Bona Kemi Professional Series Cleaners

March 6, 2009

For years Bona Kemi has been the leader in hardwood & hardsurface floor care & maintenance products. Obviously, if you have used the Bona Kemi products you have experienced their superior qualities that make wood floor & hard surface maintenance fast, easy and simple. The family of Bona Kemi products has also offered endless options in sizes, concentration and type of maintenance products.
Having said that, just when you thought it couldn’t get better, Bona Kemi did it again. That is right. Recently Bona Kemi introduced their new Bona Professional Series Hardwood and Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaners that are formulated for exceptional cleaning power. The products contain a stronger degreaser which makes the product faster acting without the risk of streaking. The non-toxic, waterbased formula cuts through dirt, grease and other common tracked in debris, making quick work of a seemingly tough job. Bona Professional Series Cleaners will not leave a residue and is safe to use everyday. It’s everything you would expect a professional to use in your home or office if they were to perform the cleaning.
Thanks to , this Bona Professional Series Cleaners is now available to the Home owner for fast and easy cleaning for families on the go. But wait! There is more! made a special purchase allowing them to sell the Bona Professional Series Cleaners at the same price as the regular Bona Hardwood Cleaners. This price won’t last, but in the face of a tough economy what a great deal, better product at same low price.
Please try the new Bona Professional Series Cleaners at . After all, don’t YOU deserve the BEST. Bona and …what more do you need?

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