Tips for Cleaning a Floor

Tips for Cleaner Floors

Everyone has their own ideas about the best way to clean floors. For instance, you may have heard that vinegar and water works great for cleaning ceramic tile floors; however that may not be the case. It is an extremely acidic food product and as such may cause bacteria to develop. The smell to begin with is not that great and it gets much worse when combined with bacteria. One of the difficulties of cleaning ceramic tile floors is the grout. Dirt and odors tend to get trapped inside it and it makes it very difficult to clean. If you have the time and patience, consider re-doing the grout and possibly use a colored grout as when it is dirty it is much less noticeable than the standard white.

Hardwood flooring is a beautiful, often expensive, investment and by taking proper care of it, should last a very long time. Major concerns with hardwood flooring are scratches that often result from moisture and heavy wear. The ideal solution is preventative maintenance, which includes area rugs and floor protectors on all furniture on your floors. This should also include sweeping, vacuuming and/or dust mopping to remove dirt and grit. You want to make sure you do this type of cleaning before and after any event that involves a lot of traffic on the floor. This will help to keep grit from scratching the floor. Another form of prevention is to make sure high heeled shoes are in good repair, with taps on the heel. Better yet if at all possible avoid wearing these types of shoes on hardwood flooring. The same goes for your pet’s nails, keep them trimmed or off the floor if possible. Also, many companies that install hardwood flooring have a clause in the contract stating if anything other than “XYZ” product is used the warranty or guarantee will become void. So be sure to follow their instructions for cleaning and products.

Laminate flooring is low maintenance, attractive and long-lasting making it a good alternative to hardwood flooring. By following a few simple steps for cleaning and maintaining a laminate floor you should get many years of trouble-free use from it. First and foremost you should only use a damp cloth or mop as excessive water will damage the floor. Be sure to wipe up spills as well as water from wet footwear immediately with a clean dry cloth or paper towel. Avoid the use of soap-based detergents or abrasive cleaners along with scouring pads as that may scratch the laminate panels. If you have a really stubborn stain spot clean with a product made specifically for laminate floors as you can damage the surface if you use a product that isn’t. All you need is a damp cloth in most cases to clean up spots and spills as they happen and you can keep your laminate flooring looking fabulous.

There are numerous products available for cleaning use on floors, and if you follow the instructions pertaining to your particular floor type along with a little preventative maintenance, it should last and stay beautiful for years to come.

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