Making Your Linoleum Floor Last

Making Your Linoleum Floor Last
Linoleum is known for its ability to endure the elements, as well as endure time itself. Linoleum is a very durable material that has made a come back in the interior design market in recent years.
For a long time, people stayed away from linoleum, choosing vinyl instead. Linoleum was a material most commonly used in the 50s and 60s, but because of its strength and durability, builders and homeowners are using it again.
Linoleum is one of the best floors to have in a home if you have heavy traffic, children, and think “green.”
If you hate cleaning and maintenance, and don’t want to fuss with such things, linoleum is the way to go. It is virtually waterproof and doesn’t scratch even under the heaviest traffic or movement. Minimum care is required and as a result, families enjoy having it installed in their kitchen and bathrooms.
Basically, you don’t have to worry about making your linoleum floor last. It probably will, having a reputation in the market for being the “40 year floor.” Not only that, but with the environmental green movement strongly being advocated across the nation, linoleum ranks as a top choice due to its environmentally-friendly materials. The great thing about linoleum is that if you get tired of its color, you can always paint it. Over the course of “40 years”, you can change the color as often as you want!
To clean linoleum, simply use a damp mop. As a result of naturally being resistant to dirt and so forth, linoleum resists bacteria, allergens, dust and pollen. A perfect floor for the sensitive nose!

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