Remove Oil Stain from Stone

If you’ve ever spilled cooking oil on your granite (or other natural stone) countertop you know that it can leave a deep-set dark stain. The good news- there is something you can do about it…with just a bit of patience and a few supplies.

First clean the area so all dirt and finishes are removed (ammonia works well). Then use a product specifically designed to remove oil stains from natural stone surfaces, such as DuPont StoneTech Oil Stain Remover.. This Stonetech product is a paste that you apply as a poultice to the soiled area of your stone counter, approximately ¼” thick and going 1”- 2” beyond the stained area. This is where your patience comes in… you’ll need to wait 48-72 hours or until the poultice is completely dry before brushing it off with a soft bristle brush. If the stain is not completely removed, repeat the process. This process will remove the stain without leaving residue and with no discoloration of the stone. Once the stain is lifted, clean the area (and your tools) with mineral spirits (available in your local hardware store) then seal with a DuPont Stonetech Sealer, such as the BulletProof Sealer to minimize future stains. You may wonder if your entire counter needs Sealer. Check my blog about “Sealer for Stone Surfaces- Do I need to reapply?”. This should answer all your questions about Sealer.

You may find other, similar methods, to clean oil stains when you search the internet however most require you to mix ingredients together yourself which leaves room for error. Unless you’re a professional, you’re going to get better results with a product that is ready-to-use.

Important Note: Always read product labels entirely before using. Use only as directed. Test in small inconspicuous area.

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