Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Care Basics

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Care Basics
After installing your porcelain or ceramic tile floor, it is now time to carefully clean it. Making sure you’ve removed all grout, construction dirt and grime from the tiles is paramount, and the first thing on the agenda of basic care after installation. From there, most porcelain and ceramic tile requires nominal care.
Cleaning grout from tiles requires hot water and a mild detergent. Scrubbing it thoroughly will usually do the job. Be sure to follow instructions, as some tiles will require specific products and more aggressive cleaners. This may include buffers, floor scrubbers, and bristle brushes. Though some individuals use acid washing, it isn’t recommended in most cases. Never use acid cleaners to clean colored grouts. The pigment of the grout will change and lock in a different color.
Daily maintenance of porcelain and ceramic tiles is pretty simple as tiles are finished materials, in general. A neutral cleaner is recommended for tile cleaning. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions concerning dilution of the cleaner used. Most manufacturers will recommend non-oil, non-acidic and non-soap based cleaners. These can be purchased at www.1877floorguy.com .
The great thing about porcelain and ceramic tile is their hard surface. This makes them easy to clean and maintain and they do not hold contaminants and dirt below the surface, as they are low-absorbing materials.
Whether you have smooth tiles or textured ones, use the materials recommended by your manufacturer for very best results.

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