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Clean Stained Tile or Stone Flooring With Aqua Mix Product

If you have a tile or stone floor that has been neglected for years or has been pounded by heavy traffic, unsightly staining has probably occurred. Aqua Mix Tile and Stone Deep Clean is a product that is designed to clean stained tile and stone flooring. In addition to neglect and heavy usage, deep staining to tile and stone flooring may be caused by grease, body oils, mildew, algae, soap residue, and old waxes and finishes. The Aqua Mix product, Tile and Stone Deep Clean, will strip off synthetic and acrylic floor finishes.

Many people are attracted to stone or tile flooring because of its natural beauty, it’s durability, and it’s reputation for being low-maintenance. However, stains will eventually mar stone or tile flooring that is not maintained and properly cared for over a period of time. Flooring of this type that is not properly sealed will become more susceptible to staining because it is a porous material. Aqua Mix Tile and Stone Deep Clean will effectively pull stains porous flooring such as ceramic tile, granite, marble, porcelain tile, quarry tile, slate, terra cotta, travertine, and saltillo tile. In addition to natural stone and tile, this Aqua Mix cleaner is effective on grout and concrete tile.

Cleaning deeply stained tile or stone flooring will add to the value and the beauty of your home. Having your floors cleaned professionally is an option, but an expensive one. For the homeowner looking for a more affordable way to clean neglected, stained tile or stone flooring, a product such as this one from Aqua Mix offers a do-it-yourself option. When deciding on the amount needed for the job, keep in mind that one gallon is diluted and makes six gallons of cleaning solution. This amount of Aqua Mix Tile and Stone Deep Cleaner will clean or strip a flooring area of 150 to 600 square feet, depending on the severity of the staining.

Once the stained flooring is cleaned, the homeowners main goal should be to properly care for the floor such that this type of damage won’t take place in the future. The floor should be thoroughly sealed with a high quality sealer. Regular cleaning of the floor once it is sealed should include dry or damp mopping. Gritty materials should be removed regularly to cut down on wear and tear on the sealant. Vacuuming or damp mopping grit is preferable over sweeping which can damage the seal on your tile and let in moisture which will cause buckling and loose tile that is expensive to repair and/or replace.

Aqua Mix is a company that sells a variety of products specifically for the sealing, cleaning, polishing, and overall maintenance of stone and tile flooring. Aqua Mix has been in the business of floor care products for over twenty-five years and has a name you can trust to keep your tile flooring looking gorgeous.

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