Shoes and pets bring snow and ice onto floors indoors.

Get Your Floor Winter Ready!

With dropping temperatures comes snow and ice tracking indoors on shoes, pets and wheeled equipment onto your home or business flooring. 1877FloorGuy is here to help you through the mess! First, a quality entry doormat that has a leak proof, non-staining backer. Not all doormats list the type of backer, so purchase carefully. 1877floorguy sells…
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How to Apply Floor Polish

The process for applying floor polish is not difficult but does take some time and effort. Pick a day when the floor will be free of traffic. Ideally, remove furnishing from the floor before you start for a smooth finish application. Plan to keep off your freshly polished floor for an entire day to allow…
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Did You Know? Floor Care Products that are NOT Freeze-Thaw Stable

How winter weather effects floor care product shipments Freeze-Thaw Stability Most floor cleaning products are stable if they freeze then thaw, meaning they are good for use or “freeze-thaw stable”. Flooring finishes and sealers, such as Hilway Direct Matte Floor Finish or Diversey Over & Under Plus Sealer, are NOT freeze-thaw stable so if they freeze in transit they are…
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Odorcide Surface & Air Deodorizer in 5 Varieties

Did You Know? Odorcide, a Powerful Surface & Air Deodorizer

To eliminate bad odors, and I mean really bad odors, in your home or business, Odorcide is the best deodorizer you can buy for interior surfaces and air freshening. Use Odorcide on upholstered furniture, carpeting, floors, clothing and on any water safe surface. It works better than most air fresheners by eliminating malodors associated with…
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Did You Know? The Difference – Wet Mop OR Spray & Wipe Mop

With so many types of floors available to homeowners and businesses, it can be confusing to figure out the right way to clean your floor, especially if it’s a new floor. At 1877FloorGuy we talk about floor cleaning all day long so the terms, “wet mop” and “spray & wipe” floor cleaning are terms we’re…
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