Bona X Hardwood Cleaner is the Best

Be as Good as Gold to Your Floors with Bona X

Bona X hardwood floor cleaner is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic wood floor cleaning product. You may want to be “green” but found that other products that were environmentally friendly didn’t have real cleaning power that products with not-so-earth-friendly products have. Bona X is not only a green product but it helps to prolong the life of hardwood floors which makes your investment in your flooring last a lot longer. Bona X is a water based cleaner that is specially formulated to clean polyurethane finished wood floors and factory pre-finished wood floors.

Bona X doesn’t have a lot of complicated steps either. Just lightly mist a 4-foot by 6-foot area of the wood floor you are seeking to clean. Then using either the Bona X MicroPlus mop or clean microfiber cloth, wipe using a back and forth motion. Avoid using circles as it can leave streaks on some finishes. Finish one area before moving on to the next so you get an even finish when you’re cleaning.

To keep your hardwood floors looking like new it is a great idea to “refresh” your hardwood floors every 6 months. Unlike many wood floor cleaners, Bona X is made to keep floors looking cleaning and bright and never dull the top sealant coating on the wood as many cleaners do. The secret is in the quick evaporation and since it doesn’t just sit there, there is no build up. As you know, cleaners that don’t dry and evaporate quickly can not only dull your finish, they can actually make your floor dirtier as the slow drying areas can actually attract dust and dirt and that grime can get trapped in drying cleaner – not a problem with Bona X.

As you know water is a no-no on hardwood floors. If a spill occurs, get right on it by spot cleaning with Bona X. Put some on a clean cloth and rub it onto the spot. Hardwood floors are very sensitive to prolonged exposure to water and that one little spill on your flooring will stand out like a beacon if you don’t address it quickly.

If you do regular routine maintenance for all of your hardwood floors, you can maintain their beauty. With our busy days that include kids, spouses or partners, work and other activities, it is hard to find the time to take good care of your flooring and when you are finally able to find the time, you don’t want to use a multi-step product that takes hours upon hours to dry.

Bona X can actually restore older wood floors and in doing so help them to look new again. When you find a product that really works and works well it is like finding gold. If you’re ready to leave the drudgery of keeping your hardwood floors looking clean and new, use the eco-power in a bottle of Bona X and leave the hard work of making your floors shine behind.

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