Harwood Floor Care Basics

Hardwood Floor Care Basics
There’s nothing like a shiny, scratch-free hardwood floor to make a house look it’s very best. Just like any item you value in your home, hardwood floors needs careful attention and care.
Some tips for preserving your hardwood floors include making sure you dust mop it daily to remove any debris and grit. Keep any carpets and kitchen floors nearby clean, as well, so as not to track dust and dirt from one room to the other where your hardwood floors happen to be. If any spills of food, drinks or moisture fall onto your hardwood floor, wipe them off immediately with a cloth or paper towel. Use a hardwood cleaner to clean spills. Good products to keep on hand for hardwood floors include Bona x, Bona Kemi, or Bonakemi.
There are certain materials in throw rugs that aren’t recommended for hardwood floors. Anything with rubber or plastic backing can damage a good hardwood floor, so stick to cotton. Make sure your home’s humidifier is working properly to keep the humidity control at the right level to reduce any shrinkage in the wood. Never pull furniture across a hardwood floor as it will obviously scratch the surface. Use furniture protectors under the corner of tables and other items sitting directly on the hardwood floor. If you have pets, be sure to keep their toenails trimmed. Brush them regularly, but not on the hardwood floor.
Never wax a Polyurethane finished hardwood floor. Contact a professional or use special buffing products recommended by them.

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