Basics of Laminate Floor Care

Basics of Laminate Floor Care
The great thing about laminate floors is that they’re easy to take care of. When you first lay down a laminate floor, you’ll want to carefully follow the instructions that come with the floor. Post-installation is very important, especially during the first two days following installation.
Never wet mop a laminate floor. Too much water on laminate can seep under the flooring and around the baseboard causing damage and mildew. Instead, vacuum it carefully and then follow with a nice, steady damp-mop.
Laminate floors need no wax or acrylic finishes. Never use either. Product literature and basic laminate floor care instructions will tell you to use only certain types of stain removal products. Follow recommendations carefully to assure your floors are properly cared for, without compromising their integrity. Use acetone and mineral spirits, depending on the type of spill or situation.
Avoid getting grit, dirt and anything abrasive on your laminate floors. Consider laying down doormats in strategic locations where one might enter from outside. Always use protective plastic coverings and buttons under the feet of furniture to avoid scratching. Lift and do not pull furniture across laminate floors. Though the floor may seem perfect for sliding furniture, just a pebble or grit caught under a corner of the furniture can damage your laminate floor permanently.
Laminate floors come in many styles, colors and fashions. When shopping for laminate, be sure to purchase a solid type of laminate that will last for years to come. You’ll definitely be glad you did.

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