February 12, 2008 on 7:58 pm

Make Your Stone Floor Look Like New

Stone floors are among the most gorgeous of surfaces, and with proper care, a stone floor can be well maintained and last for centuries. Stones, though tough, can lose their color and be compromised with traditional household products and cleaners. The key is to avoid these types of products and only use stone cleaners designed specific for the type of stone you have.

Stone surfaces like floors, counter tops, vanities and etc. can come in a variety of materials like marble, grout, granite, porcelain tile, and etc. Many stones can be damaged or be discolored if not carefully cleaned, restored, polished and protected. Keep in mind that what causes the most damage to stone is sand, dirt and gritty materials. The abrasive texture of these items tends to cause scratching. It’s important to place mats and rugs in strategic areas on stone floors. Be sure non-slip materials are under the rugs and mats.
If you’ve recently remodeled a bathroom or kitchen or put in a new stone floor elsewhere in your home, you have probably been thinking of ways to carefully protect your stone.
Stones can and should be cleaned, polished, sealed and protected. Many various products are on the market. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and ask lots of questions. Always choose products that will not stain or leave lines and streaks across your floor. If you already have scratches and stains, be sure to look for products to handle these tough needs. Overall, stone floors can endure a lot of wear and tear without being compromised or damaged.

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