Dry Clean Carpets –Reduce Allergans, Environmentally Safe

Whether your carpets need spot cleaning for a stain or a full cleaning throughout the house, you are likely interested in using a product that is safe for kids or pets and is environmentally friendly.
HOST® is the leading dry extraction carpet cleaning method that will meet all of these requirements! HOST is Green Seal Certified, non-toxic and reduces allergans, such as dust mites, mold and pet dander, by up to 85%. HOST is recommended by carpet manufacturers, produces better results than wet cleaning systems, lifts and refreshes matted carpet pile, leaves carpets smelling fresh and ready to use right after cleaning. I’ve been using this system as long as I’ve been in the flooring business and this is the carpet cleaning system I use in my home.
The system works by brushing the HOST Sponges Cleaner (which comes in a shaker pack for spot cleaning or larger pack for overall cleaning) into the carpet with the hand-held brush for small areas or the brushing machine for large areas. The cleaner dissolves, absorbs and traps soil, spots and odors as it cleans then you vacuum. This low-moisture process is proven to reduce Dust mites by 78%, Dust Mite Allergen by 75%, Cat Allergen by 85%, Mold Spores by 85% (EPA Establishment No. 074202-WI-001).
The HOST Dry Carpet & Rug Cleaning Kit will get you started with everything you’ll need for spot cleaning small spills and stains from your carpet. When you use the consumables in the kit, it’s easy to order individual replacements. Shaker packs come in two sizes- 2.5 lb. Dry Carpet Cleaner Shaker Pack or 1.1 lb. Emergency Dry Carpet Cleaner Pack. Pre-Cleaner Spray is available in a 7.5oz Pre-Cleaner
Spray Bottle.
It’s a good idea to keep these products on hand for unexpected spills and stains.
Using HOST for an entire room or house of carpet will require a larger package of HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner, 6 lb Box (for approx 500sf) or 12 lb Box (for approx 1,000sf). To determine your square footage (sf) simply measure the width and length of each room that needs carpet cleaning and multiply width x length = square feet for each room. To use this product, you’ll need to rent a HOST brushing machine from a local HOST retailer. You’ll use this machine to brush the cleaner into the carpet before vacuuming. In Delaware, call 1-877-floorguy for rental. Outside Delaware, use this link, http://hostcarpetcleaning.com/diyRetail.htm to locate a HOST retailer near you.

You may wonder how HOST compares to steam carpet cleaning methods. HOST is found to be easier to use, requires no mixing or use of water, leaves carpets dry reducing mold and mold spores, no drying time required before walking on rugs, safe for use on all types of carpet (including wool), carpets stay cleaner longer and look better because the carpet pile doesn’t get matted down. Using HOST in commercial buildings contributes to points earned for maintaining building LEED certification because of it’s environmentally responsible process.

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