Top 7 NEVERS for a Hardwood Floor

To keep your Hardwood Floors looking great NEVER…
1. Sweep with a stiff bristled broom. Use only soft, fine bristle broom to avoid scratching the surface. Sweep often to keep dirt from being ground into the floor’s finish.
2. Use hard rubber brush or plastic vacuum attachments to clean your floor. Use only a soft brush attachment.
3. Let a wet spill sit for “a while”. Water is a wood floors worst enemy! Wipe up spills promptly and dry the area thoroughly.
4. Let too much time go between vacuuming area rugs or carpet runners. Frequent vacuuming prevents dirt from filtering down through the weave and scratching the floor beneath.
5. Allow anyone to wear spike high heel shoes, shoes with cleats or taps, heavy wooden heeled shoes or any “worn” shoes with exposed metal or sharp parts. These types of shoes can cause extensive damage!
6. Allow furniture to rest or drag directly on the floor without protectors on the feet or base. Use Floor Protectors & Glides on the feet and base of all furniture. Equinox pads & glides come in many shapes and sizes to fit all furniture and protect your floor from dents and scratches.
7. Use carpet runners or area rugs without a non-skid pad underneath. These types of rugs are great for minimizing wear and tear in high traffic areas but carpet backing is rough so always use a non-skid pad to protect the floor.

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