When to Apply Sealer to Stone Surfaces

The type of stone and application change but the question remains the same, “How often do I need to seal my marble floor (or granite counter or terrazzo bath)?” The answer to this question depends on a few factors- how the surface is used, routine maintenance and interior or exterior application. Before answering this question about frequency of applying sealer, first find out if your stone surface needs sealer?”

Simply place a few drops of water on your stone surface and wait 15 minutes. If the water beads up and wipes off without leaving a dark spot then your surface is well sealed. If the water absorbs into the surface then you need to apply Sealer. Sealer protects your stone from harsh cleaners that can damage the surface and it minimizes soils and stains. If you do get a stain, it is more easily removed from a sealed stone surface because the sealer reduces the absorbency of the stone.

Many types of sealers are available. The type of sealer you will use depends on the stone. DuPont StoneTech Heavy Duty Stone Sealer is recommended for use on Marble and Terazzo while StoneTech Professional Bullet Proof Sealer is recommended for use on Granite. All DuPont StoneTech Sealers are impregnated to penetrate into the stone for maximum protection and come with a product performance guarantee.

When stone-friendly cleaners are used for regular maintenance, sealer should last 3-5 years for an interior application. The water bead test can be done once each year to check for wear of the sealer.

If you’ve got questions about which product(s) to use or how to apply them to your stone surface, call 1-877-floorguy for answers.

Important Note: Always read product labels entirely before using. Use only as directed. Test in small inconspicuous area to determine required dilution and results.

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