How to Ruin Your Vinyl Floor

How to Ruin Your Vinyl Floor
The key to ruining your vinyl floor is to simply not maintain it on a regular basis. Anyone who wants their vinyl floor to last simply needs to treat their floor with extra care, consistent maintenance, and make a commitment to preserving the floor’s original look and sheen.
To do this, following manufacturer floor cleaning plans is necessary. After first installing the vinyl floor, protect all the seams immediately with a seam sealer. It’s important to note that temperature can make all the difference in the world with vinyl floors. By not paying attention to this fact, you can ruin your vinyl floors within the first 48 hours of installation. Keep the temperature around 68° F or greater for at least those first 48 hours to make sure the adhesive works.
If you don’t want to ruin your vinyl floor, do not roll heavy objects across the floor within the first five days. Do not wash your vinyl floor with water during the first week. Give the adhesive time to stick before allowing moisture to hit the vinyl surface.
After the first week, always remove any grit, debris and sand off of the vinyl floor by vacuuming or using a broom. Mop the floor with clean, warm water and if water alone doesn’t remove the grime, use only products recommended by your floor’s manufacturer.
Finally, if you’ve moved into a home with a vinyl floor and don’t know the manufacturer’s directions on floor cleaning.

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