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Credit: Flickr/SupremeCrete

Credit: Flickr/SupremeCrete

The complexities or formulas for Acrylic polishes are no different thanlife itself.In fact, the research for this article has disclosed not only the diverse collection of ingredients, but the precise relation each lends to the end result, which for most End Users is a floor that is easily cleaned, maintained and refurbished when necessary. It is extremely important to understand the chemical basics of Acrylic floor finishes before even discussing solids.

Fundamentally, most floor finishes are comprised of five basic categories of ingredients:

  1. Polymer emulsions-comprised of one or more monomers suspended in water creating polymer emulsions in very specific or precise ratio, often guarded by the manufacturer as a trade secret for their recipe of floor finish. Polymer emulsions are considered the hub of a floor finish with endless combinations that can impact most performance characteristics including gloss, durability, leveling, clarity, water/detergent resistance, ability to recoat, scuffing and ability to remove.
  2. Film Formers- essential components of the polymer emulsions that minimize common floor care problems such as poor gloss, streaking, cratering, fisheyes, poor adhesion/powdering, orange peeling, blushing and even poor leveling.
  3. Modifiers-polymer emulsions in floor finishes deliver an endless range of performance characteristics. For example, modifiers such as resins, wax emulsions, urethanes, UV absorbers and metal cross linkers can be added to enhance gloss, slip resistance, scuff/scratch resistance or simply boost clarity, hardness, durability and ability to buff.
  4. Preservatives-often antimicrobial agents incorporated to ward off attacks of the ingredients in floor finishes, without them, could cause discoloration, destroy the floor finish emulsion and create unpleasant odors. Also, an antifreeze agent may be added to the emulsion to provide freeze-thaw stability.
  5. Water-deionized water not only serves as the carrier for all the floor finish ingredients, but also delivers a stable environment that significantly reduces the risk of slight discoloration or compromise of gloss or clarity.

Most Acrylic floor finishes contain a solid content ranging from 16-22%, while recently the industry has been drawn to high solid content that is around the 30-32% level. The solid level is the amount of material left (polymer film, waxes, plasticizers, leveling resins, etc.) after everything volatile has left the film (water, co-solvents, etc.).

Higher level solid content can be more temperamental during application since the skill required during application could possibly be more challenging to achieve a smooth, wet film. It is important to understand that a thicker film (high solid) will often extend the drying/curing time since the water and solvents will have to travel a greater distance to escape before the surface is ready for traffic. In fact, it is not unusual that a floor finish of 30% solids in a one coat application will require the same drying/curing time of a two coat application of floor finish with only 16-18% solids under identical drying conditions. Factors that can slow the release of water during drying/curing process are high humidity or poor air flow.

Reflectivity is a clearly a function of a smooth surface film. A very thin film can deliver the same level of gloss as thicker film due to the degree of surface flatness when light reflects from the floor. High speed burnishing will often smooth the imperfections in a surface so that it will reflect a greater percentage of light, creating a shiny appearance.

Matte or Satin surfaces tend to be rougher, therefore scattering the light rather than reflecting. It is also important to note that any flooring that is textured or porous will require multiple coats of a low solid floor finish to build up to a smooth surface enough to overcome the roughness, uneven texture or porosity so that a shiny appearance is detected, while the same result may be achieved with fewer coats of a high solid floor finish.

Low solids floor finish often are considered more applicator friendly, but can often require additional labor due to the additional coats required to achieve an acceptable surface for your space. Certainly, high solids can deliver equal results with less material and labor required.

article by Reggie Hill

May 31, 2012 on 6:06 pm

In recent years, many major flooring manufacturers havHilway Direct Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleanere discontinued their brand-specific floor cleaners leaving customers unsure where to turn for a quality floor cleaner at a reasonable price. Homeowners have tried various methods to clean their no-wax wood and laminate flooring with results often ranging from bad to worse. Vinegar and water, long touted as a miracle cleaner, is actually harmful to wood and laminate floors due to the acidic nature of vinegar and the penetrating qualities of water. Together they can dull a floor’s finish and irreparably distort and warp the floor. Grocery-store bought hardwood or laminate floor cleaners typically contain ingredients that leave residue on the floor that attracts dirt and is difficult, if not impossible, to remove. This often appears as a cloudy film covering the floor.

Hilway Direct saw the need to provide homeowners with a clear and simple quality option for cleaning their polyurethane and factory finished hardwood and laminate floors. Hilway Direct’s NEW Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner delivers superior cleaning capability, ease of use and straight-forward product selection…at an affordable price.

Hilway Direct provides a premixed, perfectly blended, daily cleaner making it easy to clean no-wax wood & laminate flooring. In addition, Hilway Direct Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner is also approved to properly clean cork, bamboo and vinyl flooring. This ready-to-use cleaner and a microfiber mop are all you’ll need to easily lift dirt and grease without leaving a film, residue or streaks and with no measuring or rinsing required while being safe for use around children and pets. Just spray and mop!

Customers who have already tried Hilway Direct Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner say it’s the best cleaner they’ve used on their floor.

Hilway Direct Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner is available in two convenient sizes- 32oz Spray and 1 Gallon Refill. Both are ready-to-use formulas that require no measuring and no mixing which means easy, no-hassle cleaning for homeowners.

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What Gloss Level Should I Use On My Floor?

There are three main classifications of gloss when it comes to flooring, 1)high-gloss, 2)semi-gloss or low-gloss, and 3)matte or satin.

When selecting a gloss level for wood, laminate or vinyl flooring consider these factors…

High-gloss provides a bright finish that reflects the most light which will highlight scuffs, scratches and other marks.  Heavy foot-traffic, high-heel shoes, rolling carts and pets will show wear on a high-gloss finish.  With frequent routine maintenance a high-gloss shine can be successfully maintained.

Matte (or Satin) finish has the lowest available shine because it absorbs the most light.  The shine is often referred to as being a “natural” shine.  This low luster makes marks, scuffs and scratches less noticeable.  Matte or satin finish level requires less maintenance and re-coating than high or semi-gloss finishes.

Semi-gloss or (Low-gloss) provides modest shine to a floor while requiring less maintenance than its high-gloss counterpart.  Semi-gloss has more pizzaz than a matte finish.

When deciding on gloss level for a floor, consider the following:

  • Where the floor is located and the type of traffic it sees.
  • How diligent you’ll be with sweeping, mopping and refinishing.
  • If buffing by machine is required after finish is applied and if you have the necessary equipment to do so.
  • Always read full product information about your floor before selecting and applying finish then test it in a small, inconspicuous area before full application.
  • Some brands of flooring recommend proprietary finishes while others will tell you a type of finish leaving brand selection to you.

Here are some top brands of flooring finishes:

Wood/ Cork: Bona Hardwood, Basic Coatings, Bruce Fresh Finish, LOBA®

Stone/ Tile/ Laminate: Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate, Aqua Mix, DuPont™ StoneTech®

Resilient/ Vinyl/ Linoleum: Mannington Award Series®, Diversey, Congoleum, Armstrong Once ‘n Done, Forbo Marmoleum, Domco Sure Shine, Lonseal Lonfinish, Metroflor, Hilway Direct, Spartan

April 26, 2012 on 2:59 pm
How do I clean off black spots from grout on Quarry Tile
Aqua mix Grout Haze Clean Up has long been used as an aid in the final cleanup stage of grouting.
It can be used in the cleaning of black pigment from cementicious grout from quarry tile.
It was always frustrating as we never had a simple solution. We’d tried acids and tried high alkaline strippers with unsatisfactory result from both.
Aqua Mix Grout Haze Clean up was used, undiluted, and found that the stubborn black pigment stain that had gotten into the quarry tile came off instantly and with minimal effort from a white scrubbie pad.
Best of all, it is not harmful to new grout nor to old grout.

How do I clean off black spots from grout on Quarry Tile?AquaMix Grout Haze Clean Up

It was always frustrating as we never had a simple solution for this. We’ve tried acids and high alkaline strippers with unsatisfactory result from both.

Aqua Mix Grout Haze Clean Up has long been used as an aid in the final cleanup stage of grouting. It can also be used in the cleaning of black pigment from cementicious grout from quarry tile.

Aqua Mix Grout Haze Clean Up was used, undiluted, and we found that the stubborn black pigment stain that had gotten into the quarry tile came off instantly and with minimal effort from a white scrubbie pad.   Best of all, it is not harmful to new grout nor to old grout.

Compliments of Aqua Mix Sales & Service Team

August 25, 2011 on 8:00 am


Hey, Don’t Blame the Carpet,  an article in Hotel Industry Magazine’s online publication, features Host Dry Carpet Cleaning System.  The article highlights the benefits of using a dry carpet cleaner such as Host Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning.

host 12lb box

Host is effective for cleaning a small area or an entire room with a dry extraction powder that dries quickly, eliminates mold & mildew issues and reduces allergans.  Applications include hospitality, healthcare, commercial & residential.

Host is Green Seal Certified, recognized by US EPA Design for the Environment (DfE), earns LEED credits and is approved by the Florida School Plant Managers Association (FSPMA) for carpet cleaning products based on performance, safety and environmental criteria.

July 28, 2011 on 8:00 am

Late Night LaundromatHave you ever had something stink and no matter how many times you clean it, the smell is never quite gone? My most recent experience was with my son’s backpack. He returned from a Boy Scout camping trip with a “wet dog” smell in his backpack and on the items that were in the backpack.

Turns out, it wasn’t a dog that got into his stuff but a raw egg.  He had the bright idea to transport an egg in his backpack for use as a target on the shooting range … needless to say the egg didn’t quite make it.  Instead, it got “scrambled” inside his backpack.

So, we had his backpack, rain gear and few other items that had a nasty stink that two regular wash cycles couldn’t conquer.  I didn’t want to use bleach because it might damage these items that require a delicate wash cycle.

Odorcide Laundry_16oz

It turned out that my son’s timing with this mess couldn’t have been better! had just received the first shipment of new Odorcide 210 Products for Cigarette Smoke, Fire&Flood and (the one I needed) Laundry!

Odorcide Laundry accumix

Next day I brought home a 16oz accumix bottle of Odorcide Laundry and we gave it a try.  Directions on the bottle told me how much to add to the wash load depending on the severity of the odor.  I let my son squeeze the right amount into the accumix reservoir and we added it to the wash cycle.

After one gentle wash cycle (gentle because we were washing a backpack and raingear) the bad odor was completely gone! A fresh scent was noticeable and it wasn’t flowery either, just a mild, clean smell, not overpowering.

I later used Odorcide Laundry for his sneakers which had a pungent odor from sweaty feet.  It was so bad that it greeted me when I entered his room.  Again, one wash cycle and the smell was GONE!  In the past I had used bleach in the wash to rid sneakers of bad odors, but this worked so much better!

So… for all the not-so-fresh-smelling stuff in your life, I highly recommend the Odorcide 210 Family of Products!  Intended for use in Residential & Commercial applications, it is safe for use on a wide range of surfaces such as carpet, wood, laminate, upholstery, most fabrics and ceiling tiles.  Safe also for use around people and pets.  Can be applied using a sprayer, fogger, via immersion and in laundry machines.

Odorcide Family of Products

Choose the Odorcide that best suits your needs:


Fire & Flood

Cigarette Smoke

Dumpster & Chute

Original (Concentrate or Ready-to-Use)

Fresh Scent

July 18, 2011 on 2:50 pm

Vital Oxide disinfectsVital-Oxide, EPA Registered as a Hospital Disinfectant and NSF Certified for use on no-rinse Food Prep Surfaces.

This broad spectrum disinfectant cleaner is proven to effectively eliminate and protect against harmful bacteria, viruses, mold & mildew including MRSA, E-Coli, H1N1 & more using new chlorine dioxide technology.

Safe for people, pets and the environment, clear, odorless, not caustic or corrosive. Vital Oxide is a non-irritant to skin, requires no protective gloves or gear during use and leaves no residue where it is applied.

Safe on a wide range of surfaces including fabrics, carpets, laminate, glass, sealed concrete and ceramic tile including shower curtains, under sinks, in basements and crawl spaces – anywhere mold, viruses or bacteria can be found.  Vital Oxide is even an effective additive in laundry machines to disinfect linens, clothing, etc during normal wash cycles.

  1. EPA Registered (no. 82972-1) as a Hospital Disinfectant and effective against MRSA, VRE & Norovirus.
    • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial effective on a wide variety of bacteria, yeasts, viruses, fungi, spores, molds, mildews, and other microbes and can be used on hard surfaces, carpet and fabrics.
    • Vital Oxide kills 99.999% of bacteria, including e Coli, Salmonella and Listeria in less than 60 seconds.
  2. NSF Certified (no.141392, category D2) acceptable for use as a sanitizer on surfaces not always requiring a rinse (D2) in and around food processing areas.
    • Ideal for Restaurant and Hospitality environments to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria in food service areas & beyond.
    • Vital Oxide eliminates offensive airborne and surface odors and will not alter the taste of food prepared on surfaces that have been cleaned with Vital Oxide.

Use Vital Oxide wherever bad odors, mold, mildew or bacteria are present. Use in Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels, Homes, Gyms and on Sporting equipment.

MSDS, Registrations & Certification Documents are available on our website.

June 30, 2011 on 5:50 pm

Mannington Ultra Clean NEW & IMPROVED!Adura Stonehenge_Walnut Porcelain Laminate

Mannington Ultra Clean NOW AVAILABLE!

The first truckload of New & Improved Mannington Ultra Clean has just delivered to our warehouse.  Our Fulfillment Associates are packing orders for Ultra Clean as quickly as possible.  If you haven’t already done so, PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW!

The new, improved Mannington Ultra Clean has been formulated to clean a broader range of Mannington residential floors including no-wax hardwood, laminate, Adura® and porcelain.  Like the original formula, this cleaner is non-toxic, water-based, leaves NO dulling residue and is still available in a 32oz Spray Bottle.

May 16, 2011 on 3:30 pm

Diversey Taski Vision Matte Floor Finish -DISCONTINUEDDiversey’s Taski Vision Matte Floor Finish has, recently, been discontinued in all sizes. 

We’ve had many customers ask for a comparable replacement and have been recommending Hilway Direct, Matte Floor Finish.  The Hilway Direct product is a hard-wearing, highly resistant acrylic floor finish for use on vinyl, linoleum, rubber, cork and other hard surface flooring.  Like Taski Vision Matte it is applied post installation and exhibits quality performance in application, sheen, scuff resistance and ease of cleaning.

hdmatteHilway Direct Matte Flooring Finish is available through and comes in a 1.33 Gallon size.

Hilway Direct floor finish is also available in Satin and Gloss.



May 4, 2011 on 2:53 pm

cork floorCork flooring has been gaining popularity in the US market however many are skeptical because they don’t know much about it.  Here are some bits of information about cork that you may not have known.  For example, cork was widely used as a flooring material in the 1950s.  If your house was constructed in the ‘50s, there is a chance that cork floors are hidden beneath wall to wall carpeting.  Depending on the condition of the cork, you may be able to sand & refinish it for an eco-friendly, trendy floor.  Here’s some more to know about cork…

Cork has a cellular construction that provides cushion under your step making it easier on the feet, legs and back especially when standing for long stretches. 

The resilience of cork reduces the impact of fallen objects, such as glass or china, which would likely shatter on a wood or ceramic floor.

Shhh.  Cork is quiet underfoot.

Cork is forgiving (but not impervious) when you drop something that dents or punctures because it “recovers” or bounces back, kind of like memory foam.  Minor damage is inconspicuous.  Major damage can often be repaired.

Cork is eco-friendly because it is a strictly regulated and renewable natural product made from the bark of cork oak trees that are at least 25 years old.  Removal of the bark does not harm the tree and the bark grows back.  It can be harvested again in intervals of 9 years.

Cork has natural fire-resistant (not fireproof) properties and does not release toxins (good for air quality) if it does burn.

Cork is naturally resistant to mold and mildew.

Cork is resistant to insects, such as termites or carpenter ants, because of suberin, a natural component of cork, which repels critters.

Most of today’s cork floors are coated with polyurethane and require 3 – 4 coats for durability and extended wear.  Refinishing is required every 5-10 years.  This involves sanding and recoating.  (A cork floor from the 1950s may have a wax finish requiring different care than urethane.)

Routine cork care is easy and required to keep the floor in good shape.  Sweep or vacuum routinely to prevent small particles of dirt from scratching the floor’s surface.  Dust mopping is recommended. Clean with a neutral spray cleaner and microfiber mop, similar to what is used on polyurethane coated wood floors.  Avoid harsh detergents or high pH cleaning products that will likely cause damage.  

Some cork floors have a veneer surface while others are through and through material.  Patterned cork tiles are typically a veneer while solid color cork is typically cork through the thickness of material.  While veneer-surfaced cork tiles can be coated with polyurethane, you may not be able to sand before recoating. 

Cork should be used on floors at ground-level or above.  Not a good fit for basements that are below grade where dampness and moisture can become problematic.

Cork floors and pets?  Claw marks are not typically a problem because of the forgiving nature of cork.  A deep scratch can be sanded and sealed.  When compared with hardwood flooring, cork will outperform in regards to visible pet scratches.

Cork floors are water resistant but not water proof.  Spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible after they happen to avoid staining and degradation of the material.

Hypoallergenic properties of cork:  Cork floors contain no fibers or toxins.

Cork, like wood, will fade when exposed to direct sunlight.  Keep this in mind when placing area rugs on your cork floor and when selecting window treatments.

Remember to lift, not drag, furniture that is being moved across the cork floor or use felt-bottom furniture slides to prevent damage.

Wondering if you can install cork flooring as a do-it-yourself project?  If you’re handy, you may be able to install your own cork floor.  Be sure the surface you’re installing on is flat and level.  Many cork floors use a glue-down method while others are floating floors.  Consult the installation manual that comes with your flooring material and make sure your subfloor is in good condition.

A general rule to follow when it comes to finishing, waxing or cleaning a cork floor is to test a small, inconspicuous area before proceeding with the entire area and follow manufacturer’s recommended procedures.  When product literature is not available for your floor, consult industry sources to produce the best possible results. 

Call 1-877-floorguy with questions and a knowledgeable, experienced staff member will provide the information you need to care for your floor.

April 12, 2011 on 4:33 pm

stone1Natural Stone occasionally needs more than routine cleaning maintenance.  The location of the stone surface- such as a shower, kitchen or high traffic area- and the type of surface- for example Travertine, Porcelain or Granite- are factors that contribute to the frequency with stone is likely to need extra attention to maintain it’s natural beauty.  For instance, stone floor or walls in a shower will be more susceptible to soap scum and hard water deposits than a stone foyer floor that sees minimal foot traffic.

To remove difficult stains, try Aqua Mix NanoScrub® which is an abrasive cream cleanser designed to work on stone surface where other cleaners won’t.  NanoScrub utilizes “nano-sized” particles to penetrate into small surface pores where it can effectively remove surface stains and residues. NanoScrub is safe and effective on all types of stone and tile surfaces including acid-sensitive polished marble and limestone.  nanoscrubWorks on pencil & rubber marks, mildew stains, grout residue (including epoxy), ground-in dirt and mineral deposits.  Will also remove factory-applied waxes and floor finishes, coating sealers, and most sealer residues.

NanoScrub contains no voc’s  is nontoxic, non-flammable and non-acidic for better indoor and outdoor air quality as compared to similar traditional products.

This and other quality AquaMix products, used for cleaning and maintaining stone tile surfaces, can be found on

March 21, 2011 on 2:59 pm

spartan logoSpartan Chemical has a line of maintenance products for resilient flooring that is Green Seal Certified.  Use of these GREEN products to clean and maintain resilient flooring in your facility will earn points towards LEED Certification and bring you one step closer to meeting your company’s sustainable environmental initiatives.

If you‘re not familiar with LEED, go to the US Green Building Council website ,LEED Rating System page and browse their website to get a full understanding of the program.

Using GREEN floor cleaning & maintenance products can add points towards LEED Qualification for Existing Buildings.  Building types include – but are not limited to – offices, retail stores, libraries, schools, museums, religious institutions, hotels and residential buildings of four or more habitable solutions all purpose cleaner gallon

At, you can purchase GREEN Spartan Chemical products such as  Green Solutions All Purpose Cleaner 101 Concentrate.  We also stock GREEN floor cleaning and maintenance products from various manufacturers for different types of floors including wood, laminate & carpet.

If you’re looking for additional guidance toward GREEN floorcare products, call us at 1-877-floorguy (1-877-356-6748).

March 16, 2011 on 6:06 pm

diverseyDiversey Inc has made is simple for you to identify GREEN within their product lines.  They have compiled a list of GREEN certified products so you can find cleaning & maintenance solutions that add points towards LEED Certification or that meet your corporate sustainable environment initiatives.  Check out this great tool here, Diversey GREEN Products.

If you‘re not familiar with LEED, go to the US Green Building Council website ,LEED Rating System page and browse their website to get a full understanding of the program.

Using green floor cleaning & maintenance products can add points towards LEED Qualification for Existing Buildings.  Building types include – but are not limited to – offices, retail stores, libraries, schools, museums, religious institutions, hotels and residential buildings of four or more habitable stories.

stride logo

At, you can purchase GREEN Diversey products such as Stride Neutral Floor Cleaner and we can provide pricing for many Diversey products, even if they are not listed on our website.  For a quote, call 1-877-floorguy (1-877-356-6748).

March 10, 2011 on 4:12 pm

med wood floorWe’ve updated our top 7 NEVERS for wood flooring.  We tried to keep it to 7 (because of the title) however we thought of more and couldn’t consolidate too much without diluting the message so …now there are 8. 


  1. Clean with rag mop & bucket of water.   
    • Water is a wood floors worst enemy! Always clean with the type and brand cleaner recommended by the floor’s manufacturer.  It is typically formulated to work on your specific type of floor.  Not sure what to use for cleaning? Call for advice 1-877-Floorguy (1-877-356-6748).
  2. Use hard rubber brush, plastic vacuum attachments, vacuum with beater bar to clean your floor. 
    • Use only a soft brush attachments and a vacuum without a beater bar on the hardsurface setting.
  3. Allow furniture to rest or drag directly on the floor without protectors on the feet or base. 
    • Use Floor Protectors & Glides on the feet and base of all furniture. Self-adhering felt-backed pads come in many shapes and sizes to fit all furniture and protect your floor from dents and scratches.  EZMoves furniture glides with felt bottoms make moving heavy items EASY and protects your floor from scratches.
  4. Let a spill sit for “a while”.  
    • Water is still a wood floors worst enemy! Wipe up spills promptly.  Use appropriate cleaner if needed to remove sticky residue from a spill.
  5. Forget to keep carpeted floor mats at exterior entrances & vacuum them routinely.
    • Small particles of dirt & debris tracked on a wood floor cause scratches that dull the appearance of the wood.  Floor mats minimize this tracking-in of dirt and debris.  Routine vacuuming makes the situation even better.  In addition, all mats, area rugs & carpet runners should have a non-skid backing to protect the floor beneath from the rough carpet backing.  Non-skid backing also keeps the carpets in place.
  6. Let too much time go between vacuuming area rugs, carpet runners and mats.  
    • The key is to keep dirt and debris to a minimum.  Frequent vacuuming prevents debris from filtering down through the weave and scratching the floor beneath.
  7. Allow anyone to wear spiked high heel shoes, shoes with cleats or taps, heavy wooden heeled shoes or any “worn” shoes with exposed metal or sharp parts.  
    • These types of shoes can cause extensive damage!  Most of your houseguests will respect a no-shoes policy.  That way you don’t single any one person out to remove their damaging shoes.
  8. Use a steam mop on hardwood! 
    • Driving it home…water is bad for wood!  Steam is water vapor and the moisture is likely to seep into and between the wood planks causing warping and permanent damage to your hardwood floor.
March 8, 2011 on 5:39 pm

Spring is around the corner which makes it time to think about SPRING CLEANING!

Yes, I said it!… Spring cleaning.  May not be your favorite part of spring yet it needs to be done and what a great feeling when it is!  You know there will be no more slush or ice melter tracking inside because the weather has turned milder, the grass is greening up and the first flowers of Spring are beginning to bloom.  No more debris tracking into the house hidden in the treads of winter boots.

Start now, thinking about which cleaning projects you’ll take on this spring.  Is it time to refresh your hardwood floor? Polish your vinyl or linoleum?  Deep clean & reseal stone tile?

Bona makes it easy to restore your wood floors with Bona Hardwood Floor Refresher and an applicator pad.

Whatever your brand of vinyl flooring, we’ve got the manufacturer specific products to strip and polish the floor to restore shine & beauty such as Congoleum Bright ‘N Easy Polish Remover & High-Gloss Polish (also avail Satin finish).

Linoleum Floors such as Forbo Marmoleum can be cleaned & finished when the natural Marmoleum shows excessive signs of wear or if you want to add shine to the floor’s appearance.

Stone Surfaces should be resealed when water no longer beads on the surface.  If your stone floor has been overworked this winter, first deep clean with AquaMix Stone Deep Clean then seal with Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold.

We sell many brands of floorcare & maintenance products in addition to those listed above.  If you’re unsure what your floor needs but you know it needs help, call our telephone support team for assistance.  They can guide you to the right product for your type or brand of floor.  The phone number is 1-877-356-6748 or 1-877-FLOORGUY.  Phone hours are 9am-5pm Monday through Friday.

February 1, 2011 on 2:46 pm

ice melt w ice_snowCOMPRWinter snow and ice bring unique challenges to home & business owners.  Among those challenges is maintaining safe, clean floors.

The first line of attack in keeping snow, ice & ice melt products off of a floor is to have clean walk-off mats at each entry door.  If possible, keep a mat in the garage, warehouse or covered porch to catch water and debris from shoes before they enter the living or working space.  Have another mat inside the entry door where shoes & boots can be removed when they are wet.  Even if shoes don’t seem wet it is best to remove them this time of year because ice melt products such as rock salt, ice melt pellets and sand become stuck in the treads of shoes and track throughout your home or business.

Keep a dry rag or paper towels near the entry to conveniently wipe up puddles right away.  Prevent small particles of dirt & debris from scratching hard surface floors by sweeping or vacuuming frequentlyCarpets can be especially challenging because particles of debris fall into the carpet fibers and are not always visible.  Vacuuming carpet routinely is especially important this time of year because the ice melt particles could damage the carpet fibers.

Have an appropriate cleaning product on hand to spot clean residue left behind from melted rock salt or ice melt pellets before they have a chance to damage the floor.  Different types & brands of floors require different cleaning products so choose the cleaning materials that are right for your floor.  Here are some of the best sellers in our store that might fit this need: 

Mannington Ultra Clean, Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Congoleum Bright ‘N Easy No-Rinse Cleaner (pre-mix in a spray bottle), Wilsonart Laminate Floor Cleaner (only avail as concentrate, mix in a spray bottle), DuPont™ StoneTech® Revitalizer® Cleaner and Protector, Host Carpet Dry Cleaner.

mannington ultra clean  bona hardwood spray  congoleum bright n easy  wilsonart laminate cleaner  revitalizer spray  host kit 

If you don’t find the right product for your floor, browse our website by floor type or brand or call us for assistance at 1-877-FLOORGUY (1-877-356-6748).

To sum up winter floor care, do the following on a daily basis:

  • Shake-out floor mats (outside or into a utility sink)
  • Sweep or vacuum
  • Spot clean (with Cleaner) as needed
  • Clean entire floor daily if residue or shoe tracks are visible

Follow these tips to keep your floors looking good all winter long!

January 18, 2011 on 2:46 pm

IMG_3527comprHere’s a great way to easily update or refresh the look of a tile floor in your home.  Won’t break the bank either!  Aqua Mix makes grout colorant kits.  Easy to use and includes everything you need for most grout coloring projects.  Just about anyone can use do this.  It takes just three basic steps and can be done in a day, ready to walk-on. 


First step is to clean the grout to remove dirt, debris and coatings. To do so, start by sweeping or vacuuming then wet the grout lines with water and spray with the pre-treatment cleaner (included in the kit). Scrub the grout with the white scrub pad (included).  Rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry completely (at least 2 hours) before applying grout color.  Applying colorant before grout is dry will lead to poor adhesion of the color which may result in peeling/flaking.  Follow product label directions for best results.  Not recommended for use on some types of tile nor in certain conditions so read full product instructions prior to use.

IMG_3505comprSecond step is coloring the grout.  Pour your colorant into a small bowl.  If using more than one bottle, mix the bottlesIMG_3509 together in the bowl to ensure even color since dye lots between bottles can have some variation.  Apply the colorant with the brush (included). You’ll use it much like a paintbrush, but with more back and forth motion, to apply color into all crevices and grooves of the grout.  It is OK to go “out of the lines”.  In step three you’ll go back to clean up tiles where you went out of bounds.  If, when the first coat of color dries, you feel a second coat is required, go ahead after 2 hours.  A second coat is typical when you’re using a light colorant over dark grout.

 IMG_3523comprIMG_3526comprWhen you’re done coloring the grout, allow it to dry until it’s dry to your touch (approx 1 hour) then you’re ready for step three.  Moisten the white scrub pad (same one you used in step one) and carefully use it to clean off the tiles surrounding the grout where you colored out of the lines.  You may need to scrub back and forth a bit on textured tile but the water-based colorant will come clean off the tiles.  A longer wait time to clean tiles was ok during a test we did where we cleaned textured porcelain tiles the next day after applying grout colorant.

When you finish cleaning the excess colorant off of the tiles, you are done.  Grout colorant is dry in two hours.  I like to play things safe, so if possible, especially in a bathroom where the floor can get wet, I’d recommend letting it dry overnight before using the space.aquashield24oz

To maintain your tile and colored grout use a stone or tile cleaner formulated for use on the type of tile in your home.  Aqua Shield is a protective routine cleaner by Aqua Mix that can be used on most tiled surfaces.  Read the “USES” section in the product description to see if it right for your application.

Whenever you use a new product on your tile, test a small, inconspicuous area before treating the entire surface.

January 13, 2011 on 6:25 pm

wilsonart 32ozWilsonart Flooring, as of December 3, 2010, has discontinued the Wilsonart Flooring brand.  The company plans to honor warranties, through their stated terms, on all flooring purchased before December 31, 2011.

Wilsonart Flooring has a branded cleaner for use in maintaining their laminate floors.   This cleaner is still available as a concentrated cleaner.  

Wilsonart recongnizes as a reliable source for Wilsonart Flooring maintenance products:

 wilsonart link









Wilsonart Laminate Floor Cleaner concentrate is available in 32oz Concentrate or Gallon Concentrate.  Dilution ratios are shown on each bottle of cleaner.   Mix solution in a generic spray bottle and use with Bona Microfiber Mop for best results. 

If you have any questions about proper care for your Wilsonart Laminate Floor, call us at 1-877-356-6748.

January 11, 2011 on 5:32 pm

We’ve separated Congoleum Residential & Commercial into two separate sections on our website to make shopping easier for you! 

Still under Vinyl Floor Care Products-

 Vinyl Page


Congoleum Residential

 Congoleum Residential inludes all of the Bright ‘N Easy Floorcare Products for use on
Congoleum Sheet Vinyl, DuraCeramic Tile & DuraPlank Luxury Vinyl, AirStep & AirStep Plus Fiberglass, Ovations Limestone Composite Tiles, DuraStone HPF and Connections & Endurance Plank Floors. 

Congoleum Residential page











Congoleum Commercial

Congoleum Commercial includes the Congoleum Commercial Floorcare Products intended for use on Congoleum Commercial-Grade Sheet Vinyl and Commercial Vinyl Floor Tile including Flor-Ever Plus, Alternatives, Choices and CX Series.

Congoleum Commercial page






 has floorcare products to clean & maintain all types of residential and commercial floors.  Not sure what you need?  Call 1-877-356-6748.

January 4, 2011 on 4:49 pm

awardAward Hardwood Flooring has discontinued its WearMax brand wood floor cleaner. 

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is the preferred replacement for Award WearMax Hardwood Floor Cleaner.  bona32ozspray

Bona products are conveniently packaged in REFILLABLE, RECYCLEABLE containers that provides convenience, sustainability and economy in 32oz Spray Bottle, Spray Mop Cartridge and Gallon Refill containers.

Bona Features:

  • No Streaking
  • No Dulling Residue
  • Effective
  • Waterborne Formula
  • Non-Toxic
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Safe for use near people and pets
  • Easy to Use
    1. Directions For Use:

    2. Lightly mist approximately a 4′x6′ area of your hardwood floor with cleaner.
    3. Using a Bona Microfiber Mop  (an existing Award Hardwood Mop is fine) wipe the sprayed area using a back and forth motion with light pressure on the mop.
    4. Allow floor to air dry before walking on it. Floor will dry in just moments.

    Note: Cleaner dries quickly so spraying too large of an area will result in a sticky floor. Re-clean a sticky area, wiping with microfiber mop immediately after spraying.

    Also available:

  • Bona Hardwood Floor Care System includes a mop, bonakitmicrofiber mop pad, dusting pad and 32oz cleaner conveniently packaged and competitively priced to provide everything you need to maintain an Award Hardwood floor.
  • Bona Spray Mop is, hands down,bonaspraymop_closeup the easiest way to clean Award Hardwood.  The Spray Mop is packaged with wood floor cleaner for an all-in-one floor cleaning solution that will save you time and energy.
  • December 17, 2010 on 6:12 pm

    We frequently get emails from customers with common and unique floorcare questions. We answer these questions directly to the customer who asks and we post many of them on Facebook and (more briefly) on Twitter.  If you find the following carpet care tips helpful, “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter for answers to all types of flooring questions.  We post Q & A’s a few times each week.

    Remember to “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter for answers to all types of flooring questions.  We post Q & A’s a few times each week.

    This post includes info for Mohawk FloorCare Essentials, Host, Nylac & furniture glides for use on carpet.

    Q:  How do I clean grease and tracked-in dirt from the “green” carpet Mohawk makes out of recycled pop bottles?

    A:  Mohawk recommends the Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Carpet Stain Remover, 32oz Spray or Carpet Cleaning Kit, to treat stains on their EverStrand™ & SmartStrand® Carpets and they emphasize routine vacuuming & cleaning for ongoing care and upkeep.


    Q:  My carpet gets “dented” where the coffee table sits in my family room.  The table moves when my kids rest their feet on it and they never seem to notice so now I’ve got carpet dents in more than one spot and the table is getting wobbly from being moved.  I’m looking for a way to fix this problem since telling my kids to take their feet down doesn’t seem to be working well enough.

    A:  Equinox makes carpet glides for furniture that disperses the weight of the table leg onto a disk that is padded on one side and hard plastic on the other reducing the “dent” effect on the carpet.  The table will move more freely on these discs alleviating the stress on the table legs. So now when your kids put their feet up, the table will still move but  you won’t have the problem with carpet “dents” and the table legs will not be stressed.  Glides come in two sizes, 2-3/4” or 5” round.


    Q:  I cleaned a coffee stain from my beige carpet with a cleaner I bought at the grocery store.  The stains seemed to be gone at first but now the area keeps getting dirty so I think it’s not totally gone.  How do I get rid of this?  Is there a carpet cleaner that will take up the whole stain?

    A:  Host Carpet Cleaner will take up most stains without leaving a residue.  Host is a dry extraction system that absorbs soils as it dissolves them. The dissolved spot does not have the opportunity to run to the base of the carpet so there isn’t anything there to wick back to the surface.  For small areas, the carpet cleaning kit or 2.5lb shaker pack should do the job.


    Q: Someone told me that Nylac Carpet Cleaner is good for cleaning my carpet because I’ve got allergies and it’s got no odor and is safe.  Do you have an MSDS sheet for this product so I can check for myself?

    A: Yes, we have just updated the Nylac product information to include the MSDS sheet.  You can go directly to the Nylac MSDS sheet or to the Nylac Product page.

    December 8, 2010 on 7:13 pm

    We frequently get emails from customers with common and unique floorcare questions. We answer these questions directly to the customer who asks and we post many of them on Facebook and (more briefly) on Twitter.  If you find the following stone, tile & grout care tips helpful, “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter for answers to all types of flooring questions.  We post Q & A’s a few times each week.

    Remember to “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter for answers to all types of flooring questions.  We post Q & A’s a few times each week.

    Q:  Does have product for use on ceramic tile?

    A:  We sell a variety of products for ceramic tile.  Here are a few brands that have products for ceramic tile- Aqua Mix,  Bona,  DuPont™ StoneTech®.  In addition, we can answer your questions about  the right maintenance products for the type of tile you have.  Call us at 1-877-356-6748.


    Q:  Which DuPont Sealer has a lifetime warranty for use on Marble?

    A:  I don’t know of any sealer (by any manufacturer) that has a lifetime warranty. All sealer needs to be reapplied. You may be thinking of DuPont™ StoneTech® BulletProof® Sealer or Heavy Duty Sealer.  Both are recommended for use on natural marble w/ expected wear of 3-5 years when properly maintained. For routine cleaning of sealed Marble, use DuPont™ StoneTech® Revitalizer® Cleaner and Protector or Stone & Tile Cleaner.


    Q: My foyer floor is Marble and I’m not sure if I need to seal it.  How can I tell and what Sealer should I use?

    A: Place a few drops of water on the marble floor and wait 15 minutes. (This works for any stone surface.) If the water beads up and wipes off without leaving a dark spot then your surface is well sealed. If the water absorbs into the surface then you need to apply Sealer.  For interior use,  DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional Heavy Duty Sealer works well to protect a polished marble floor.  Once sealed, use Revitalizer® Cleaner and Protector, for routine maintenance.


    Q:  Can I use AQUA MIX High-Gloss Sealer to seal natural stone in a shower?

    A: AQUA MIX High-Gloss Sealer is a topical sealer and is NOT recommended for areas where there maybe standing water. Instead USE a penetrating sealer such as AQUA MIX Sealer’s Choice Gold or AQUA MIX Penetrating Sealer.


    Q: Can I use AQUA MIX grout colorant over epoxy grout?

    A: AQUA MIX Grout Colorant can be applied over epoxy grout. Coverage is 50 to 300 sq. ft. per kit depending on the width and porosity of grout joints. For best accuracy use the Coverage Chart.


    Q: I use Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner for wood floors in my house.  It seems like such a gentle cleaner, can I use it on my bathroom ceramic tile?

    A.  For tile floors (stone & laminate also) use Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner which is formulated for this type of floor. If you’re already using the Bona Floor Cleaning System for hardwood, you can use the same Microfiber Mop & Cleaning Pad which makes this an economical choice.  The Bona ST&L Cleaner is available in 32oz Spray & Spray Mop Cartridge.  However if your floor is under warranty, check the warranty before you buy cleaner. Flooring manufacturers often require a particular cleaner to uphold warranty.

    December 2, 2010 on 4:34 pm

    Using the wrong type of cleaning solution on a hardwood or laminate floor may result in oil residue that looks murky or hazy.  These cleaners often contain acrylic polish which requires mineral spirits to remove the film left behind.

    For removing acrylic polish and other wax-residue left by product such as Mop & Glo or Orange Glo follow these directions.  Test this method in an inconspicuous area before treating the entire floor.  Consult the flooring manufacturer for their recommended cleaning methods.

     Preparation & Materials:

    Mix in a bucket (8:1) 16 oz (2 cups) of ammonia to 1 gallon of Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner or 1 gallon of Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner.


    1. Dip the Microfiber Cleaning Pad into ammonia + cleaner solution and wring out so that the pad is saturated but not dripping.
    2. Evenly apply the solution to a small section of floor using the Microfiber Mop w/Cleaning Pad.  A 3′ x 5′ area or smaller is recommended.
    3. Allow the solution to sit for 30 seconds but no longer than 2 minutes. Then scrub the floor with the same Microfiber Mop Pad. A non abrasive scrubbing pad may be used to loosen any excessive build up. A whitish appearance may show. Remove all residues before moving to the next section.
    4. Follow up with a second (clean / new) Microfiber Cleaning Pad and Spray Bottle of Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner or Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner, following the label directions to clean the area.
    5. Move to the next section being sure to rinse the Microfiber Cleaning Pad in the sink with warm water first.
    6. Repeat from step one throughout the entire floor.

     Important Warnings & Advisements:

    • Always perform a small test in an inconspicuous area for good results before performing work. If any adverse or undesired reactions occur consult with a hardwood flooring professional before continuing.
    • Be advised that complete removal of acrylic polishes may not be possible along board seams or on heavily textured (ie: hand scrapped) floors.
    • A second or even a third application may be necessary to produce best results.
    • The recommended procedure may not be sufficient to assure adhesion or performance of any additionally applied products including Bona Refresher products.
    • The recommended procedure is considered best practices and is not a solution for every situation. For extenuating circumstances, please consult with flooring professional before performing any work.
    • Always contact the polish manufacturer for removal instructions prior to performing any work.
    • Some polishes contain wax and therefore complete removal of the product may not be possible with any stripping methods. It is recommended to consult a professional to determine stripping and recoating possibilities.

    Other types of flooring, such as vinyl or ceramic tile, can often handle more aggessive cleaning agents than wood and laminate floors.  If you’ve got a similar problem with a type of floor not addressed in these instructions, contact us at or 1-877-356-6748.  We’ll direct you to the best solution for your floor.

    December 1, 2010 on 6:02 pm

    We frequently get emails from customers with common and unique floorcare questions. We answer these questions directly to the customer who asks and we post many of them on Facebook and (more briefly) on Twitter.  If you find the following linoleum & vinyl floorcare tips helpful, “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter for answers to all types of flooring questions.  We post Q & A’s a few times each week.

    Q:  Is the Armstrong Genuine Linoleum Polish a high shine or a satin finish shine?

    A:  Armstrong GLP is a MEDIUM-HIGH FINISH so it’s in between high & satin. Try it in an inconspicuous area before treating the entire floor to see if you like the sheen.


    Q:  We have a Mannington Adura® Floor in our kitchen that is very hard to keep clean.  Every few months it needs a deep cleaning, which means me on hands and knees using a brush — very hard work.  I am wondering if the Mannington Heavy Duty Cleaner would help this.  How would you recommend this product be used?

    A:  This product will help as it is more aggressive than a daily cleaner and should be used only every few months or so depending on the traffic in your home.  Read the article, Mannington Adura® Vinyl Floor Care & Cleaning Guidelines, to learn more about cleaning & maintaining Mannington Adura®.


    Here’s one for the industry- Q:  How far into the floor does the flash cove need to be when it butts up against the floor which is a different color?

    A:  There are no set “”rules”" regarding flooring that is coved meeting the field material.  Based on my experience, I suggest the coved material should have min 6″” (more commonly 8”) from the wall /vertical surface.  This allows enough material, beyond the cove stick, to be flat on the floor for 100%  contact with the floor and adhesive.

    Remember to “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter for answers to all types of flooring questions.  We post Q & A’s a few times each week.

    December 1, 2010 on 5:43 pm

    Includes questions regarding Bona, Bruce, Uniclic, Quick Step, Award Wearmax.

    We get emails all the time from customers with common and unique floorcare questions. We answer these questions directly to the customer who asks and we post many of them on Facebook and (more briefly) on Twitter.  If you find the following hardwood & laminate floorcare tips helpful log onto Facebook and “Like Us” or Twitter and “Follow Us” for answers to all types of flooring questions.  We post Q & A’s a few times each week.

    Q:  I cleaned my hardwood floor with Orange Glo and it left an ugly residue.  Is there anything that will get this off? 

    A:  Click on this link for directions that will help you remove the Orange Glo from you floor, Removing Acrylic Polishes from Hardwood Floors & Other Hardsurface Floors.


    Q: When I take up the rugs from my hardwood floors I can tell that the wood under the rugs is lighter than the rest of my floor. Is this due to sunlight? Is there anything I can do to darken the light areas?

    A: Yes, exposure to daylight does cause wood to darken. The areas covered by rugs aren’t able to darken. Remove the rugs completely or move them every so often so these areas get exposed to daylight.


    Q:  My Uniclic-Quickstep Laminate Floor (installed ‘07) has worn very well however the cleaner I am using, given to me by the contractor who installed my floor, leaves an oily film.  What do you recommend to clean the residue and shine the floor as it should?

    A:  Quick Step has floor care products to clean and maintain Uniclic Floors.  As far as restoring any luster that may have been lost with the wrong cleaning products, try Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Polish to restore shine.  We suggest that you test all products in an inconspicuous area to be sure they bond properly and give the right sheen before you treat the entire area.


    Q: Bona Hardwood Floor Refresher says that it CANNOT BE USED after Bona Hardwood Floor Polish has been applied to the floor.  Does that mean if the polish has EVER been used on the floor? What if I use the cleaner (for a thorough clean) and then Refresher even though I have used the Bona Polish in the past?  If not, what can I do to bring the shine back to my dull hardwood floor?

    A: This is a great question that we get often.  If Bona Polish has been applied to the floor, EVER, you CANNOT use Refresher BECAUSE it will leave a white film or haze on the floor.  You CAN apply Bona Polish, Low or High Gloss, again to rejuvenate your hardwood floor.  This can be done periodically to bring the shine back to your floor.  Frequency depends on the amount of traffic on your floor so it may be every few months or every few years. 


    Q: A couple months ago I ordered a Quick Step Floor Care Kit for my Quick Step Laminate Floor.  The cleaner and mop work very well.  I have noticed, however, that Bona also sells a laminate floor cleaner. As long as my laminate floor is Quick Step, should I stick with the Quick Step Quick Clean, or will Bona work just as well? 

    A: Flooring manufacturers often formulate their cleaning products to provide optimum care for the floor they are intended to maintain and using these products will uphold your floor’s warranty should you ever need it.  Other cleaning products may contain ingredients potentially harmful to your floor. Quick Step and Bona are both quality laminate floor cleaners however in this case we recommend you stay with the QuickStep Floorcare Products. 


    Q:  I have an Award Hardwood Floor with the Wearmax Ceramic Finish. I have ordered the recommended Wear Max Cleaner from you in the past and see that it is now discontinued.  What should I use to clean my Award wood floor?

    A:  Recommended replacement is Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner.  Use a Microfiber Mop with the cleaner.  Mop package comes with a dusting pad which can be used dry to dust the floor periodically & before mopping.


    Q:  I’m looking to buy a Bona Professional Floor Mop.  Do you carry this product?  It looks like you carry just about everything for the “Bona System”.

    A:  Likely you’re looking for the 18″ Professional Mop which is sold in a kit.  In addition to that we carry several Bona floor mops on our website in the Bona Mops, Pads & Covers Section including a 15″ Residential Mop Set and an all-in-one Spray Mop.


    Q: I have 8 year old Bruce hardwood floors throughout my home.  It seems that I have, over the years, used products that have built up on the wood floor leaving a film. What cleaner do you recommend to remove the film then keep the floors looking great? 

    A: Bruce has their own line of maintenance product recommend for use on their wood floors.  Presuming your floor is urethane coated hardwood, you’ll want to use the Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Cleaner, avail in 2 sizes- 32oz Spray & 64oz Refill.  This cleaner should lift the residue on your floor and leave it residue and streak free. You’ll likely need to put more pressure on the mop than you typically would and go over it a several times if the buildup is heavy from years of other cleaners.  Bruce also has Fresh Finish Floor Polish that will refresh the shine on your floor once it is thoroughly cleaned.


    Q: How do I get an MSDS for a product on your website?

    A:  Many of our products have an MSDS link located at the end of the product’s description.  If you are viewing a product that does not have an MSDS, contact us via email at or call 1-877-356-6748 and we’ll forward the information to you.


    Remember to “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter for answers to all types of flooring questions!  We post Q & A’s a few times each week.

    November 15, 2010 on 5:48 pm

    Mannington Adura® is a high-performance luxury vinyl floor that resembles wood, tile, or stone in appearance and texture.  We’ve had questions from customers about the care & maintenance of Adura®…


    • Sweep regularly, one or more times each week depending on use & traffic, to prevent small particles of dirt & debris from being ground into the floor under-foot.
    • Prevent stains by wiping up spills promptly.  Keep a spray bottle on hand, filled with properly diluted Award Series® Rinse-Free Cleaner so it’s easily accessible for spot cleaning when you need it.
    • Occasionally mop with Mannington Award Series® Rinse-Free Cleaner when dirt builds up. Use a solution of 2 to 3 capfuls of Award Series® Cleaner in one gallon of warm water. Though rinsing is not required, it will provide the best care if time permits.  Use of more than the recommended amount of cleaning solution may leave a dulling film. Do not use soap or detergent products as they will leave a dulling film.


    Adura® floors are low-gloss floors.  If you wish to give your floor a high-gloss shine use Award Series® High-Gloss Polish. After several applications of polish for a high-shine floor, an occasional stripping and reapplication of polish may be necessary. We recommend the use of Mannington Award Series® Heavy Duty Cleaner and Stripper. After thorough cleaning, rinsing and drying, apply Mannington Award Series® High-Gloss Polish to restore the shine. High-traffic areas may require more than one application of polish. Allow polish to dry “tack-free” between coats.  Do not use wax.  Do not buff.   


    • Use doormats at exterior entrances to prevent outside dirt from tracking in on shoes. Stay away from rubber-backed, latex-backed or coco fiber mats that can stain or damage the floor’s surface.
    • Asphault driveway sealer tracking is a common flooring problem.  Minimize potential staining by using a latex-based driveway sealer on your driveway and removing shoes when entering the house.
    • Support furniture with wide-bearing, non-staining felt or non-pigmented hard plastic floor protectors. The larger the flat surface of the protector, the more it protects the floor from indentations.
    • Use furniture slides to move heavy furniture and appliances across the floor. When using a dolly or wheeled appliance, roll it only on masonite or plywood laid over the floor for protection. 

    Handling Spills & Stains:

    Stick to these general rules when you follow the procedures below:

    • Always use a clean, white cloth for wiping up stains and turn it frequently to avoid spreading the stain.
    • Rinse with clean water and allow area to dry between steps.
    • If stain removal causes a change in gloss level, apply polish per recommended guidelines.
    • Always try solutions/products in an inconspicuous area prior to full use.
    • Use Caution: Some stain cleaning procedures call for solutions that are flammable & dangerous for use around children & pets such as mineral spirits, lighter fluid, painter’s naphtha, and isopropyl alcohol. Take extreme care with these solutions and follow precautions listed on the container.

    Cleaning Procedures for Spills & Stains:

    • Food/ Beverage : If a substance is gummy, scrape off with dull knife. Clean using Mannington Award Series® Heavy Duty Cleaner and Stripper and a soft nylon pad or soft bristle brush. Saturate a clean, white cloth with bleach solution, cover stain and allow to stand for no more than 1 hour.
    • Tar, Oil, Asphalt, Grease, Wax, Paint (oil-based) : Scrape excess substance off with dull knife. Clean using Mannington Award Series® Heavy Duty Cleaner and Stripper and a soft nylon pad or soft bristle brush.
    • Scuffs, Marks, Scratches : Wipe with a clean, white cloth dampened with lighter fluid, painter’s naphtha or isopropyl alcohol.
    • Minor Cuts, Burns : Limit traffic over damaged area, cover with masking tape to avoid further damage, contact your retailer or Mannington for advice.
    • Lipstick, Antiseptics : Scrape excess off with dull knife. Clean using Mannington Award Series® Heavy Duty Cleaner and Stripper and a soft nylon pad or soft bristle brush. Wipe with a clean, white cloth dampened with lighter fluid, painter’s naphtha or isopropyl alcohol. Saturate a clean, white cloth with bleach solution, cover stain and allow to stand for no more than 1 hour.
    • Rust : Clean using Mannington Award Series® Heavy Duty Cleaner and Stripper and a soft nylon pad or soft bristle brush. Saturate a clean, white cloth with bleach solution, cover stain and allow to stand for no more than 1 hour.
    • Crayon, Ink, Hair Dye, Permanent Marker : Clean using Mannington Award Series® Heavy Duty Cleaner and Stripper and a soft nylon pad or soft bristle brush. Wipe with a clean, white cloth dampened with lighter fluid, painter’s naphtha or isopropyl alcohol.
    • CAUTION : Mineral spirits, lighter fluid, painter’s naphtha, and isopropyl alcohol are flammable liquids. Take extreme care & follow precautions listed on the container.
    October 7, 2010 on 5:48 pm
    Steam Mops are HOT but they are NOT for wood floors:
    wood floor hallway_portraitSteam mops are popular now and many customers have asked if they should try a steam mop to clean their hardwood floor because it appears to clean deep to remove dirt.  The answer is NO!  In no way, shape or form should a steam mop ever be used on a hardwood floor.  Steam mops do clean deep because the steam is penetrating.  When steam (or any form of water) is introduced to wood, the wood will absorb the water causing the wood to warp, discolor and distort.   This includes polyurethane & acrylic finished wood which will absorb steam as it penetrates into the crevices between wood planks which will expand and contract as the wood gets wet then dries causing an ugly mess.  Other types of finished hardwood will get sticky and filmy right away with steam (or water).  If you haven’t tried a steam mop on your hardwood floors, DON’T!
    Here’s what you CAN DO to clean and shine your hardwoods:

    There are several types of hardwood floors, most common are Polyurethane or Acrylic Finished and Waxed Wood Floors.  The two are treated in completely different ways yet steam mopping is bad for both!


    Polyurethane & Acrylic Finished Hardwood:

    Use a spray & mop system such as Bona Spray Mop which is an all in one spray cleaner or a separate spray bottle and microfiber mop such as those made by Bona (32oz spray bottle & microfiber mop or kit) or Basic Coatings Squeaky (floor care system kit includes both items).  Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to get all the tools and cleaner you need from one source.   Be sure you’re using a microfiber mopsbecause it is most effective at picking up dirt without releasing dust particles into the air.  If your wood floor is new, check your manufacturer’s warranty because many wood floor manufacturers have their own branded cleaner (similar to Bona or Basic) formulated specifically for their hardwood flooring product.   Using the cleaner recommended by the floor’s manufacturer is typically required to uphold the  floor’s warranty.

    Here are a handful of manufacturers that have branded spray cleaner: 

    mannington logobruce logokahrs logoarmstrong logoharris tarket logomohawk logoduraseal logo

    The brands goes on and on so refer to the wood floor care Section of for a complete list.

    Performance expectations for all spray & mop wood floor cleaners: 

    • Easy to use
    • Work in small sections for best results
    • Apply pressure on the mop to remove visible dirt  (most dirt lifts easily; spray & rub by hand with a microfiber cloth for stubborn spots)
    • No streaking
    • No dulling of finish
    • No offensive odors, low or no VOCs, non-toxic 
    • Wash microfiber mop cover between uses (dirty mop cover will not clean effectively) 

    If you’re trying to improve the shine of your floor, there are several wood floor polishes or refreshers available (shown below).  All are easy to apply with an applicator pad on a microfiber mop.  Good do-it-yourself project.  These products will fill microscopic scratches creating a smooth surface thereby improving the floor’s appearance and shine.  Several sheen levels are available so choose carefully based on your desired result.  Hardwood floor polishes & refresher are available from Bona, Basic Coatings & Bruce.

    Bona refresh polishbasic refinisher- satinbasic refinisherbruce fresh finishbruce fresh finish low gloss


    Waxed Hardwood Floors:

    Sweep routinely to pick up loose dirt that can scratch the floor under foot traffic.  That is the only FREQUENT maintenance required.  When spots or spills happen, spot clean with a liquid paste wax with cleaner.  DO NOT clean with water or spray cleaners!   Periodically (twice each year is typical) clean the entire floor with a liquid paste wax with cleaner (same cleaner used for spot cleaning). Bruce makes one for light wood and one for dark wood floors.  In between cleaning/wax applications, machine buffing will bring up the floor’s shine. 

    light n naturaldark n rich

    Another option is to use a product like Bruce’s, No Buff Acrylic Finish for Waxed Wood floors that provides a tough acrylic finish that will then be cleaned like the Polyurethane & Acrylic floors shown above.

    bruce no buff

    Additional questions about cleaning & caring for a wood floor (or any floor) can be emailed to  Our knowledgeable Customer Support team will answer your questions to help you find the right products to care for your floor.

    September 29, 2010 on 3:29 pm

    Pergo has discontinued its branded laminate floor cleaner.

    Recommended replacement: Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner is proven effective on Pergo Laminate flooring and available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.  Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner is non-streaking, neutral, safe and environmentally friendly.

    Bona products are conveniently packaged in REFILLABLE, RECYCLEABLE containers that provides convenience, sustainability and economy in 32oz Spray Bottle, Spray Mop Cartridge and Gallon Refill containers.

    Bona Features:

  • No Streaking
  • No Dulling Residue
  • Effective
  • Waterborne Formula
  • Non-Toxic
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Safe for use near people and pets
  • Easy to Use
    1. Directions For Use:

    2. Lightly mist approximately a 4′x6′ area of your laminate floor with cleaner.
    3. Using a Bona Microfiber Mop (an existing Pergo Microfiber Mop is fine) wipe the sprayed area using a back and forth motion with light pressure on the mop.
    4. Allow floor to air dry before walking on it. Floor will dry in just moments.

    Note: Cleaner dries quickly so spraying too large of an area will result in a sticky floor. Re-clean a sticky area, wiping with microfiber mop immediately after spraying.

    Also available:

  • Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Care System includes a mop, microfiber mop pad, dusting pad and 32oz cleaner conveniently packaged and competitively priced to provide everything you need to maintain a Pergo laminate floor.
  • Bona Spray Mop is, hands down, the easiest way to clean Pergo laminate.  The Spray Mop is packaged with wood floor cleaner however the Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner Cartridge, purchased separately, creates an all-in-one floor cleaning solution that will save you time and energy when cleaning Pergo Laminate flooring.
  • September 7, 2010 on 3:53 pm

    Autumn the perfect time to get back to floorcare routines that keep your floors looking GREAT.  It may even be time for your floor to get an extra bit of TLC to really shine before the winter holidays set in.

    There are many types of floors that require different routines however they all have one thing in common-

    • All floors need to be cleaned and maintained on a routine basis in order to keep looking good.
    • There is no such thing as a “maintenance-free” floor.

    Many flooring manufacturers maintain care instructions on their websites for easy reference. Some recommend specific floor care products for cleaning and maintenance.  The floor’s warranty will tell you if using a specific product is required in order to uphold the manufacturer’s warranty. Look up instructions for your floor if you know who made it.

    Hardsurface floors:

    Sweep or vacuum!  I can’t emphasize enough that routine sweeping or vacuuming  is a must (vacuum should be in good condition and on the correct setting for hardsurface floors) for all hard surface flooring- including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, stone and tile.  This keeps small particles of dirt and debris, which can cause microscopic scratches and dulling of your floor’s finish, off the floor.  The higher the gloss level of your floor’s finish, the more evident the scratches will be.  Stone and tile are the most resistant to scratches however the grout lines will collect dirt if left unswept.  I’m often asked how often a person should sweep their floor.  I typically reply that it depends on how much use and traffic the floor gets.  A floor that is lived-on daily by a family of four (or more) is likely going require sweeping daily.  For a person who lives alone the same floor may only need to be swept once each week.

    Basic routine maintenance also involves cleaning.  Like sweeping, the frequency with which your floor should be cleaned varies between households.  Use your good judgment based on the amount of traffic on your floor.  Many hardsurface floors can be easily cleaned with a no-rinse spray cleaner and a microfiber mop. This includes urethane-finished hardwood, laminate, stone & tile. Each type of floor requires a different cleaning product (so always read labels) however the idea is the same across the board.  Clean the floor in small sections to avoid the sprayed cleaner from drying before you get a chance to wipe it.  Bona & Basic both have popular spray cleaners for use on urethane wood floors (and more).  These are reputable floor care products that are not directly linked to a specific flooring manufacturer. If you know the brand of your wood floor, check to see what the flooring manufacturer recommends before purchasing cleaner & care products.  Several flooring manufacturers have their own brand of cleaner that is specifically formulated for use on their floor.  Websites, such as carry most manufacturer specific floor care products such as Mannington Ultra Clean and Bruce Dura Luster which are formulated for cleaning wood and laminate floors made by these companies.  Several spray cleaners, like the Ultra Clean and DuraLuster, are intended for use on multiple types of flooring surfaces.  Wilsonart Ready Mix Spray is a laminate and linoleum floor cleaner.  Bona makes a stone, tile & laminate cleaner.  These can be economical cleaning products if you’ve got more than one type of flooring materials in your home so do some research before you buy.  For cleaning stone & tile well-known products are made by AquaMix and DuPont StoneTech .  Among the available products are easy to use spray & wipe cleaners.  These quality routine cleaners, AquaMix’s AquaShield and DuPont StoneTech Revitalizer, both contain cleaning agent and sealer to protect the stone surface as it cleans (sealing is very important for natural stone).  AquaMix and StoneTech also offer products for deeper cleaning (occasional use) such as Grout Deep Clean to remove stubborn grout stains or KlenzAll for cleaning soap scum and mildew from natural stone.

    Tips to keep in mind when using spray & wipe cleaners:

    • Always use a clean microfiber pad.  Bona’s microfiber cleaning pads are machine washable and you can purchase replacement pads so you’ve always got a clean one ready to go.
    • If the floor feels sticky after cleaning, according to product directions, you’ve used too much cleaner or sprayed to large an area and did not wipe sufficiently with the microfiber mop.  Repeat cleaning procedure in sticky areas to resolve this problem.
    • For visibly dirty spots that don’t come clean on the first pass, put a little elbow grease into your wiping with the microfiber mop or use a separate cloth to get really tough spots. I haven’t had a spot on my wood floors yet that wouldn’t come clean.  When cleaning stone & tile it is ok to introduce water along with cleaning agents to work out a tough stain.  For wood and laminate floors water is a no-no.
    • Keep a spray bottle of cleaner under your kitchen or bathroom sink for spot cleaning.  The cleaning products will tell you to use a microfiber cloth however I’ve found paper towels to work well for cleaning small messes, like spilled juice, on my wood floor.
    • Only use cleaner recommended for use on your type of floor (urethane wood, laminate, natural stone, etc).  Each type of cleaner is formulated for use on specific type(s) of floor(s).  Using the wrong type of cleaner can have dreadful results.

    Waxed wood floors require a completely different cleaning regiment.  Routinely, a waxed wood floor should only be swept and spot cleaned.  If spot cleaning is needed, use a cleaner formulated for use on a waxed hardwood floor such as Bruce Lite-n-Natural or Bruce Dark-n-Rich Liquid Paste Wax with Cleaner.  You’ll use the same cleaner when your floor needs to be completely cleaned and waxed which should be done every 6 months to a year.  The Bruce Liquid Paste Wax with Cleaner is an all-in-one product that takes care of cleaning and waxing thereby reducing the number of steps in the process.  Waxed wood floors require a buffer machine which you can typically rent from a local hardware store.  More information on cleaning waxed wood floors can be found in the blog post, Surprise! Wood Floors Under the Carpet! Wax or Urethane Finish?


    Like hardsurface floors, carpet also requires routine maintenance to keep dirt and debris from becoming ingrained into the floor and dulling it’s appearance. The #1 rule is vacuum! Vacuuming will pick up loose dirt and debris left behind from foot traffic, food crumbs, etc. and it will lift the carpet pile which becomes especially matted down in high traffic areas. You can’t really overdo vacuuming so however often you can, do it. Your vacuum needs to be in good working condition in order to pick-up dirt. If you notice it’s not picking up visible dirt, take it to a service center for repair or get a new vacuum if the one you’re using is very old. The lint bag should be changed with some frequency since a full bag will generate dust into the air landing on the carpet. Vacuuming around the edges of the room where carpet meets wall is often missed because the vacuum itself can only get so close to the wall. Dirt build-up in these areas will eventually look like a dark rim around the edges of the room. Using the vacuum’s crevice tool around all edges of the room every few months will eliminate this problem.

    When we talk about cleaning carpets we need to include periodic maintenance and spot cleaning. Periodic maintenance involves wet or dry cleaning your carpet.  I am a firm believer in dry cleaning carpets.  Wet or steam cleaning introduces water to your carpet which can damage carpet fibers, cause buildup of mold & mildew and require more than a day to dry leaving the room unusable for the duration.  Dry cleaning is much less invasive, removes dust and mold spores from the carpet, can be walked on immediately after cleaning and is safe to use on all types of carpet from synthetics to wool.  Host is my dry carpet cleaning system of choice because of the approval level of their products, proven effectiveness and ease of use.  The Host website has great information to help you determine if it is the right system for your carpet, where to rent a machine (not much bigger than an upright vacuum), and how much cleaner to buy.  Often you can purchase the cleaner where you rent the machine or check online retailers also where more sizes and products may be offered (machines can only be rented local to you).  Host has small shaker packs of cleaner that can be used for spot or small area cleaning and don’t require use of the machine.  These packs are great to keep on hand for spot cleaning.

    Protect your work!

    furniture glide under coffee table leg

    furniture glide under coffee table leg

    Protect your floor and your efforts to clean your floor by putting protectors on the feet or base of furniture.  Felt protectors on the bottom of chairs and table legs keeps hardsurface floors from getting scratched when the furniture is moved.  Think about how many times a chair is pushed in and out from a table and the damage that does to a floor.  Round felt protectors cost between 16- 30 cents each and come in different sizes and quantities. Is there value in these felt protectors? Absolutely!  For carpeted areas, furniture glides can be used permanently under pieces that are moved frequently.  For instance, I have the 2-3/4” glides under my family room coffee table that is often moved to allow space for playing Wii.  The light grey blends into my beige carpet so they’re barely noticeable.  I think the legs would have snapped off or the berber carpet would have come unraveled if it weren’t for the glides. is dedicated to helping customers properly clean and care for floors by providing popular and hard to find quality floor care products.

    July 29, 2010 on 6:17 pm

    A lot of information is available about Forbo Marmoleum Floors that will tell you it is a natural, sustainable Linoleum flooring material made from a blend of wood flour, jute, rosin, and linseed oil.  You’ll find out that Marmoleum is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-static, has high wear-resistance, becomes more durable over time and has low maintenance requirements.  Forbo’s durable 2-part Topshield factory finish is widely publicized and effective.  All of this is true FACT about Marmoleum.  I wanted to know more about cleaning and mainting Marmoleum, beyond the manufacturer’s written instructions, so I conducted a telephone interview with Forbo’s Technical Services Manager, Frank Wiggins, Installation Training Coordinator, Becky Korinchock and Technical Services Assistant, Jennifer Malloy who clearly explained some lesser know facts about caring for a Marmoleum floor.

    Routine Cleaning
    FICTION: Marmoleum has so many natural properties that it does not need to be cleaned on a routine basis.
    FACT: Every floor, regardless of type, style or species requires maintenance to uphold appearance and durability.  Marmoleum routine maintenance is relatively easy. On a consistent, routine basis sweep and mop your Marmoleum floor. When dirt becomes visible it is time to use floor cleaner following manufacturer instructions. It’s hard to say exactly how often your floor should be cleaned because it depends on the amount of traffic the floor sees.  The more traffic, the more frequently you should clean.  Note:  Dirt and debris tracked on the floor will, over time, create microscopic scratched in the floor’s finish making it appear dull.  Frequent sweeping or dusting the floor will minimize this occurance.

    Type of Cleaner
    FICTION: It doesn’t matter what type of cleaner I use on Marmoleum.
    FACT: The right cleaner is critical to a good looking Marmoleum floor. High pH cleaners or those with harsh alkalis (such as Ammonia or Mop & Glow Triple Action) will degrade Marmoleum resulting in sticky residue or haze that could damage or discolor your floor with continued use.  Forbo recommends their Marmoleum Neutral Floor Cleaner that comes as a concentrate to dilute with water, available in quart or gallon size. Marmoleum Neutral Floor Cleaner is a neutral pH cleaner that will clean the floor without damaging.  If you want to use a different cleaner, look for a neutral pH level in the cleaner and test an inconspicuous area of the floor prior to cleaning the full flooring surface.  Note: If your Marmoleum is new, keep in mind that using manufacturer recommended floor cleaner and procedures will uphold your warranty.

    FICTION: Marmoleum is so durable that it will never scratch.
    FACT: Marmoleum is durable however it is not impervious to sharp or heavy objects dropped on or dragged across the floor. Protect the floor when moving furniture or other heavy objects by putting inexpensive yet very effective felt pads on the feet of furniture that is moved frequently, such as tables and chairs.  Use felt bottom furniture slides for moving appliances and other heavy objects or cover the floor with masonite or plywood.  Even with these precautions, accidents do happen and Marmoleum can scratch. There is a procedure to follow that will, in most cases, repair the floor to where you don’t see the scratch.  Always try the least invasive procedure first and only move on to the next procedure if the repair is not successful.

    1. If the scratch is superficial, into the top layer only, rub the area with finish, such as Marmoleum Floor Finish. This will blend the scratch with the surrounding area because Marmoleum, like wood, has color that goes through the material.  The finish will disguise the scratch.  This works best for a small area.  Note: You can use masking tape on the floor to isolate the area before getting started.
    2. If this doesn’t produce good results, try scrubbing the scratched area with Marmoleum Neutral Floor Cleaner, diluted per instructions on bottle, and a light pad to rough it up a little then apply finish. This can be repeated a few times if necessary before applying finish.  Note: The deeper you go into flooring material, the color goes through but the pattern is less which makes the color more uniform.
    3. If scratches span a large area use a floor machine with a light to medium pad to strip the effected floor area.  This abrasion will smooth out and dull the surface. Thoroughly rinse the floor.  It will still be hazy.  Then apply thin coats, 2-3, of floor finish to restore even finish and remove the haze.  Note: Topshield has a satin (or matte) finish.  Unless you’ve applied another finish to your floor, use Marmoleum Floor Finish or similar satin/matte finish to match the sheen.
    4. If a scratch is deep and wide and the steps described above don’t conceal the damage you may need to do a repair using leftover material (hopefully you’ve got some).  Sand a scrap piece of flooring material to a powder and mix it with household white glue to make a paste.  Fill the scratch to just above floor level so you can sand it after it dries hard.  Once the area is dry, use steel wool or fine sandpaper until the repair is even with the floor’s surface and smooth. For detail sanding, you can use a damp cloth as a sanding mechanism because the glue will soften and remove with water.  Be careful not to get lower than the floor’s surface.  Apply floor finish to seal the surface. Note: Be careful about the size of the surface area, it should be small to reduce the possibility of the repair coming loose.
    5. If #4 doesn’t work, cut a patch of extra flooring material and fill the cut area.  If you’re not skilled in this type of work, you will want to call a professional for a repair of this magnitude.  The cutting can be intricate depending on the size and shape of the cut.  This should be a last resort if you can’t live with the imperfection.

    FICTION: Marmoleum will not stain.
    FACT: High alkaline or high pH substances will stain Marmoleum if not cleaned up in a timely manner.  The amount of time a substance remains on the floor is critical.  Quickly wipe up spills- such as ketchup, wine, pet accidents- and clean the area with diluted Marmoleum Neutral Floor Cleaner then rinse thoroughly to minimize staining.  If a stain is still visible, repeat.  If stain is still evident apply undiluted Marmoleum Neutral Floor Cleaner to the stain and leave it for 2-3 minutes.  Rub with a nylon kitchen pad then rinse with clean water.  Repeat if necessary.  Once the stain is lifted and the area is dry, apply a small amount of finish, such as Marmoleum Floor Finish, to restore finish removed by the undiluted cleaner.

    Initial Care
    FICTION: Marmoleum floors need a finish applied immediately following installation.
    FACT: Marmoleum does NOT need floor finish right away because Topshield is a durable factory applied satin finish.  Initial sweeping and damp mopping is recommended to remove dirt and debris.  This is typically done by the flooring installer.  Don’t wet mop (just damp) right away because adhesives used to install the floor needs to completely cure and wet conditions may decrease adhesion.  Diluted Marmoleum Neutral Floor Cleaner can be used after a week or so.  Follow manufacturer dilution and cleaning instructions and rinse the floor thoroughly with clean water.  Marmoleum floors only need to be finished after excessive wear or if damage occurs –this applies to Commercial and Residential uses. sells Forbo Marmoleum Cleaner & Finish.  Professional, Experienced Customer Service can answer your floor maintenance questions at 1-877-Floorguy (1-877-356-6758).

    July 29, 2010 on 6:16 pm

    Dull & Dirty After Cleaning
    My Marmoleum floor looks dull and dirty after cleaning with diluted Marmoleum Cleaner.
    Not enough rinsing is usually the culprit. Rinse the floor again, thoroughly and with clean water (I can’t emphasize this enough).  If the cleaner is not completely rinsed it will leave a residue that attracts dirt.

    Dark Circle Under the Dog’s Water Dish
    There’s a dark circle on the floor where my dog’s water dish sits. How can I fix this?
    This is a water stain that results when water sits in the same place, trapped, for an extended time.
    Treat the area with a solution of 10% bleach diluted with water. Repeat as needed until stain is gone. Increase the dilution slightly if 10% doesn’t handle the stain but do not to go above 50% dilution ratio.  Neutralize with a 50% white vinegar solution diluted with water.  Rinse thoroughly, allow to dry, then apply floor finish as needed.

    Yellowish Cast
    My new Marmoleum floor has a yellowish cast.
    Marmoleum flooring, when initially installed, has a yellowish cast, known as ambering. This visual yellowing is only TEMPORARY and is a result of oxidation during the manufacturing process. When exposed to light, the ambering disappears. The process may take only a few hours in bright sunlight but longer with artificial light. Applying a finish over the ambering makes NO difference—it will still dissipate with exposure to light.


  • Keep leftover pieces of flooring material (including small scraps) after the floor is installed. This eliminates dye lot issues if you need to make a repair with new material.  To store, roll leftover material, finished surface facing out, in rolls with 4-5” interior diameter.  Store in a room temperature space such as a closet.  Basement and attic are not good storage areas due to extreme temperatures.
  • Refinishing can often be avoided by performing consistent, recommended routine maintenance.  The key is consistency.
  • For commercial or residential applications, Marmoleum does not need to be finished right away however it can be finished if a different sheen level is desired.
  • sells Forbo Marmoleum Floor Cleaner & Polish. Professional, Experienced Customer Service can answer your floor maintenance questions at 1-877-Floorguy (1-877-356-6758).

    June 30, 2010 on 4:12 pm

    Lonseal Resilient Vinyl Flooring provides easy to follow maintenance programs for each type of flooring they manufacture along with troubleshooting guidelines for common problems.  Outlined here are typical problems, causes and solutions.  For the more serious issues, when it may be difficult to discern the cause, you may want to consult with the factory or your local sales agent before proceeding with a remedy.

    Black scuff marks and scratches are typically caused by hard plastics or rubber on shoes, carts, rolling beds (in hospitals) or from painted items dragged across the floor.  To remedy these marks, removed thick residue with a dull putty knife, carefully so as not to cut into the floor, then rub the marks with a white scouring pad moistened with diluted LONCARE.

    Scuffs, scratches or gouges are caused by tracking of dirt and debris, by dragging (or dropping) heavy items, such as furniture, on the floor or by use of inappropriate pads or brushes.  Apply floor protectors to the feet or bases of furniture (chairs, tables, etc) that sits on the floor, place walk-off mats at doorways, sweep or dust mop routinely (frequency will depend on use) to remove dirt particles that can scratch the floor, and check all equipment before machine cleaning or buffing- pads & brushes should be clean and in good condition. Always use a dolly, cart or furniture slides when moving heavy objects.

    Low or uneven surface gloss level can be caused by several conditions.  Check for correct dilution ratio of LONCARE to water, dirty mop water or dirty equipment such as mop head, buffing pads or brushes.  Correct the issue and clean the floor again with correctly diluted LONCARE and clean water & equipment.  Also check your pads or brushes to ensure they are the correct type.  If these simple corrections are made and the problem remains, there may have been an error during initial floor preparation (refer to Initial Care Instructions) or there may be insufficient finish (LONFINISH or LONSATIN) on the floor.  In this case thoroughly cleaning and recoating the floor is required.  You may need to completely strip and recoat depending on the severity of the problem.

    Cloudy, Sticky Finish can occur if phenolic-type disinfectants or high pH cleaners are used to routinely clean the floors.  Clean the floors only with Neutral pH Cleaner such as LONCARE (except for instances where higher pH cleaner is recommended for removing specific types of stains or residues) and if disinfectant is required, use a quaternary-based disinfectant.

    Powdery or Scaly Finish can be a result of several factors.  First, check your pads and brushes to ensure they are suitable for the type of finish on your floor’s surface.  Pads and brushes that are too aggressive will accelerate wear of the finish. Other causes may be layers of incompatible finish materials on the floor, not enough wait time between coats of finish during finish application, or prep work was not properly executed prior to finishing.  Any of these issues will require strip and refinish according to Lonseal Instructions. Some types of floors need a more flexible finish, such as gym floors, and powdery or scaly appearance may be the result if the finish on the floor is too hard for the type of use it gets.  In this situation, the finish will need to be stripped completely and a more suitable finish should be applied.  This is a situation where I would recommend consulting with Lonseal or your local sales agent before proceeding.

    Yellowing finish is a result of continuous use of dirty mop, buffing pads or tracked-on contaminants.  To eliminate discoloration, strip and refinish the floor and ensure all maintenance equipment is kept clean and dirty water is changed frequently during cleaning. Floor mats at doorways will reduce the contaminants being tracked onto the floor.  Routine or daily cleaning will pick up the contaminants before they become widespread.

    Ink or Dye stains should be scrubbed immediately with a high pH cleaner, such as GP Forward or denatured alcohol.  Don’t use solvents. Not all stains can be removed however cleaning a stain soon after it occurs will improve the result.

    Slippery Floors can often be minimized by placing walk-off mats at exterior doorways or in strategic locations to capture tracked-in moisture, dirt or contaminants that may be causing the problem.   Liquid spills, leaks or condensation will make a resilient floor slippery.  Locate and eliminate the source of the liquid, blot or pick up liquid with wet-vac (depending on the severity) and rinse with clean water to remove any residue.  If moisture is being tracked in from exterior doorways, walk-off mats will minimize the problem.  If accumulation of dust and dirt is causing the floors to be slippery, sweep and dust mop frequently and use walk-off mats at doorways.  Contaminants, such as soap residue, grease or furniture polish overspray, can also cause the floor to be slippery.  These contaminants will likely leave a film that will clue you in to the source.  Use a higher pH cleaner, such as GP Forward, to lift the contaminants off the floor then return to routine cleaning with LONCARE.  If possible, eliminate the source of the contaminant or reduce its effect on the floor with strategically placed floor mats.  If a contaminant is widespread and the higher pH cleaner does not resolve the problem, a complete strip and refinish may be required and controlling the source will be crucial.

    Note: Mats should be non-staining, preferably not rubber-backed.  If mats have rubber backing, use acrylic spacers to avoid rubber coming in direct contact with the floor since rubber-backed mats can cause brownish staining on the floor. sells Lonseal Care & Maintenance Products.  Professional, Experienced Customer Service can answer your floor maintenance questions at 1-877-Floorguy (1-877-356-6758).

    Information contained in this article was provided by Lonseal’s Technical Manual for Interior Flooring Products.

    June 21, 2010 on 5:25 pm

    Cork is a resilient, eco-friendly flooring material that has a unique aesthetic appeal and can reduce stress on your feet and legs when you spend a lot of time standing on the floor (as compared to other hard surface floors).  Cork is not as commonly used as other types of flooring materials, such as wood, vinyl and laminate.  Because of this, not everyone knows how easy it is to maintain a Cork floor.  Here are some basics for Cork floor care that will get you started in the right direction.

    A Cork floor should be swept frequently enough, depending on the amount of traffic it gets, to remove loose dirt and debris off the floor thereby reducing the instances of microscopic scratches that occur when these particles become ground or rubbed into the floor. Microscopic scratches will dull the appearance of your floor. Always sweep your cork floor prior to mopping or use a vacuum on the “hard floor” setting.  Note: Vacuums with metal beater bars or in poor condition can damage cork so check your machine before vacuuming. Place mats near exterior doorways to limit dirt and debris tracking on your floor.  Avoid rubber or non-porous types of backings on mats because they tend to trap moisture that could damage your floor.

    Clean up spills right away with a soft cloth because, like hardwood floors, moisture is not cork’s friend.  To clean up after a spill, if it’s something other than water, use a spray cleaner to remove any residue left behind.  Wipe the cleaner until it’s dry.  This will be the same product that you use to clean the floor.

    Use manufacturer approved cleaners on your cork floor to uphold your warranty on a new cork floor.  Check your manufacturer warranty for specific time frames and details. If you don’t know the flooring manufacturer, there are products approved for use on cork floors such as Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner or Basic Squeaky Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner. These are spray cleaners that spray directly onto the floor then mop with a microfiber mop. Both, Bona & Basic, have a mop kit that includes cleaner and mop. Replacement mop covers (Bona, Basic) can be purchased separately.  Bona also has a spray mop for all-in-one cleaning.  If you are uncertain about what product to select, ask the retailer.  A knowledgeable retailer, local or internet, will be familiar with cork and what types of cleaner or finish is compatible.  Basically, you’re looking for a cleaner with neutral pH and that leaves no residue. is available by phone during our normal business hours at 1-877-356-6748.

    Minimize scuffs and scratches. Save your floor from furniture scratches by using felt pads under furniture legs and bases.  This is a MUST DO to protect the floor from scratches especially on tables and chairs that are frequently moved!  Be aware of spike-heeled shoes or shoes with worn-out or excessively heavy heels that can dent and damage the floor.  Remove shoes or ask others to do so in order to save your floor.  These rules apply to any hard surface floor in your home.

    When moving large pieces of furniture or appliances on cork, don’t drag!  Cork will scratch or gouge if a heavy or sharp object drags across it.  If possible, lift objects to move them.  If items are too heavy to lift, such as hutches or large appliances, use tools to assist you such as EZ Moves felt bottom slides. This will save your floor and your back! Again, good practice for any hard surface floor.

    Follow these basic rules, along with the Manufacturer’s Care Instructions, and your cork floor should look good for many years.  Finishes can sometimes be applied to cork for added protection in high traffic areas. To be sure you select a compatible finish, we recommend you call us at 1-877-Floorguy or contact the flooring manufacturer for guidance before you purchase and apply a finish.

    Check our website under Cork & Rubber Floor Care for some manufacturer recommended care products or our Hardwood Floor Care section because many wood care products work well on cork floors.  For assistance from one of our knowledgeable agents, call 1-877-Floorguy, with your questions.

    June 3, 2010 on 8:44 pm

    Whether you’re headed to your vacation home at the beach, lakeside or in the mountains, your first trip is likely to have your car loaded up with some or all of the following… kids, pets, boogie boards, beach chairs, fishing poles, tackle box, coolers, bed sheets, towels, toilet paper and the list goes on and on.  While you’re trying to fit all of this into your vehicle and realizing what a tight squeeze it is, remember… cleaning supplies to get rid of the must and dust that has settled into your vacation home during the winter months!

    Have no fear… (1877)Floorguy is Here!  Before you leave for your lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer, take a few minutes to log on to, place your order for cleaning supplies and have it ship to your summer address.  This way, you won’t have to fit it into your car which leaves more space for lounge chairs, inner tubes, beach umbrellas, etc.  Don’t wait until you get there to buy it at the local grocer who will have a small selection at summer prices.  Shop smart at!

    Check out our Top Picks for Summer 2010.  We’ve included products that take care of mold, odors and stains and convenient, easy to use items that will make cleaning your home away from home a breeze.  Then use our Shipping Calculator to estimate how far in advance you should place your order so it’s there when you arrive.  This feature is further explained in How Can I Reduce My Floorguy Shipping Costs Without Sacrificing Service blog.

    Top Picks for Summer 2010:


    Bona Spray Floor Mop with Refillable Hardwood Cleaner Cartridge will make cleaning hardwood floors easy with its all-in-one design, just pull the spray handle and mop. It’s that easy!  Comes with a Refillable Cartridge (we sell economical gallon size for refilling the cartridge) however, if you’re feeling kicked back and relaxed, you can order additional Hardwood Cleaner Cartridges for your mop.  Just replace it and you’re ready to go.  All we ask is that you, please, recycle the empty cartridges.

    bonastlcartridgeThe same Bona Spray Floor Mop can also be used with the Refillable Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner Cartridge to easily clean hard surface floors in your vacation home such as stone, tile and laminate.


    DuPont StoneTech Revitalizer Cleaner & Protector is a popular choice for cleaning and maintaining natural stone & ceramic tile surfaces often found in foyers, kitchens and bathrooms.  Available in spray or disposable wipes the Revitalizer Cleaner & Protector comes in two great scents,  Cucumber and Citrus, and the built-in sealer protects the surface of the stone while it cleans for a worry-free surface.  No need to rinse.  Just clean and go.  This allows more time for you to enjoy fun in the sun!


    Great for routine bathroom & kitchen cleaning, AquaKleen is a multi-purpose basin, tub and tile cleaner that effectively cleans even soiled grout joints.  The No VOC, water-safe formula is approved for use on ceramic surfaces, natural stone, tile, porcelain, grout, plastic, glass, fiberglass, cultured marble, metal surfaces laminate, and fixtures which will give you peace of mind that a guest staying at your house, while you’re not there, won’t use the “wrong” cleaner because it’s hard to go wrong with AquaKleen.

    groutaideGrout-Aide is a great quick fix for grouted tile floors that have stains on the grout that just wouldn’t come clean at the end of last season. Or maybe the grout just looks dingy.  With very little effort Grout-Aide covers the stains and dries quickly.  Grout-Aide comes in 5 different colors.  More information on this product can be found in our Quick-Fix for Dirty Grout blog.


    Vital-Oxide is a must-have if mold or mildew has taken root or if you’re concerned about bacteria anywhere in your home. Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria on a wide range of surfaces in your home including counters, floors, mattresses, upholstery and in the laundry.  Vital Oxide is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial disinfectant, safe for use around children and pets. Ready-to-use formula available in 32oz Spray or Gallon Size.

    odorcideOdorcide 210 is used alone, or with Vital-Oxide when a disinfectant is required, to neutralize and eliminate strong, adverse odors in the home.  Extremely effective and safe on a wide range of surfaces including wood, carpet, upholstery, laminate, tile. No residue, non-irritant, safe for use around people and pets.  Available ready-to-use or concentrate.

    Three can’t-go-wrong spot cleaners for carpet. All proven effective and easy to use to quickly remove stains from carpet.  Don’t worry if your son spills his chocolate milk, the dog has a little “accident” or your husband tracks grease in from the bbq.  Here are three convenient carpet spot cleaners to have on hand that can clean-up the mess:

    spotshotSpot Shot removes both oil-based and water-based stains without leaving any residue or ring behind.

    captureCapture Carpet Spot Eliminator works great on grease and oil based stains.

    hostHost Dry Carpet Cleaner Shaker Pack is a dry carpet cleaner that absorbs stains, reduces allergens such as dust mites, mold and pet dander, has no drying time.

    We’ve got many more fabulous floor cleaning & maintenance items at, hundreds of products to keep your floors looking their best including equipment and tools, such as Bona Kemi Mops & Microfiber Covers and Manufacturer Supplied Care Kits such as Bruce Wood Flooring Maintenance Kit and Quick Step Laminate Cleaning Kit. We carry many hard to find floor care items so, if you don’t find what you need on our website, call us at 1-877-Floorguy (1-877-356-6748).

    June 2, 2010 on 3:28 pm

    I think you’ll agree that…Shipping is EXPENSIVE!  Shipping is IMPORTANT!  AND you’re a HAPPY Customer when our products ship to you in good condition and in a timely fashion.  We want to keep you happy by providing reliable delivery at the best possible price.  I am going to share with you some strategies you can use to improve shipping costs for the products you buy from us.

    First, take a moment to find the Shipping Calculator located  on our “View My Cart” page by scrolling to the bottom of the page.  (At lease one item must be in your cart to be able to scroll.)  Our Shipping Calculator is linked directly to UPS and uses their rates based on weight, # of packages and destination.  This makes it easy for you to look at shipping cost before you place your order.

    In order to maximize packaging opportunities and save money for our Customers we have figured out the right size boxes for each of our products and how many items per box create economy in shipping without sustaining certain damage en route to you.  You’ll notice, on our website, that most items are available in quantity discounts.  Minimum quantity for the price breaks correspond with the way our products are packaged because, for example, it costs less to package 2 bottles of 32 oz. Bona Pro-Series Hardwood Floor Cleaner than 1 so we pass the savings on to you.  In addition to the price break, your freight will be substantially less per item for 2 bottles than 1. (There is some difference due to handling and weight.)  The Shipping Calculator is an excellent, easy to use tool that you can use to compare shipping costs for multiple quantities vs individual quantities before placing your order.

    Our Customers have let us know that shipping cost is an important factor in purchasing decisions.  Customers also say that reliable delivery, without damage, is even more important.  Based on this feeback, we continue to ship our producst with UPS because they provide us and our Customers with the best record of successful deliveries, ease of order tracking and reliable estimates for transit time (also shown in the Shipping Calculator).  If damage does occur in transit, UPS has a system in place to promptly notify us of the damage so we can reship the order to you in the shortest amount of time.

    Here’s what some of our customers have said about our shipments:

    Amy in Buffalo, NY, “Good products, good prices. Shipping was efficient and timely; the products were well-packaged.”

    Miriam in Las Vegas, NV, “I received a confirmation email when I placed the order and another when the order was shipped. The email had a link to the UPS tracking website so I could see exactly when my products would arrive. The process was quick and easy.”

    Mary in Newport, TN, “This was one of the easiest orders I have placed on line. The service was very fast and convenient. I received an E-mail confirmation immediately following placement of my order. The order was well packaged and it arrived as promised.”

    In addition to quantity discounts, we offer FREE FREIGHT on orders that meet a certain dollar value.

    The question, “Is there a way to reduce the shipping cost on my Floorguy order?”
    The Answer is “Yes”…

  • Order multiple quantities of the same item.  You’ll SAVE SUBSTANTIALLY, per item, on freight.
  • Place a large order that meets our dollar value for free shipping.
  • Helpful Notes:

  • Due to the nature of some flooring maintenance products, there are times when you’ll come across a product in our store that has, “ORMD” as part of the item number.  These items require special handling and labeling and do not qualify for quantity discounting because we are required to ship only one item per package. (US Postal Service cannot handle these types of products at all.)   An example of this is DuPont StoneTech Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner.
  • We do our best to ship products the next business day after they are ordered.  At times we encounter backorders from our Suppliers.  When this happens, we’ll notify you right away via email or telephone.
  • If you have any questions about our shipping policies as you place your order, call 1-877-Floorguy (1-877-356-6748) to speak with one of our courteous, knowledgeable Customer Service Agents.

    April 27, 2010 on 6:03 pm
    USS Ronald Reagan

    USS Ronald Reagan

    The USS Ronald Reagan has an impressive Museum aboard the ship with an outstanding floor designed with stars and wavering stripes in red, white & blue. This beautiful floor, created with Amtico Stratica, was installed seven years ago.
    Unfortunately, a company tried to field apply a UV cured version of Poly Urethane.  As shown in the one photo, the finish starting failing about 3 years ago with small blisters. 
    Museum Floor Prior to Install on Ship. Inset Shows Blistered Finish.Everyone thought they would lose the entire floor, but after carefully scraping and peeling the finish off, the Dr. Schutz Application Team was able to prep the old Amtico Stratica floor and apply Dr. Schutz WaxNoMor Gloss. 
    Prep Work InstructionFaced with high humidity, lack of ventilation and a cold deck floor, drying time between the 2 coats of WaxNoMor was doubled from 2 hours to 4 hours and cure time before foot traffic was extended from the standard 12 hours to 16 hours to accomodate these conditions. 
    Even with the additional waiting time, the project was completed, start to finish, in less than 3 days achieving a result that made the old floor look new again!
    The photos below show the floor in the USS Ronald Reagan’s ship Museum finished with Dr. Schutz WaxNoMor Gloss.
                                                                                                        USS RR_Reagan portrait     Floor Finished with Dr. Schutz WaxNoMor Gloss 
     USS RR_floor2
    April 22, 2010 on 3:37 pm

    PNC Bank Branch- Meadville, PADr. Schutz SlipNoMor Satin Finish was recently applied to an existing Nurazzo floor in the foyer of PNC’s Meadville, PA Bank Branch to evaluate the product’s ability to improve slip resistance on this existing foyer floor to meet ADA Requirements.

    With the SlipNoMor Finish, this floor is now ADA Compliant for Slip Resistance and has an appealing Satin sheen that will be easy for the bank to maintain.

    WaxNoMor with SlipNoMor Additive on Nurazzo Foyer Floor

    WaxNoMor with SlipNoMor Additive on Nurazzo Foyer Floor

    Close Up of SlipNoMor on Nurazzo

    Close Up of SlipNoMor on Nurazzo

    SlipNoMor is an additive to Dr. Schutz WaxNoMor. PNC Bank chose the satin finish however three sheen levels are available. WaxNoMor provides an extremely durable finish with reduced maintenance requirements, scuff and stain resistance.

    The Dr. Schutz family of products works together to complete and maintain a floor finish application, from prep to cleaning & maintenance. If you think Dr. Schutz SlipNoMor or WaxNoMor might work for an application in your business, call SchutzNA directly to discuss your project at 1-877-272-4889 x 1.

    April 16, 2010 on 1:31 pm

    If you need a quick fix for dirty, stained grout on tiled areas in your home, Grout-Aide Markers are a great solution. Grout-Aide is likely the easiest and quickest way to refresh the look of tiled spaces It can’t fix all of your grout woes but it will greatly improve the appearance of grout lines.

    Grout-Aide is an effective solution if…

    Your In-Laws are coming to see your new house (which was built in 1965) and you know, as you survey your small downstairs bathroom, your Mother-in-Law will have something (negative) to say about the old tile floor. Grout-Aide Markers are a quick, inexpensive way to refresh the look of this floor. It’s fast-drying and odorless so you can get the job done in record time and at a price you can afford. Your Mother-in-Law will not be able knock the “dirty” bathroom tile because it will look clean and fresh!

    You’re putting your house up for sale and your Realtor suggests you have the kitchen tile floor re-grouted so the home “shows better”. “After all,” she says, “the kitchen is the heart and soul of a home.” Before you turn to this costly and messy option, try Grout-Aide Markers. If the grout is dingy and stained, but otherwise in good shape, you can use Grout-Aide to make the grout look like new at a fraction of the cost (and mess) of re-grouting.

    Here’s how it works…

    Grout-Aide is a water-based permanent paint marker that is odorless and non-toxic. The quick-drying paint covers stubborn stains leaving a uniform finished grout line. If some of the paint gets on the tiles just wipe off within 5 minutes to remove. No harsh chemicals and no fumes so it is safe for use in an environment with pets and children.

    Application tips…

  • Shake the marker for 2 minutes prior to use then gently press the tip onto paper until the paint flows. Try a few lines on the paper to become familiar with the flow of the marker before working on your tile grout. Note: Paint will absorb through the paper so protect the surface underneath.
  • Keep an eye on the marker’s tip during application. If it becomes frayed, remove the tip and turn it around to maintain consistent coverage. The marker is designed for this.
  • Do not use in areas with high moisture, such as shower stalls.
  • For thinner coverage, periodically dip marker in water during application.
  • Know how many lineal feet of grout you’ll be covering before purchasing Grout Aide. Each marker covers approximately 175 lineal feet. Coverage may vary depending on the thickness of the grout line.
  • As with any product, read full product label directions prior to use.
  • Grout-Aide Markers are available in five colors –White, Buff, Almond, Grey and Charcoal Grey. Select the color closest to your current grout color (or the color you think your grout would be if it were new) and give it a try!

    March 16, 2010 on 5:42 pm

    Efflorescence, according to, is a spontaneous loss of water by a hydrated salt, which occurs when the aqueous vapor pressure of the hydrate is greater than the partial pressure of the water vapour in the air… These salts effloresce (i.e., lose all or part of their water of hydration) and their surfaces assume a powdery appearance.

    This “powdery” appearance, or efflorescence, can be troublesome because it is often flagged by home inspectors, during the home sale process, as potential signs of a moisture problem. Efflorescence can be removed, and inhibited, from the surface of most natural stone, masonry, tile and grout. Before getting started, it is a good idea to investigate the source and level of moisture to determine if it is within normal range prior to treating the surface.

    Treatable Surfaces:
    •Natural stone (such as marble, granite, slate, travertine and limestone), porcelain, quarry, Saltillo, terra cotta, cement pavers, masonry surfaces and other porous tile and grout.
    •Interior and Exterior Surfaces.
    •Note: Polished stone may be dulled by the efflorescence removal process. Re-polishing may be required. Test a small, inconspicuous area before full use.

    Aqua Mix Eff-Ex, mop or sponge (depending on the application), scrub brush, clean water and bucket. Where appropriate, a high-pressure washer or scrub machine may be used.

    To Remove Efflorescence:
    1.Apply undiluted Aqua Mix Eff-Ex to the surface using a mop or sponge. (For best results, pre-wet the surface, avoid puddling, and remove excess water before applying Eff-Ex).
    2.Allow solution to dwell on surface 30-60 minutes. Go towards the longer end of this range for more severe efflorescence. Do not allow the solution to dry on the surface. Reapply as needed. If covering a large area, you may need to work in sections.
    3.Agitate with a scrub brush or scrub machine.
    4.Thoroughly rinse with clean water. (High-pressure washer may be used if appropriate.)
    5.Mop or wet-vac up dirty water & solution.
    6.Heavily built-up efflorescence may require additional applications or longer dwell time.
    7.Allow to dry 24 hours before applying Sealer or follow steps below to Inhibit Future Efflorescence.

    To Inhibit Future Efflorescence:
    1.After completing the removal process, apply a thin coat of Aqua Mix Eff-Ex to the surface using a mop or sponge.
    2.Scrub into the surface with a scrub brush or scrub machine.
    3.Wipe dry.
    4.Repeating this process may be required to fully inhibit.
    5.Allow to dry 24 hours before applying Sealer.

    Important Notes:
    •Efflorescence can be cleaned from sealed surfaces but Eff-Ex will not inhibit future efflorescence unless sealer is removed prior to treating.
    •Polished stone surfaces may become etched by efflorescence removal process. Always test an inconspicuous area prior to treating full surface, regardless of surface material.
    •If efflorescence has been allowed to crystallize on surface, it may be necessary to use an acidic cleaner. Check surface application prior to use because this may etch certain stone surfaces.
    •Always read full product instructions prior to application.

    If you need help determining the amount of product you’ll need to cover the area to be treated, call 1-877-Floorguy for assistance.

    March 3, 2010 on 4:53 pm

    This article is an overview of some need-to-know info for applying WOCA Oiled Floor Products. Before starting your job, read the full product application instructions that can be found in WOCA Application, Care & Maintenance Instructions- Detailed Instructions for Use and on specific WOCA Product Pages. Keep reading here for some general tips…

    1. Prevent rags from self-igniting by soaking all oil soaked rags in water after oil application and before discarding. Rags are safe to discard only after they are soaked in water then air dried.
    2. Keep unfinished surface of wood floor clean from adhesive or wood glue to prevent oil from penetrating and resulting in light spots. Light spots can be scrapes or sanded off then refinish spots with oil. In extreme cases it may be necessary to re-sand the entire floor before proceeding with oil finishing.
    3. Do not confuse Wood Cleaner with Wood Soap. These are two distinctly different products. Wood Cleaner is only used to prepare a wood floor before new oil or paste is applied (ie: initial application of Master Oil or a periodic reapplication of Maintenance Paste). Wood Soap is used for everyday maintenance and cleaning of the oiled wood floor.
    4. Proper dilution of Soap, Oil Refresher and Wood Cleaner is critical to final results. Too little water in these products will result in unwanted haze on the surface of the finished floor. In the event this happens, put a polishing cloth under a dust mop and polish away the “haze”. For correct dilution ratios see the full version of Tips for a Successful Application or the specific product instructions.
    5. Dark wood floors, such as Merbau, Brazilian Cherry and Walnut, must be washed with Wood Cleaner twice to ensure that floating color pigments are neutralized as these may otherwise impede the ability of the oil to fully harden and may cause water spots to show. If such spots occur, due to inadequate cleaning, see remedy in the full version of Tips for a Successful Application.
    6. Let the floor dry completely after mopping with Wood Cleaner and before any Master Oil or Maintenance Oil Paste is applied. Any trapped moisture under the oil may cause mildew to develop, which causes black or dark blotches in the floor. It may also greatly increase drying time of the oil.
    7. If the floor has sizeable gaps between the floor boards, a brush may be used to apply the oil generously down the middle of each floor board covering approximately 50% of the floor surface. After 20 to 30 minutes the oil is polished into the floor with a buffer using a red pad. This method reduces the consumption of oil, which otherwise would drip down into the gaps between boards.
    8. As it is usually difficult for a buffer to reach into corners and tightly along walls or base boards, it is advisable to hand rub oil along the edges and in corners of a room. This is easily done by using a piece of red or white pad and rubbing oil into the floor by hand. It will blend nicely with the machine buffed area.
    9. When applying Master Oil to a large floor, which may require longer application times, it is recommended to treat an area to a natural break point, such as a doorway or the long edge of a floor board. For best result, tape a plastic cover along this line, ensuring that the plastic covers at least two feet of the unfinished part of the floor. Next day, reverse the procedure and cover the oiled side of the floor. This way, when oil application is resumed there will be no visible break in the floor and no uneven sheen levels between areas.
    10. Sometimes Master Oil bleeds back to the surface from gaps between floor boards as it cures. If the oil has not yet fully dried, it is possible to polish the floor again using a white pad. A small amount of Solvent may be added to the pad in order to better dissolve the bled-back oil. If the bleed-back oil has had time to harden it can be removed by scraping it off with a sharp wood floor scraper before Maintenance Oil Paste or Master Oil is applied. Small amounts of bleed-back oil usually blends well with Maintenance Oil Paste and does not need to be removed. It would be advisable to check the floor two to three hours after the Master Oil (base coat) has been buffed into the floor. If necessary, the floor is then buffed again with a white pad to remove bleed-back oil.
    11. If the floor needs to be covered to prevent wear and dirt penetration due to additional construction, allow proper cure time then use paper or cardboard. NEVER use plastic, which does not let the floor breathe. If the floor has been covered during construction it may be necessary to clean it and add a final coat of Maintenance Oil Paste or Master Oil before moving in.
    12. The newly oiled floor should not come into contact with water during the first 36 hours to allow the oil to fully cure. After 36 hours it is safe to use Wood Soap or Oil Refresher to clean the floor.
    13. Tough dirt, on a finished floor, should be removed by wet cleaning using a solution of 1 capful of Wood Cleaner diluted per quart of lukewarm water. Apply liberally to the dirty area, and then evenly scrub with a soft scouring pad or soft nylon brush. If there is dried on paint or grime, then remove carefully using a sharp wood floor scraper. Never overly scour a particular spot as this will leave a lighter mark. Wipe excess solution off the floor. When dry, re-oil the area by dampening the tip of a Polishing Cloth or lint free rag with Maintenance Oil Paste or Master Oil and manually rub it in (or by machine with white pad). NEVER pour oil directly onto the floor. Leave the oil to dry for 20 to 30 minutes before dry buffing it to match the rest of the floor.
    14. Light scratches are best repaired by hand rubbing Maintenance Oil Paste or Master Oil into the scratch using a cloth. If necessary, first clean the area to be repaired with Wood Cleaner solution, which then must fully dry before applying oil. This drying time can be substantially shortened by using a hair dryer on “cool” setting. Leave the oil to absorb for 20 to 30 minutes before thoroughly buffing and removing the oil from the surrounding area. The scratched wood will be protected and lost in the general pattern of the floor. Deeper scratches or gouges should be scraped and/or sanded until they are no longer visible. Do not use a sand paper that is too fine. An 80-100 grit sandpaper will usually suffice,
    depending on the wood species. Then clean the spot with Wood Cleaner solution, mixed with water in proper solution, and let dry completely. Do not use a hair dryer for this, as this may prevent the pores from opening all the way, preventing full saturation of the Master Oil. This is especially important when using Master Color Oil, which will need this to fully blend with the surrounding color. Then follow directions for light scratches.
    15. Abrasives of any grit grade or scouring nature will physically cut into the oiled or soaped surface. While the offending stain or mark will be removed, it is highly likely that wood of a different color will be exposed relative to that of the surrounding area, even after re-treatment of oil. A solution to this is to use a slightly darker Color Oil or by mixing a Color Oil with Master Oil to obtain a color that matches the surrounding floor area before applying it to the sanded area.
    16. Whenever an area of the floor has been cleaned or repaired with new oil, it is important to remove all new oil from the surrounding area to avoid different sheen levels. This is easily done using a Polishing Cloth or a cotton rag, which then allows both areas to blend by having approximately the same sheen level. If necessary, steel wool can also be used to eliminate the “halo” effect of a slightly higher gloss level in the area around the repair.

    Be sure to buy your WOCA products from a reliable, proven Seller who will provide customer service and product information. This will help to ensure you are getting all of the products you need to complete your project. is an Excellent-Rated web store with representatives who will take the time to answer your questions and make sure you’ve got the right supplies for the job.

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