Renew and Color Your Grout

Renew and Color Your Grout
Many people are stuck with dull, discolored grout between their beautiful tile floors. They’re not quite ready to change their floors because they look fine, but their grouting? That’s a totally different story.
To renew and color your grout, you must first be aware that it is much simpler than it sounds. In fact, it doesn’t involve scrubbing and chiseling! It only requires your ability to apply paint, much like painting your fingers or toenails!
Stained or discolored grout can make a new floor look old and sloppy, but as soon as you renew and color your grout, you will feel as though you have a whole new floor. It will make the tile colors standout and your eye won’t automatically look for those stains like you’ve been doing!
Grout paints help cover stains common with grease, mold, mildew, dark spills and other discoloring or staining agents. Before you apply any grout color, clean and dry the tile surface thoroughly. Use a toothbrush to carefully clean grout before painting. A brush scrub is good if you have access grit and stains. After washing and rinsing, let the grout dry well before applying the grout paint.
Some people use the grout color on tiles, when the color is right. This seals them both and helps make them resistant to future stains. When grout does not absorb anything because it’s been well sealed, the color will remain and maintenance will be simple.
Painting grout is only useful if the grout is strong and unbroken. Chipped and broken grout should simply be replaced.

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