Keep Your Investment in Your Floor

Keep Your Investment in Your Floor
Once you make the decision to replace your flooring or have a new floor installed, it’s still an investment and you will want to protect that investment.
One of the largest offenders to flooring is the scooting of furniture across it. People often mistake a shiny floor with being slick and easy to move furniture across and it only takes a time or two before the damage is done. There are easy ways to avoid this and the easiest of all is to use simple floor protectors on the legs of your furniture.
If you’re having a large gathering where the odd ottoman or chair might be scooted across your flooring, just protect it in advance with a floor protector and you won’t have to play floor monitor and it will leave you free to enjoy your get together and not worry about your floor.
Also if you’re going to experiment with your room decor. Use floor protectors on the bottoms of your furniture to not only allow you to move them easily around the room, but also to protect your floor from damage. One table legs scratching across your finished floor can do damage that can be expensive to repair.
Other good measures you can take include having cotton floor rugs in high traffic areas. This will slow down the wear on your floor as well as protect it. Avoid rugs with rubber or plastic backings though as they can damage some finishes.
You made a good investment in your flooring, keep it looking like new with regular care and use floor protectors as necessary.

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