuy, including Spartan Green Solutions Floor Finish Remover, Diversey Carefree Matte Floor Finish, Hilway Direct Allsafe Stripper and more.

Get Personalized Advice with 1877FloorGuy

The team here at 1877FloorGuy is devoted to helping custodial professionals find quality solutions for maintaining a range of environments. If you need one-on-one advice, contact us today. We’re happy to help.

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Dr Schutz ScratchFix on LVT

Based in Germany, Dr. Schutz has been producing quality floor cleaning and pre
servation products for over 60 years. These innovative flooring solutions are specifically designed to help you care for and maintain one of your home’s most expensive investments. If you’re looking for easy-to-use options that help revitalize your floors to keep them in great shape for a few extra years, then Dr. Schutz is definitely a brand you’ll want to explore. 1877FloorGuy has all the best Dr. Schutz floor care products for resilient flooring.

One of the most cutting-edge products in the Dr. Schutz line of floor care products is the Dr. Schutz ScratchFix Kit. This kit comes with everything you need to repair deep and surface scratches in LVT, VCT vinyl and polyurethane factory-finished floors. Compared to replacing the floor, you can save big when you use Dr. Schutz for floor revitalization. Using a smart system complete with a spray, a pen and accessories, the kit allows you to mend even deep scratches quickly and easily. ScratchFix is uniquely designed to help accommodate most finished flooring gloss levels, ranging from natural matte finishes to medium satin gloss finishes.

The kit also comes with buffing and scraping tools that help you prepare the floor for the application of the pen and spray, so that you get a smooth, professional result. Before you use Dr. Schutz ScratchFix, we highly recommend watching instructional videos and testing the solution in a small, inconspicuous area (such as inside a closet) to ensure that the finish matches your floors before applying it to a larger area. Don’t forget to read the full manufacturer’s instructions before application!

Videos demonstrating how to use Dr. Schutz ScratchFix:

1877FloorGuy is staffed by a team of floor care experts and professionals, so we’re always available to help you find the right Dr. Schutz products for your flooring type and specific concern.

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How To Utilize Area Rugs on Hardwood

Adding area rugs to your hardwood floors is a great way to define space in an open-layout room, especially in dining rooms and seating areas. They’re also an excellent option for protecting hardwood floors from scratches, stains and sunlight. The most important things to be aware of while choosing area rugs for hardwood are staining and slipping. Always use a non-staining area rug mat or spray-on gripper like RugLock to ensure that your rugs are safely secured to the floor. This will ensure that area rug edges don’t curl and cause a trip hazard for disabled or elderly family members.

Benefits to Using Area Rugs on Hardwood Floors

  • Protecting Hardwood from Sun Damage — If you’ve placed an area rug in a well-lit room for a long period of time, you’ve probably noticed that the shade of the hardwood beneath the rug is a different shade (usually darker) when removed. Given time, this will even out as all of the areas of the floor are exposed to sunlight. This is a natural process, and no remedy or staining will correct it.
  • Protecting Hardwood from Scratches — The extra layer of material in your area rugs will help preserve your hardwood for the long-term and ensure that it doesn’t become directly exposed to heavy foot traffic and damage caused by accumulated dirt and moving furniture. As long as you choose a non-staining rug pad, your area rug should not affect the finish or beauty of your hardwood. Always use furniture floor protectors in areas where furniture comes in direct contact with hardwood.
  • Defining Different Areas of a Room — If you have a large, open format in your living space or dining room, then an area rug is a great way to help break up the space into different sections. For example, you can use rugs to delineate separate seating or dining areas in spaces with few architectural separators.
May 26, 2017 on 9:00 am

Featured Brand: Woca

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining oil-finished hardwood floors, Woca is one of the top brands that comes to mind. Providing customers with a wide range of specialty oiled wood floor care products ranging from special wood finishes to maintenance oils and wood soaps, Woca is committed to providing eco-friendly floor care products that address a range of flooring concerns. Woca, which stands for Woodcare of Denmark, manufactures oiled wood floor care products using plant-based, sustainable formulas with no artificial color pigments or preservatives. Woca wood oils come in an amazing variety of beautiful colors (1877FloorGuy provides low-cost Woca samples so you can see them in person) that are ideal for elaborate floor refinishing jobs.

Woca products have been manufactured in Europe for decades using a European-style oil finish designed to penetrate and harden perfectly in order to leave behind a beautiful, wear-resistant finish. Woca chooses to use the European-style oil rather than tung oil based products (which are commonly found in the U.S.) because they provide additional hardening properties while adding a tougher layer of protection against wear and tear. The majority of Woca oils are made from cold-pressed vegetable oils and aromatic hardening oils, which allow them to create a very protective finish that’s breathable, making cleaning easier while still protecting floors from regular scuffs and nicks.

Additionally, Woca makes top-quality oiled wood soap containing natural additives such as soy and coconut fats, which dry as an invisible film on the surface of the floor for extra protection. All Woca wood oils, cleaners and other products are made in Denmark to the highest possible quality standards. They’re also designed for a green, eco-friendly appeal with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and sustainable, non-polluting ingredients. 1877FloorGuy offers a large selection of Woca products, including Woca Master Oil, Woca Wood Lye, Woca Wood Cleaner, Woca Spot Remover and much more. We can help you find the appropriate Woca products for your specific job at 1877FloorGuy.

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Eco Friendly floor cleaning products at 1 877 FloorGuy

Cleaning Green with Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaners

Choosing eco-friendly floor cleaners is a great step towards making your home safer, more sustainable and more beautiful. 1877FloorGuy is an expert when it comes to picking green cleaners for the home, whether you’re looking for low volatile organic compound (VOC) carpet cleaners or sustainable hardwood floor cleaning products. Here are our top picks for eco-friendly cleaning products, all of which are available here at 1877FloorGuy.

  • Green Resilient Floor Cleaning — Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a great option for sustainable, environmentally friendly hardwood floor cleaning. This product is GREENGUARD Gold certified, which ensures that its non-toxic formula is safe for you and the planet. Bona also makes many GREENGUARD certified floor cleaners for stone, tile, laminate and more. For oiled wood floors, choose Woca Soap, which contains zero VOCs and uses plant-based, non-polluting ingredients to provide a deep clean of your oiled wood floors, bamboo floors and more.
  • Green Carpet Cleaning — Shaw makes an excellent eco-friendly carpet cleaner, called Shaw r2x Green Carpet Stain and Soil Remover. This product was recognized by the EPA for safer chemistry and carries the EPA’s Design for the Environment seal of recognition, so you can trust it to provide a deep clean without harsh chemicals that can damage your home or the Earth.
  • Green General Purpose Cleaning — Need a green cleaner that you can use in the bathroom, kitchen and throughout your home? Consider purchasing an eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner such as Aqua Mix AquaShield Cleaner & Resealer, which provides a deep clean against grease, dirt, food, soap and more on stone, ceramic, grout, porcelain and more. This is a non-VOC formula, which provides better indoor and outdoor air quality in your home. For an eco-friendly all-purpose clean of commercial flooring, we recommend Spartan Green Solutions All-Purpose Cleaner. This product contains no VOCs, silicates, butyl or phosphates.
May 5, 2017 on 9:00 am

Diversey-Feature-Image-1877FloorGuyDiversey, formerly known as JohnsonDiversey, Inc. traces its roots all the way back to 1923 as one of the top institutional and commercial cleaning solution manufacturers. Known for its expansive line of high-quality commercial floor cleaners, Diversey manufactures many high-quality cleaning solutions for a range of industries. These products are commonly used in healthcare, education, BSC and government facilities due to their safe, gentle and high-quality formulas. 1877FloorGuy proudly offersmany Diversey floor care products, many of which are designed with green ingredients and meet rigorous eco-friendly certifications, to suit your unique needs.

One of our best-selling products — not just by Diversey, but by all brands — is Diversey Stride Neutral Cleaner. This ultra-versatile neutral floor cleaner is specifically recommended by many industry leading floor manufacturers as a high-quality floor cleaning solution. It is commonly used on all types of resilient flooring, including rubber and linoleum. Diversey Stride is made with a neutral pH formula in order to thoroughly clean flooring without damaging any protective coatings. Diversey
also makes many high-performance floor finishes, general purpose cleaners, heavy-duty floor cleaners and problem-solvers to remove grease and provide floors with an extra layer of protection.

Diversey’s large line of brands includes names such as Profi Taski, GP Forward, Butcher’s, Carefree, Wiwax, Raindance, Snapback, Stride and more. Diversey floor care products are specifically recommended for use on Toli, Forbo and Tarkett flooring brands, but can be used on a wide range of flooring surfaces. Make sure to check your flooring manufacturer’s care and maintenance instructions for more detailed information. In 2011, Sealed Air Corporation purchased Diversey Holdings, Inc. so you will now begin to say the Sealed Air name on many of your favorite Diversey products.

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Get ready for your annual spring cleaning with these top-quality products recommended by the team at 1877FloorGuy. Whether you want to refresh the hardwood throughout your home or revamp the tile and grout in the bathroom, these are our top picks for making sure that your house shines this season.

  1. Bona Professional Series Hardwood Floor Care System — This complete hardwood floor cleaning kit includes everything you need to thoroughly and safely clean your unwaxed polyurethane finished wood floors and pre-finished aluminum-oxide floors. It comes with a fully adjustable mop with a telescoping pole, an 18-inch microfiber cleaning pad and a 32-ounce bottle of Bona Professional Series Hardwood Floor Cleaner.
  2. Grout Gator Tile Brush — With this high-performance grout cleaning brush, you can thoroughly revamp the tile and grout in your kitchen and bathroom or on the patio to prepare for those awesome spring cookouts. It features an easy-to-use design with adjustable brushes that can be easily set to the width of your tile for a quick, all-in-one clean. Pair the Grout Gator Brush with your preferred tile and grout cleaner from 1877FloorGuy for a serious deep clean!
  3. Host Dry Carpet & Rug Cleaning Kit — A once- or twice-a-year dry carpet clean is a great way to preserve and maintain the carpeting and rugs throughout your home. Using the Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Kit, you can effectively refresh your carpeting and remove household spots, food and drink spills, pet urine, grease, soil and more. The kit includes everything you need for a deep clean, including Host Dry Carpet Cleaner, Host Spot Remover and a Host Carpet Brush.
  4. Vital Oxide Disinfectant — Rid your home of all those pesky germs that made their way inside during the cold-weather months using this easy-to-use spray disinfectant. It’s designed to eradicate a wide range of bacteria, including MRSA and salmonella, and also works to remove mold and mildew while preventing new growth. Spray it on your carpeting, upholstery, limestone, hardwood, laminate and concrete for a deep, disinfecting clean.
April 21, 2017 on 9:00 am

As part of our commitment to helping our customers find the best floor care brands, 1877FloorGuy has developed a new way to help you quickly find the products you need. You can now shop by brand to discover the best floor cleaners, polishes, strippers and more for your hardwood, vinyl (including luxury vinyl tile and vinyl composition tile), stone and tile, laminate, oiled wood, rubber, carpet and more. Now you can easily narrow down our huge selection so that you can pick up the products you need in a flash.

1877FloorGuy is proud to offer a wide range of floor care products developed by the best floor makers. For example, you can clean and maintain using products made by Armstrong, Mannington, Forbo, Mohawk, Shaw and more using products that thoroughly clean without affecting the appearance or quality of your floors. We also have a wide range of high-quality floor cleaning products and supplies that can be used on various branded floors, including solutions by Bona, Woca, 3M, Square Scrub, Diversey, Capture, Nylac and more. The 1877FloorGuy team is always available to help you select the appropriate cleaners for your floor. For one-on-one advice, simply contact us.

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Hartco Wood Floors by ArmstrongAs part of the Armstrong flooring family, Hartco manufactures quality wood flooring in a wide range of stylish finishes for beautiful and long-lasting residential hardwood applications designed to resolve tough cleaning pro
blems. Armstrong World Industries acquired Hartco Hartwood Floors in 1998, but Hartco has been manufacturing performance hardwood flooring since 1946. When Armstrong purchased Hartco, they continued to manufacture Hartco floors using the same manufacturing process. 1877FloorGuy can help you find the right Hartco floor care products to keep your floors in great shape. If you have any questions about these cleaners or need one-on-one advice, give us a call at 1-877-FloorGuy or send an email to our experts.

Armstrong Shinekeeper for Hartco wood floorsTo ensure that your floors are properly cared for and maintained according to Armstrong’s recommendations, pick up one of our Armstrong branded floor cleaners, such as Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner. This easy-to-apply spray cleaner can be used for routine cleaning, spot cleaning and removing tough stains such as lipstick and ink from your Hartco floors. To restore the luster, shine and beauty to your flooring, be sure to explore our selection of Armstrong Floor Finish options. Armstrong Pattern-Plus Shine has been replaced by Armstrong Shinekeeper Resilient Floor Finish, which provides a high-quality clean to floors that have lost their original shine. This finish will effectively restore your dull, dingy and worn-looking Hartco flooring to like-new condition.

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How to Remove Carpet Mold

Protect your familyWhether you’re restoring an old house or have discovered the growth of unsightly mold in your basement or bathroom, 1877FloorGuy can help. Mold is caused by excess humidity, which creates a hospitable environment for the growth of mycotoxins, a potentially toxic substance that can cause adverse health conditions. Besides the unpleasant, musty smell of mold, this growth can cause potential risks ranging from allergic reactions to asthma attacks. Cleaning moldy carpet can help keep you and your family safe without the high cost and effort associated with complete carpet replacement.
With that being said, in many cases, cleaning your carpet to remove mold will not be possible. For example, if the mold has occurred in several areas of the carpet or if there is a large area of growth that takes up the majority of the carpet area, then you will likely need to replace the carpet. We recommend cleaning moldy carpet only when it is detected early and hasn’t spread to the rest of your carpet. The key to these scenarios is to equip your space with high-quality dehumidifiers and ensure that there is no standing water or other moisture buildup that can cause mold to grow or

Quick Tips for Carpet Mold RemovalSafety First

  • Clean Dry — It may seem obvious, but introducing more moisture to a mold-prone environment is counterintuitive to tackling the problem. Always clean with a dry carpet cleaner like Host for the best possible results.
  • Protect Yourself — You never want to embark on any mold remediation task without the necessary safety gear. We highly recommend wearing a facemask, goggles, gloves and protective clothing to ensure that you’re not further exposed to potentially toxic mold spores.
  • Kill the Mold — After you’ve thoroughly cleaned your carpet with a dry cleaner, you can use an anti-fungal spray or solution (we recommend Vital Oxide spray) to thoroughly kill all residual spores.

Steps for Carpet Mold Removal

Gather the recommended supplies and follow the general steps below for best results removing mold from your carpets.Necessary Supplies

  • Protective wear: facemask, goggles, elbow-length cleaning gloves, protective clothing
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Stiff carpet brush
  • Dry carpet cleaning product
  • Dry carpet cleaning machine
  • Anti-fungal spray or solution such as Vital Oxide spray

How to Get Rid of Carpet MoldCarpet Cleaning

  1. Before beginning, put on protective clothing and a facemask to lower your risk of breathing in airborne mold spores that can make you sick.
  2. Open windows to encourage appropriate ventilation in the space.
  3. First, prepare your carpets for cleaning. If you’re working with a rug, remove the rug and work outside.
  4. Use a stiff carpet brush to loosen surface layers of mold from the top layer of the carpet. You may also hit surrounding floors that look like they have some mold growth during this step.
  5. Thoroughly vacuum carpets to get rid of any surface dirt.
  6. Next, you’ll want to use a dry carpet cleaner to completely clean the mold.
  7. To use Host:
    1. Apply about nine handfuls of Host powder to a 10-foot by 10-foot area of carpet.
    2. Apply additional Host powder on highly damaged areas and high foot traffic areas like entranceways and hallways, and less in areas where people don’t walk.
    3. Try not to place Host powder in areas where there is no soil, like in corners or closely along the walls.
    4. Brush Host through the carpet using the Host Dry-Clean Machine. Go over the carpet a total of three times with the machine.
    5. After an hour, thoroughly vacuum the carpet.
  8. Place a dehumidifier in the room to help the carpet dry out. Leave it running for a few days following your cleaning to get rid of any remaining mold spores and to encourage completely dry carpet fibers.
  9. Clean your vacuum, carpet brush and carpet cleaning machine using an anti-fungal solution to ensure that residual spores are killed.
March 21, 2017 on 9:00 am

Armstrong Floor Cleaning & CareSince Armstrong manufactures floors with various unique finishes and constructions, it’s no surprise that they’ve developed their very own line of hardwood and laminate floor care products. Armstrong floor care includes a variety of cleaning products and protectants for hardwood, ceramic, laminate, vinyl, LVT, plank, sheet vinyl and natural linoleum. This collection includes best-selling ready-to-use floor cleaners such as Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner that refreshes flooring in three easy steps. Simply sweep, spray and mop. 1877FloorGuy offers this spray-on cleaner in a 32-ounce spray bottle and a 64-ounce refill option as well as a complete kit that includes the cleaner and a full-length swivel-head mop.

1877FloorGuy has many top-quality hardwood floor revivers, such as Bruce Fresh Finish, that you can Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaneruse to thoroughly revitalize old, dull or worn Armstrong hardwood floors. This cleaner is part of Armstrong’s family of products and can be used as a replacement for Armstrong Restore Hardwood Floor Finish. This finish is a good choice for Armstrong floors requiring two-in-one convenience, as it not only refreshes the look of your floors but also provides it with protection from nicks and scratches.

Armstrong also makes several mops and microfiber mop covers to help you preserve your Armstrong flooring without compromising the beauty, shine and durability of the finish. Although these Armstrong cleaning products include many branded products that can be used on Armstrong floors, they’re also appropriate for use on many other flooring brands as well. Additionally, Armstrong manufactures floors under the names Hartco, Bruce and Robbins, and 1877FloorGuy has many products that are suitable for care and maintenance of those brands. 1877FloorGuy has an extensive history selling Armstrong floor care products, so we can always assist you with finding the appropriate cleaner.

March 9, 2017 on 9:00 am

Floor Machine Uses from Floor Prep to Cleaning

The beauty of a modern-day floor machine is that it can be used for a wide variety of flooring applications, including cleaning, buffing, sanding, finish removal and more. That’s because floor machines use adaptable brush technologies allowing you to switch out the brush to meet your specific needs.

Uses-Floor-Machines-2 Uses-Floor-Machines-3 Uses-Floor-Machines-4

Common Applications for Floor Cleaners:

  • Hard-surface floor cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Buffing
  • Polishing
  • Sanding
  • Stripping
  • Finish removal
  • Hardwood floor repair
  • Floor restoration

1877FloorGuy has some of the most versatile floor cleaning and preparation machines on the market. If you’re looking for a top-notch floor cleaner for hard-surface and carpeted floors, shop our selection of Tornado Automatic Scrubber Machines. For cleaning and floor preparation applications, peruse our variety of Square Scrub Floor Machines.

Where to Use Floor Machines

The floor machines in our selection are uniquely designed to perform well in commercial facilities such as hospitals, schools, hotels, nursing homes, retail spaces, restaurants, restrooms and other demanding environments. Some are equipped with technologies that allow for cordless operation and low volume output, so you can safely run these machines in busy commercial spaces. Additionally, they will help control moisture, mold, bacteria and allergies in your facility. 1877FloorGuy can help you finance floor machines for your business.

Uses-Floor-Machines-1 Uses-Floor-Machines-6 Uses-Floor-Machines-5


March 3, 2017 on 9:00 am

New Year’s Cleaning Guide: 5 Tips to Help with your Cleaning Resolution

  1. Ditch the Professional Carpet Cleaning Service — Instead, implement a routine dry carpet cleaning regimen using powerful at-home carpet cleaners by brands such as Host and Nylac. Bonus: you’ll save a ton when you reduce the amount of professional carpet cleanings required each year.
  2. Go for Professional Cleaning Supplies — Add a professional edge to your home cleaning routine when you choose commercial-grade mops and cleaning supplies by O-Cedar and Libman. These tough mops help eradicate the most difficult dirt and debris throughout your home. Also consider if your flooring brand recommends a particular cleaning product for best results.
  3. Recolor and Seal Grout — You don’t have to completely replace the tired, dingy tiles in your bathroom or kitchen for a dazzling new look. Instead, refresh/recolor and seal your grout with easy-to-use Aqua Mix Grout Colorant Kits that make your grout look like new again available in 20 color options.
  4. Refresh Hardwood — Nothing makes your home feel squeaky clean like a deep hardwood floor refresh. Choose a hardwood cleaner that’s specifically recommended by your flooring manufacturer for the best possible results. 1877FloorGuy features products such as Bona Professional Wood Refresher and Basic Coatings Intensive Floor Treatment for wood flooring.
  5. Prevent Tracked-In Dirt — Stop dirt, ice, snow and moisture from entering your home when you invest in a high-quality entry door mat. These mats prevent ground-in dirt and debris from damaging your floor’s surface over time.
February 23, 2017 on 9:00 am


Bruce Hardwood is the No. 1 best-selling brand of hardwood in the U.S., so it’s no surprise that they offer their own line of top-quality floor cleaners, many of which are available at 1877FloorGuy. Now owned by Armstrong, Bruce has over a century of experience producing quality flooring, including hardwood and laminate. Most of their hardwood offerings are sourced from hardwood grown in the U.S. in the Appalachian Mountains region to provide a clear grain, consistent color and long-term stability. Plus, 70 percent of Bruce hardwood floors are made from premium and select-grade hardwood to minimize streaks, knots and flaws. Bruce laminate floors feature high-definition imaging and advanced embossing techniques to provide an authentic and realistic look and texture with a long-lasting, low-maintenance draw.

January 16, 2017 on 9:00 am

Four Cleaning Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Spotless

  1. Refresh Grout — One of the simplest ways to refresh or recolor your dingy, tired grout is to use Grout-Aide Markers. The DIY grout recoloring kits from Grout-Aide include everything you need to transform stained grout from dirty to like-new, including the grout colorant and a brush that makes application a breeze.
  2. Use Commercial Cleaning Supplies — Your bathroom doesn’t have to see the same abuse as a public restroom to benefit from a commercial-grade mop and bucket system. A Libman commercial mop and mop bucket, for example, will help you target those stubborn spots and stains that build up on bathroom floors over time.
  3. Clean and Disinfect at Once — Choosing a two-in-one cleaner and disinfectant is a fantastic way to ensure that your bathroom looks spotless and isn’t hospitable to bacterial growth. Vital Oxide Multi-Surface Disinfectant Cleaner will work wonders in bathrooms with tile, laminate, concrete, carpeting and other surfaces.
  4. Keep Cleaner Handy — Make sure to have a spray cleaner, such as Aqua Mix AquaKleen, and microfiber cloth handy to address spills as they occur. Store these essentials beneath the sink to quickly address spills from hair products, contact lenses, soap and more. A quick spray and wipe each day will help to preserve stone counters by removing substances that might leave behind residue or erode the stone surface if they’re not removed routinely.
January 6, 2017 on 9:00 am

mannington-logo-1Mannington Mills, Inc. is a world-renowned manufacturer of fine flooring specializing in residential and commercial sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl, laminate, hardwood and porcelain tile floors as well as commercial carpet and rubber under the Mannington Residential, Mannington Commercial, Amtico and Burke brands. This Salem, NJ-based flooring company was founded in 1915 and, after a factory fire, moved to Mannington Township, NJ and was aptly renamed. Now in its fourth generation of family ownership, Mannington continues to manufacture fine-quality commercial and residential flooring with a focus on beauty, easy maintenance and value.

mann-group1877FloorGuy is the best place to shop for your residential Mannington floors. In fact, 1877FloorGuy Owner and Founder Reggie Hill was the manager of installation training at Mannington Mills before he started his own company. We work closely with this brand to ensure that our customers find the most trusted cleaning products for keeping their Mannington flooring in tip-top shape. Mannington has their own line of branded floor cleaning products for residential hardwood, laminate and vinyl Mannington floors. These cleaners were uniquely developed by Mannington to ensure thorough cleaning without damaging appearance or performance.

We offer a wide range of Mannington floor cleaners, including the best-selling Mannington UltraClean as well as all-inclusive cleaner kits that you can use to thoroughly refresh and restore your Mannington floors. 1877FloorGuy hosts a private shopping portal for Mannington customers to help them find the best Mannington hardwood floor care products for their unique needs.

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Finance floor machine equipment from 1877floorguy

How to Get Cleaning Equipment NOW

Your business needs vital equipment to thrive. As an industry leader in floor care, 1877FloorGuy is happy to offer FINANCING so you can get the floor scrub machine needed to help you win jobs big and small. For a low monthly payment, you can lease to own floor scrubbers, floor preparation machines, scrub brushes pads, cleaning supplies and other essential equipment from our inventory of top-of-the-line products.

Ready to get started? Click here for more information or to get a quote now. Apply online and get a quick answer from Leasing Corp of America.Their turn around time is quick when you submit an application for financing.

Currently, 1877FloorGuy is proud to lease the following floor scrubbing machines and surface preparation machines from Square Scrub and Tornado:

Square Scrub Floor Scrub Machine Tornado BR13-1 Floor Scrubber with Transport Dolly floor-machine-logos

Scrub pads and brushes that are used with your floor machine can be included with a qualifying purchase. Scrub pads and brushes might include Square Scrub Pads or Square Scrub Screens3M Pads– rotary or doodle scrub, Tornado brushes and more. Caddy Clean equipment also qualifies for financing when purchasing multiple machines and brushes or scrub pads to reach the $2000 qualifying minimum.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have additional questions about financing available to help you purchase now and pay later or read the Financing Information on our website.

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kahrs-logo-1With over 150 years in the business, Kahrs is one of the industry’s oldest hardwood floor manufacturers. Founded in Sweden by the Kahrs family, this long-term floor manufacturer carved out its name in the flooring world by producing early wood floors that resisted gapping, twisting and cupping. Today, Kahrs produces a wide variety of beautiful and practical modern engineered multi-layered hardwood floor options.

kahrs-spray-cleaner-and-satin-oil-wood-backgroundKahrs is the inventor of revolutionary flooring components, such as the multi-layer board floor and the glue-free Woodloc joint that provides faster, easier installation. This brand now manufactures factory-finished wood floors, oiled wood floors and high-gloss finished floors that bring exceptional beauty and long-term performance to your home. 1877FloorGuy is committed to helping you keep your Kahrs lacquered and oiled floors looking their best with branded Kahrs cleaners and more.

1877FloorGuy has a wide variety of Kahrs wood floor care products designed to help you maintain your Kahrs flooring. Our selection includes the popular Kahrs Wood Cleaner as well as wood floor care kits and touch-up kits for keeping your floors in tip-top shape

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1877FloorGuy has hand-picked the best laminate floor cleaners to help keep your flooring clean and bright for the long-term. Explore our laminate floor care page to find an assortment of hand-selected cleaners chosen by our team. Here are a few simple tips for choosing the right cleaner.

Rule number obona-stl-product-image-1ne of laminate floor cleaning: check your manufacturer’s maintenance guide for recommended cleaners. Many big-name laminate-makers — including Pergo, Armstrong, Bruce, Mohawk and Shaw — manufacture their own laminate floor cleaning products specifically for their own unique lines of laminate flooring. Other flooring brands, like Quick-Step call out cleaners that are proven to reliably uphold the finished surface on their brand of laminate. Following the maker’s recommended products and maintenance instructions will help you maintain your warranty and clean floors the right way.

hd-product-image-2Pergo flooring and Quick-Step flooring were recently purchased by Mohawk. Pergo floors can be cleaned using Mohawk cleaners, and you can safely clean Quick-Step floors with these products from Quick-Step’s line of Performance cleaners. We also recommend Bona cleaners for cleaning Pergo and Quick-Step laminate floors. If you don’t know your flooring brand or if the brand doesn’t recommend a particular cleaner, then you can trust cleaners by Bona and Hilway Direct for cleaning a wide variety of laminate brands without leaving streaks or residue.

The bottom line is that the best laminate floor cleaner is always the one that’s the safest for your unique brand of laminate. 1877FloorGuy can always help you find those specific products or compensate with appropriate alternatives if you contact us by phone or e-mail.

May 31, 2012 on 6:06 pm

Hilway Direct Hardwood & Laminate Floor CleanerIn recent years, many major flooring manufacturers have discontinued their brand-specific floor cleaners leaving customers unsure where to turn for a quality floor cleaner at a reasonable price. Homeowners have tried various methods to clean their no-wax wood and laminate flooring with results often ranging from bad to worse. Vinegar and water, long touted as a miracle cleaner, is actually harmful to wood and laminate floors due to the acidic nature of vinegar and the penetrating qualities of water. Together they can dull a floor’s finish and irreparably distort and warp the floor. Grocery-store bought hardwood or laminate floor cleaners typically contain ingredients that leave residue on the floor that attracts dirt and is difficult, if not impossible, to remove. This often appears as a cloudy film covering the floor.

no-vinegar-symbolHilway Direct saw the need to provide homeowners with a clear and simple quality option for cleaning their polyurethane and factory finished hardwood and laminate floors. Hilway Direct’s NEW Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner delivers superior cleaning capability, ease of use and straight-forward product selection…at an affordable price.

Hilway Direct provides a premixed, perfectly blended, daily cleaner making it easy to clean no-wax wood & laminate flooring. In addition, Hilway Direct Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner is also approved to properly clean cork, bamboo and vinyl flooring. This ready-to-use cleaner and a microfiber mop are all you’ll need to easily lift dirt and grease without leaving a film, residue or streaks and with no measuring or rinsing required while being safe for use around children and pets. Just spray and mop!

Customers who have already tried Hilway Direct Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner say it’s the best cleaner they’ve used on their floor. Hilway Direct Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner is available in two convenient sizes- 32oz Spray and 1 Gallon Refill. Both are ready-to-use formulas that require no measuring and no mixing which means easy, no-hassle cleaning for homeowners.

May 3, 2012 on 5:41 pm

What Gloss Level Should I Use On My Floor?

gloss-level-ideaThere are three main classifications of gloss when it comes to flooring, High-gloss, Semi-gloss and Matte. When selecting a gloss level for wood, laminate or vinyl flooring consider these factors…

High-gloss provides a bright finish that reflects the most light which will highlight scuffs, scratches and other marks.  Heavy foot-traffic, high-heel shoes, rolling carts and pets will show wear on a high-gloss finish.  With frequent routine maintenance a high-gloss shine can be successfully maintained.

Low-gloss, also known as Matte finish, has the lowest available shine because it absorbs the most light.  The shine is often referred to as being a “natural” shine.  This low luster makes marks, scuffs and scratches less noticeable.  Matte or satin finish level requires less maintenance and re-coating than high or semi-gloss finishes.

also known as Satin finish, provides modest shine to a floor while requiring less maintenance than its high-gloss counterpart.  Semi-gloss has more pizzaz than a matte finish.

matte finish hardwood floor in home  high gloss hotel lobby floor

When deciding on gloss level for a floor, consider the following:

  • Where the floor is located and the type of traffic it sees.
  • How diligent you’ll be with sweeping, mopping and refinishing.
  • If buffing by machine is required after finish is applied and if you have the necessary equipment to do so.
  • Always read full product information about your floor before selecting and applying finish then test it in a small, inconspicuous area before full application.
  • Some brands of flooring recommend proprietary finishes while others will tell you a type of finish leaving brand selection to you.


August 25, 2011 on 8:00 am


Hey, Don’t Blame the Carpet,  an article in Hotel Industry Magazine’s online publication, features Host Dry Carpet Cleaning System.  The article highlights the benefits of using a dry carpet cleaner such as Host Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning.

host 12lb box

Host is effective for cleaning a small area or an entire room with a dry extraction powder that dries quickly, eliminates mold & mildew issues and reduces allergans.  Applications include hospitality, healthcare, commercial & residential.

Host is Green Seal Certified, recognized by US EPA Design for the Environment (DfE), earns LEED credits and is approved by the Florida School Plant Managers Association (FSPMA) for carpet cleaning products based on performance, safety and environmental criteria.

July 28, 2011 on 8:00 am

Late Night LaundromatHave you ever had something stink and no matter how many times you clean it, the smell is never quite gone? My most recent experience was with my son’s backpack. He returned from a Boy Scout camping trip with a “wet dog” smell in his backpack and on the items that were in the backpack.

Turns out, it wasn’t a dog that got into his stuff but a raw egg.  He had the bright idea to transport an egg in his backpack for use as a target on the shooting range … needless to say the egg didn’t quite make it.  Instead, it got “scrambled” inside his backpack.

So, we had his backpack, rain gear and few other items that had a nasty stink that two regular wash cycles couldn’t conquer.  I didn’t want to use bleach because it might damage these items that require a delicate wash cycle.

Odorcide Laundry_16oz

It turned out that my son’s timing with this mess couldn’t have been better! had just received the first shipment of new Odorcide 210 Products for Cigarette Smoke, Fire&Flood and (the one I needed) Laundry!

Odorcide Laundry accumix

Next day I brought home a 16oz accumix bottle of Odorcide Laundry and we gave it a try.  Directions on the bottle told me how much to add to the wash load depending on the severity of the odor.  I let my son squeeze the right amount into the accumix reservoir and we added it to the wash cycle.

After one gentle wash cycle (gentle because we were washing a backpack and raingear) the bad odor was completely gone! A fresh scent was noticeable and it wasn’t flowery either, just a mild, clean smell, not overpowering.

I later used Odorcide Laundry for his sneakers which had a pungent odor from sweaty feet.  It was so bad that it greeted me when I entered his room.  Again, one wash cycle and the smell was GONE!  In the past I had used bleach in the wash to rid sneakers of bad odors, but this worked so much better!

So… for all the not-so-fresh-smelling stuff in your life, I highly recommend the Odorcide 210 Family of Products!  Intended for use in Residential & Commercial applications, it is safe for use on a wide range of surfaces such as carpet, wood, laminate, upholstery, most fabrics and ceiling tiles.  Safe also for use around people and pets.  Can be applied using a sprayer, fogger, via immersion and in laundry machines.

Odorcide Family of Products

Choose the Odorcide that best suits your needs:


Fire & Flood

Cigarette Smoke

Dumpster & Chute

Original (Concentrate or Ready-to-Use)

Fresh Scent

July 18, 2011 on 2:50 pm

Vital Oxide disinfectsVital-Oxide, EPA Registered as a Hospital Disinfectant and NSF Certified for use on no-rinse Food Prep Surfaces.

This broad spectrum disinfectant cleaner is proven to effectively eliminate and protect against harmful bacteria, viruses, mold & mildew including MRSA, E-Coli, H1N1 & more using new chlorine dioxide technology.

Safe for people, pets and the environment, clear, odorless, not caustic or corrosive. Vital Oxide is a non-irritant to skin, requires no protective gloves or gear during use and leaves no residue where it is applied.

Safe on a wide range of surfaces including fabrics, carpets, laminate, glass, sealed concrete and ceramic tile including shower curtains, under sinks, in basements and crawl spaces – anywhere mold, viruses or bacteria can be found.  Vital Oxide is even an effective additive in laundry machines to disinfect linens, clothing, etc during normal wash cycles.

  1. EPA Registered (no. 82972-1) as a Hospital Disinfectant and effective against MRSA, VRE & Norovirus.
    • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial effective on a wide variety of bacteria, yeasts, viruses, fungi, spores, molds, mildews, and other microbes and can be used on hard surfaces, carpet and fabrics.
    • Vital Oxide kills 99.999% of bacteria, including e Coli, Salmonella and Listeria in less than 60 seconds.
  2. NSF Certified (no.141392, category D2) acceptable for use as a sanitizer on surfaces not always requiring a rinse (D2) in and around food processing areas.
    • Ideal for Restaurant and Hospitality environments to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria in food service areas & beyond.
    • Vital Oxide eliminates offensive airborne and surface odors and will not alter the taste of food prepared on surfaces that have been cleaned with Vital Oxide.

Use Vital Oxide wherever bad odors, mold, mildew or bacteria are present. Use in Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels, Homes, Gyms and on Sporting equipment.

MSDS, Registrations & Certification Documents are available on our website.

June 30, 2011 on 5:50 pm

Mannington Ultra Clean NEW & IMPROVED!Adura Stonehenge_Walnut Porcelain Laminate

Mannington Ultra Clean NOW AVAILABLE!

The first truckload of New & Improved Mannington Ultra Clean has just delivered to our warehouse.  Our Fulfillment Associates are packing orders for Ultra Clean as quickly as possible.  If you haven’t already done so, PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW!

The new, improved Mannington Ultra Clean has been formulated to clean a broader range of Mannington residential floors including no-wax hardwood, laminate, Adura® and porcelain.  Like the original formula, this cleaner is non-toxic, water-based, leaves NO dulling residue and is still available in a 32oz Spray Bottle.

May 16, 2011 on 3:30 pm

Diversey Taski Vision Matte Floor Finish -DISCONTINUEDDiversey’s Taski Vision Matte Floor Finish has, recently, been discontinued in all sizes. 

We’ve had many customers ask for a comparable replacement and have been recommending Hilway Direct, Matte Floor Finish.  The Hilway Direct product is a hard-wearing, highly resistant acrylic floor finish for use on vinyl, linoleum, rubber, cork and other hard surface flooring.  Like Taski Vision Matte it is applied post installation and exhibits quality performance in application, sheen, scuff resistance and ease of cleaning.

hdmatteHilway Direct Matte Flooring Finish is available through and comes in a 1.33 Gallon size.

Hilway Direct floor finish is also available in Satin and Gloss.



May 4, 2011 on 2:53 pm

cork floorCork flooring has been gaining popularity in the US market however many are skeptical because they don’t know much about it.  Here are some bits of information about cork that you may not have known.  For example, cork was widely used as a flooring material in the 1950s.  If your house was constructed in the ‘50s, there is a chance that cork floors are hidden beneath wall to wall carpeting.  Depending on the condition of the cork, you may be able to sand & refinish it for an eco-friendly, trendy floor.  Here’s some more to know about cork…

Cork has a cellular construction that provides cushion under your step making it easier on the feet, legs and back especially when standing for long stretches. 

The resilience of cork reduces the impact of fallen objects, such as glass or china, which would likely shatter on a wood or ceramic floor.

Shhh.  Cork is quiet underfoot.

Cork is forgiving (but not impervious) when you drop something that dents or punctures because it “recovers” or bounces back, kind of like memory foam.  Minor damage is inconspicuous.  Major damage can often be repaired.

Cork is eco-friendly because it is a strictly regulated and renewable natural product made from the bark of cork oak trees that are at least 25 years old.  Removal of the bark does not harm the tree and the bark grows back.  It can be harvested again in intervals of 9 years.

Cork has natural fire-resistant (not fireproof) properties and does not release toxins (good for air quality) if it does burn.

Cork is naturally resistant to mold and mildew.

Cork is resistant to insects, such as termites or carpenter ants, because of suberin, a natural component of cork, which repels critters.

Most of today’s cork floors are coated with polyurethane and require 3 – 4 coats for durability and extended wear.  Refinishing is required every 5-10 years.  This involves sanding and recoating.  (A cork floor from the 1950s may have a wax finish requiring different care than urethane.)

Routine cork care is easy and required to keep the floor in good shape.  Sweep or vacuum routinely to prevent small particles of dirt from scratching the floor’s surface.  Dust mopping is recommended. Clean with a neutral spray cleaner and microfiber mop, similar to what is used on polyurethane coated wood floors.  Avoid harsh detergents or high pH cleaning products that will likely cause damage.  

Some cork floors have a veneer surface while others are through and through material.  Patterned cork tiles are typically a veneer while solid color cork is typically cork through the thickness of material.  While veneer-surfaced cork tiles can be coated with polyurethane, you may not be able to sand before recoating. 

Cork should be used on floors at ground-level or above.  Not a good fit for basements that are below grade where dampness and moisture can become problematic.

Cork floors and pets?  Claw marks are not typically a problem because of the forgiving nature of cork.  A deep scratch can be sanded and sealed.  When compared with hardwood flooring, cork will outperform in regards to visible pet scratches.

Cork floors are water resistant but not water proof.  Spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible after they happen to avoid staining and degradation of the material.

Hypoallergenic properties of cork:  Cork floors contain no fibers or toxins.

Cork, like wood, will fade when exposed to direct sunlight.  Keep this in mind when placing area rugs on your cork floor and when selecting window treatments.

Remember to lift, not drag, furniture that is being moved across the cork floor or use felt-bottom furniture slides to prevent damage.

Wondering if you can install cork flooring as a do-it-yourself project?  If you’re handy, you may be able to install your own cork floor.  Be sure the surface you’re installing on is flat and level.  Many cork floors use a glue-down method while others are floating floors.  Consult the installation manual that comes with your flooring material and make sure your subfloor is in good condition.

A general rule to follow when it comes to finishing, waxing or cleaning a cork floor is to test a small, inconspicuous area before proceeding with the entire area and follow manufacturer’s recommended procedures.  When product literature is not available for your floor, consult industry sources to produce the best possible results. 

Call 1-877-floorguy with questions and a knowledgeable, experienced staff member will provide the information you need to care for your floor.

April 12, 2011 on 4:33 pm

stone1Natural Stone occasionally needs more than routine cleaning maintenance.  The location of the stone surface- such as a shower, kitchen or high traffic area- and the type of surface- for example Travertine, Porcelain or Granite- are factors that contribute to the frequency with stone is likely to need extra attention to maintain it’s natural beauty.  For instance, stone floor or walls in a shower will be more susceptible to soap scum and hard water deposits than a stone foyer floor that sees minimal foot traffic.

To remove difficult stains, try Aqua Mix NanoScrub® which is an abrasive cream cleanser designed to work on stone surface where other cleaners won’t.  NanoScrub utilizes “nano-sized” particles to penetrate into small surface pores where it can effectively remove surface stains and residues. NanoScrub is safe and effective on all types of stone and tile surfaces including acid-sensitive polished marble and limestone.  nanoscrubWorks on pencil & rubber marks, mildew stains, grout residue (including epoxy), ground-in dirt and mineral deposits.  Will also remove factory-applied waxes and floor finishes, coating sealers, and most sealer residues.

NanoScrub contains no voc’s  is nontoxic, non-flammable and non-acidic for better indoor and outdoor air quality as compared to similar traditional products.

This and other quality AquaMix products, used for cleaning and maintaining stone tile surfaces, can be found on

March 21, 2011 on 2:59 pm

spartan logoSpartan Chemical has a line of maintenance products for resilient flooring that is Green Seal Certified.  Use of these GREEN products to clean and maintain resilient flooring in your facility will earn points towards LEED Certification and bring you one step closer to meeting your company’s sustainable environmental initiatives.

If you‘re not familiar with LEED, go to the US Green Building Council website ,LEED Rating System page and browse their website to get a full understanding of the program.

Using GREEN floor cleaning & maintenance products can add points towards LEED Qualification for Existing Buildings.  Building types include – but are not limited to – offices, retail stores, libraries, schools, museums, religious institutions, hotels and residential buildings of four or more habitable solutions all purpose cleaner gallon

At, you can purchase GREEN Spartan Chemical products such as  Green Solutions All Purpose Cleaner 101 Concentrate.  We also stock GREEN floor cleaning and maintenance products from various manufacturers for different types of floors including wood, laminate & carpet.

If you’re looking for additional guidance toward GREEN floorcare products, call us at 1-877-floorguy (1-877-356-6748).

March 16, 2011 on 6:06 pm

diverseyDiversey Inc has made is simple for you to identify GREEN within their product lines.  They have compiled a list of GREEN certified products so you can find cleaning & maintenance solutions that add points towards LEED Certification or that meet your corporate sustainable environment initiatives.  Check out this great tool here, Diversey GREEN Products.

If you‘re not familiar with LEED, go to the US Green Building Council website ,LEED Rating System page and browse their website to get a full understanding of the program.

Using green floor cleaning & maintenance products can add points towards LEED Qualification for Existing Buildings.  Building types include – but are not limited to – offices, retail stores, libraries, schools, museums, religious institutions, hotels and residential buildings of four or more habitable stories.

stride logo

At, you can purchase GREEN Diversey products such as Stride Neutral Floor Cleaner and we can provide pricing for many Diversey products, even if they are not listed on our website.  For a quote, call 1-877-floorguy (1-877-356-6748).

March 10, 2011 on 4:12 pm

med wood floorWe’ve updated our top 7 NEVERS for wood flooring.  We tried to keep it to 7 (because of the title) however we thought of more and couldn’t consolidate too much without diluting the message so …now there are 8. 


  1. Clean with rag mop & bucket of water.   
    • Water is a wood floors worst enemy! Always clean with the type and brand cleaner recommended by the floor’s manufacturer.  It is typically formulated to work on your specific type of floor.  Not sure what to use for cleaning? Call for advice 1-877-Floorguy (1-877-356-6748).
  2. Use hard rubber brush, plastic vacuum attachments, vacuum with beater bar to clean your floor. 
    • Use only a soft brush attachments and a vacuum without a beater bar on the hardsurface setting.
  3. Allow furniture to rest or drag directly on the floor without protectors on the feet or base. 
    • Use Floor Protectors & Glides on the feet and base of all furniture. Self-adhering felt-backed pads come in many shapes and sizes to fit all furniture and protect your floor from dents and scratches.  EZMoves furniture glides with felt bottoms make moving heavy items EASY and protects your floor from scratches.
  4. Let a spill sit for “a while”.  
    • Water is still a wood floors worst enemy! Wipe up spills promptly.  Use appropriate cleaner if needed to remove sticky residue from a spill.
  5. Forget to keep carpeted floor mats at exterior entrances & vacuum them routinely.
    • Small particles of dirt & debris tracked on a wood floor cause scratches that dull the appearance of the wood.  Floor mats minimize this tracking-in of dirt and debris.  Routine vacuuming makes the situation even better.  In addition, all mats, area rugs & carpet runners should have a non-skid backing to protect the floor beneath from the rough carpet backing.  Non-skid backing also keeps the carpets in place.
  6. Let too much time go between vacuuming area rugs, carpet runners and mats.  
    • The key is to keep dirt and debris to a minimum.  Frequent vacuuming prevents debris from filtering down through the weave and scratching the floor beneath.
  7. Allow anyone to wear spiked high heel shoes, shoes with cleats or taps, heavy wooden heeled shoes or any “worn” shoes with exposed metal or sharp parts.  
    • These types of shoes can cause extensive damage!  Most of your houseguests will respect a no-shoes policy.  That way you don’t single any one person out to remove their damaging shoes.
  8. Use a steam mop on hardwood! 
    • Driving it home…water is bad for wood!  Steam is water vapor and the moisture is likely to seep into and between the wood planks causing warping and permanent damage to your hardwood floor.
March 8, 2011 on 5:39 pm

Spring is around the corner which makes it time to think about SPRING CLEANING!

Yes, I said it!… Spring cleaning.  May not be your favorite part of spring yet it needs to be done and what a great feeling when it is!  You know there will be no more slush or ice melter tracking inside because the weather has turned milder, the grass is greening up and the first flowers of Spring are beginning to bloom.  No more debris tracking into the house hidden in the treads of winter boots.

Start now, thinking about which cleaning projects you’ll take on this spring.  Is it time to refresh your hardwood floor? Polish your vinyl or linoleum?  Deep clean & reseal stone tile?

Bona makes it easy to restore your wood floors with Bona Hardwood Floor Refresher and an applicator pad.

Whatever your brand of vinyl flooring, we’ve got the manufacturer specific products to strip and polish the floor to restore shine & beauty such as Congoleum Bright ‘N Easy Polish Remover & High-Gloss Polish (also avail Satin finish).

Linoleum Floors such as Forbo Marmoleum can be cleaned & finished when the natural Marmoleum shows excessive signs of wear or if you want to add shine to the floor’s appearance.

Stone Surfaces should be resealed when water no longer beads on the surface.  If your stone floor has been overworked this winter, first deep clean with AquaMix Stone Deep Clean then seal with Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold.

We sell many brands of floorcare & maintenance products in addition to those listed above.  If you’re unsure what your floor needs but you know it needs help, call our telephone support team for assistance.  They can guide you to the right product for your type or brand of floor.  The phone number is 1-877-356-6748 or 1-877-FLOORGUY.  Phone hours are 9am-5pm Monday through Friday.

January 13, 2011 on 6:25 pm

wilsonart 32ozWilsonart Flooring, as of December 3, 2010, has discontinued the Wilsonart Flooring brand.  The company plans to honor warranties, through their stated terms, on all flooring purchased before December 31, 2011.

Wilsonart Flooring has a branded cleaner for use in maintaining their laminate floors.   This cleaner is still available as a concentrated cleaner.  

Wilsonart recongnizes as a reliable source for Wilsonart Flooring maintenance products:

 wilsonart link









Wilsonart Laminate Floor Cleaner concentrate is available in 32oz Concentrate or Gallon Concentrate.  Dilution ratios are shown on each bottle of cleaner.   Mix solution in a generic spray bottle and use with Bona Microfiber Mop for best results. 

If you have any questions about proper care for your Wilsonart Laminate Floor, call us at 1-877-356-6748.

January 11, 2011 on 5:32 pm

We’ve separated Congoleum Residential & Commercial into two separate sections on our website to make shopping easier for you! 

Still under Vinyl Floor Care Products

 Vinyl Page


Congoleum Residential

 Congoleum Residential inludes all of the Bright ‘N Easy Floorcare Products for use on
Congoleum Sheet Vinyl, DuraCeramic Tile & DuraPlank Luxury Vinyl, AirStep & AirStep Plus Fiberglass, Ovations Limestone Composite Tiles, DuraStone HPF and Connections & Endurance Plank Floors. 

Congoleum Residential page











Congoleum Commercial

Congoleum Commercial includes the Congoleum Commercial Floorcare Products intended for use on Congoleum Commercial-Grade Sheet Vinyl and Commercial Vinyl Floor Tile including Flor-Ever Plus, Alternatives, Choices and CX Series.

Congoleum Commercial page






 has floorcare products to clean & maintain all types of residential and commercial floors.  Not sure what you need?  Call 1-877-356-6748.

January 4, 2011 on 4:49 pm

awardAward Hardwood Flooring has discontinued its WearMax brand wood floor cleaner. 

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is the preferred replacement for Award WearMax Hardwood Floor Cleaner.  bona32ozspray

Bona products are conveniently packaged in REFILLABLE, RECYCLEABLE containers that provides convenience, sustainability and economy in 32oz Spray Bottle, Spray Mop Cartridge and Gallon Refill containers.

Bona Features:

  • No Streaking
  • No Dulling Residue
  • Effective
  • Waterborne Formula
  • Non-Toxic
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Safe for use near people and pets
  • Easy to Use
    1. Directions For Use:

    2. Lightly mist approximately a 4’x6′ area of your hardwood floor with cleaner.
    3. Using a Bona Microfiber Mop  (an existing Award Hardwood Mop is fine) wipe the sprayed area using a back and forth motion with light pressure on the mop.
    4. Allow floor to air dry before walking on it. Floor will dry in just moments.

    Note: Cleaner dries quickly so spraying too large of an area will result in a sticky floor. Re-clean a sticky area, wiping with microfiber mop immediately after spraying.

    Also available:

  • Bona Hardwood Floor Care System includes a mop, bonakitmicrofiber mop pad, dusting pad and 32oz cleaner conveniently packaged and competitively priced to provide everything you need to maintain an Award Hardwood floor.
  • Bona Spray Mop is, hands down,bonaspraymop_closeup the easiest way to clean Award Hardwood.  The Spray Mop is packaged with wood floor cleaner for an all-in-one floor cleaning solution that will save you time and energy.
  • December 17, 2010 on 6:12 pm

    We frequently get emails from customers with common and unique floorcare questions. We answer these questions directly to the customer who asks and we post many of them on Facebook and (more briefly) on Twitter.  If you find the following carpet care tips helpful, “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter for answers to all types of flooring questions.  We post Q & A’s a few times each week.

    Remember to “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter for answers to all types of flooring questions.  We post Q & A’s a few times each week.

    This post includes info for Mohawk FloorCare Essentials, Host, Nylac & furniture glides for use on carpet.

    Q:  How do I clean grease and tracked-in dirt from the “green” carpet Mohawk makes out of recycled pop bottles?

    A:  Mohawk recommends the Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Carpet Stain Remover, 32oz Spray or Carpet Cleaning Kit, to treat stains on their EverStrand™ & SmartStrand® Carpets and they emphasize routine vacuuming & cleaning for ongoing care and upkeep.


    Q:  My carpet gets “dented” where the coffee table sits in my family room.  The table moves when my kids rest their feet on it and they never seem to notice so now I’ve got carpet dents in more than one spot and the table is getting wobbly from being moved.  I’m looking for a way to fix this problem since telling my kids to take their feet down doesn’t seem to be working well enough.

    A:  Equinox makes carpet glides for furniture that disperses the weight of the table leg onto a disk that is padded on one side and hard plastic on the other reducing the “dent” effect on the carpet.  The table will move more freely on these discs alleviating the stress on the table legs. So now when your kids put their feet up, the table will still move but  you won’t have the problem with carpet “dents” and the table legs will not be stressed.  Glides come in two sizes, 2-3/4” or 5” round.


    Q:  I cleaned a coffee stain from my beige carpet with a cleaner I bought at the grocery store.  The stains seemed to be gone at first but now the area keeps getting dirty so I think it’s not totally gone.  How do I get rid of this?  Is there a carpet cleaner that will take up the whole stain?

    A:  Host Carpet Cleaner will take up most stains without leaving a residue.  Host is a dry extraction system that absorbs soils as it dissolves them. The dissolved spot does not have the opportunity to run to the base of the carpet so there isn’t anything there to wick back to the surface.  For small areas, the carpet cleaning kit or 2.5lb shaker pack should do the job.


    Q: Someone told me that Nylac Carpet Cleaner is good for cleaning my carpet because I’ve got allergies and it’s got no odor and is safe.  Do you have an MSDS sheet for this product so I can check for myself?

    A: Yes, we have just updated the Nylac product information to include the MSDS sheet.  You can go directly to the Nylac MSDS sheet or to the Nylac Product page.

    December 8, 2010 on 7:13 pm

    We frequently get emails from customers with common and unique floorcare questions. We answer these questions directly to the customer who asks and we post many of them on Facebook and (more briefly) on Twitter.  If you find the following stone, tile & grout care tips helpful, “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter for answers to all types of flooring questions.  We post Q & A’s a few times each week.

    Remember to “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter for answers to all types of flooring questions.  We post Q & A’s a few times each week.

    Q:  Does have product for use on ceramic tile?

    A:  We sell a variety of products for ceramic tile.  Here are a few brands that have products for ceramic tile- Aqua Mix,  Bona,  DuPont™ StoneTech®.  In addition, we can answer your questions about  the right maintenance products for the type of tile you have.  Call us at 1-877-356-6748.


    Q:  Which DuPont Sealer has a lifetime warranty for use on Marble?

    A:  I don’t know of any sealer (by any manufacturer) that has a lifetime warranty. All sealer needs to be reapplied. You may be thinking of DuPont™ StoneTech® BulletProof® Sealer or Heavy Duty Sealer.  Both are recommended for use on natural marble w/ expected wear of 3-5 years when properly maintained. For routine cleaning of sealed Marble, use DuPont™ StoneTech® Revitalizer® Cleaner and Protector or Stone & Tile Cleaner.


    Q: My foyer floor is Marble and I’m not sure if I need to seal it.  How can I tell and what Sealer should I use?

    A: Place a few drops of water on the marble floor and wait 15 minutes. (This works for any stone surface.) If the water beads up and wipes off without leaving a dark spot then your surface is well sealed. If the water absorbs into the surface then you need to apply Sealer.  For interior use,  DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional Heavy Duty Sealer works well to protect a polished marble floor.  Once sealed, use Revitalizer® Cleaner and Protector, for routine maintenance.


    Q:  Can I use AQUA MIX High-Gloss Sealer to seal natural stone in a shower?

    A: AQUA MIX High-Gloss Sealer is a topical sealer and is NOT recommended for areas where there maybe standing water. Instead USE a penetrating sealer such as AQUA MIX Sealer’s Choice Gold or AQUA MIX Penetrating Sealer.


    Q: Can I use AQUA MIX grout colorant over epoxy grout?

    A: AQUA MIX Grout Colorant can be applied over epoxy grout. Coverage is 50 to 300 sq. ft. per kit depending on the width and porosity of grout joints. For best accuracy use the Coverage Chart.


    Q: I use Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner for wood floors in my house.  It seems like such a gentle cleaner, can I use it on my bathroom ceramic tile?

    A.  For tile floors (stone & laminate also) use Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner which is formulated for this type of floor. If you’re already using the Bona Floor Cleaning System for hardwood, you can use the same Microfiber Mop & Cleaning Pad which makes this an economical choice.  The Bona ST&L Cleaner is available in 32oz Spray & Spray Mop Cartridge.  However if your floor is under warranty, check the warranty before you buy cleaner. Flooring manufacturers often require a particular cleaner to uphold warranty.

    December 2, 2010 on 4:34 pm

    Using the wrong type of cleaning solution on a hardwood or laminate floor may result in oil residue that looks murky or hazy.  These cleaners often contain acrylic polish which requires mineral spirits to remove the film left behind.

    For removing acrylic polish and other wax-residue left by product such as Mop & Glo or Orange Glo follow these directions.  Test this method in an inconspicuous area before treating the entire floor.  Consult the flooring manufacturer for their recommended cleaning methods.

     Preparation & Materials:

    Mix in a bucket (8:1) 16 oz (2 cups) of ammonia to 1 gallon of Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner or 1 gallon of Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner.


    1. Dip the Microfiber Cleaning Pad into ammonia + cleaner solution and wring out so that the pad is saturated but not dripping.
    2. Evenly apply the solution to a small section of floor using the Microfiber Mop w/Cleaning Pad.  A 3′ x 5′ area or smaller is recommended.
    3. Allow the solution to sit for 30 seconds but no longer than 2 minutes. Then scrub the floor with the same Microfiber Mop Pad. A non abrasive scrubbing pad may be used to loosen any excessive build up. A whitish appearance may show. Remove all residues before moving to the next section.
    4. Follow up with a second (clean / new) Microfiber Cleaning Pad and Spray Bottle of Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner or Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner, following the label directions to clean the area.
    5. Move to the next section being sure to rinse the Microfiber Cleaning Pad in the sink with warm water first.
    6. Repeat from step one throughout the entire floor.

     Important Warnings & Advisements:

    • Always perform a small test in an inconspicuous area for good results before performing work. If any adverse or undesired reactions occur consult with a hardwood flooring professional before continuing.
    • Be advised that complete removal of acrylic polishes may not be possible along board seams or on heavily textured (ie: hand scrapped) floors.
    • A second or even a third application may be necessary to produce best results.
    • The recommended procedure may not be sufficient to assure adhesion or performance of any additionally applied products including Bona Refresher products.
    • The recommended procedure is considered best practices and is not a solution for every situation. For extenuating circumstances, please consult with flooring professional before performing any work.
    • Always contact the polish manufacturer for removal instructions prior to performing any work.
    • Some polishes contain wax and therefore complete removal of the product may not be possible with any stripping methods. It is recommended to consult a professional to determine stripping and recoating possibilities.

    Other types of flooring, such as vinyl or ceramic tile, can often handle more aggessive cleaning agents than wood and laminate floors.  If you’ve got a similar problem with a type of floor not addressed in these instructions, contact us at or 1-877-356-6748.  We’ll direct you to the best solution for your floor.

    December 1, 2010 on 6:02 pm

    We frequently get emails from customers with common and unique floorcare questions. We answer these questions directly to the customer who asks and we post many of them on Facebook and (more briefly) on Twitter.  If you find the following linoleum & vinyl floorcare tips helpful, “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter for answers to all types of flooring questions.  We post Q & A’s a few times each week.

    Q:  Is the Armstrong Genuine Linoleum Polish a high shine or a satin finish shine?

    A:  Armstrong GLP is a MEDIUM-HIGH FINISH so it’s in between high & satin. Try it in an inconspicuous area before treating the entire floor to see if you like the sheen.


    Q:  We have a Mannington Adura® Floor in our kitchen that is very hard to keep clean.  Every few months it needs a deep cleaning, which means me on hands and knees using a brush — very hard work.  I am wondering if the Mannington Heavy Duty Cleaner would help this.  How would you recommend this product be used?

    A:  This product will help as it is more aggressive than a daily cleaner and should be used only every few months or so depending on the traffic in your home.  Read the article, Mannington Adura® Vinyl Floor Care & Cleaning Guidelines, to learn more about cleaning & maintaining Mannington Adura®.


    Here’s one for the industry- Q:  How far into the floor does the flash cove need to be when it butts up against the floor which is a different color?

    A:  There are no set “”rules”” regarding flooring that is coved meeting the field material.  Based on my experience, I suggest the coved material should have min 6″” (more commonly 8”) from the wall /vertical surface.  This allows enough material, beyond the cove stick, to be flat on the floor for 100%  contact with the floor and adhesive.

    Remember to “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter for answers to all types of flooring questions.  We post Q & A’s a few times each week.

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