Best Practices for Bruce No-Wax Hardwood Floors & Bruce Laminate Floors

Bruce No-Wax Hardwood Floors with a Dura-Luster, Dura-Luster Plus or Permion Finish and Bruce Laminate Floors are similar in the way they are maintained. If you have one of these Bruce floors in your home or if you’re considering one for purchase, this information will help you understand the process of caring for your floor.

Each floor comes with a detailed set of Care & Maintenance Instructions and a Warranty. These two documents go hand in hand because the Care Instructions tell you how to uphold your Warranty through Maintenance. The instructions contain easy to follow, detailed information about specific conditions and situations. This really boils down to a few basic rules… clean your floor regularly, be careful with items that can scratch the floor and use manufacturer recommended maintenance products only (to uphold the Warranty).

Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner is a unique cleaner, specifically formulated and recommended, for use on the Bruce No-Wax Wood (Dura-Luster, Dura-Luster Plus or Permion Finish) & Bruce Laminate Floors. The cleaner lifts soil from the surface of the urethane floor finish without leaving a film or streaking on the floor.

Initial care for your Wood or Laminate Floor starts immediately following installation. Floor should be thoroughly swept and dust mopped to remove loose dirt and debris then cleaned with Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner and a Bruce Swivel-Head Mop with Microfiber Cover. These items can be purchased as a Maintenance Kit then Cleaner and extra Mop Covers can be purchased separately as you need them. If installing the floor is a Do It Yourself (DIY) project, buy these cleaning products ahead of time (see coupon code for discount). If you’re having the floor professionally installed, check with your installer to see if they provide cleaner and microfiber mop –some will and some won’t. Be prepared with product to start cleaning your floor right away.

To clean the entire floor, simply spray Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner directly onto the floor and use a Bruce Swivel-Head Mop with Microfiber Cover to work the cleaner into the floor to lift the dirt onto the mop head. Spray and mop one small area at a time. After cleaning, wash and hang-dry the mop cover so it’s ready for the next use.

Sweep frequently for your floor to look its best. This keeps small particles of dirt from building up underfoot. These particles of dirt act like sandpaper to a wood or laminate floor. They will, over time, cause small scratches in the floor’s surface and dull the finish.

Many customers ask if they can use a vacuum instead of sweeping to speed up cleaning. Sweeping is gentler on the floor so it is the preferred method however, if you feel you must use a vacuum, only use one with a soft brush or felt pad head. Don’t use a vacuum with beater bars, hard heads or damaged casters because it will scratch and dent your floor and your Warranty will be null &void.

Spot clean your floor as often as necessary and clean the whole floor periodically with Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner. Never let cleaner (or any other liquid) puddle on the floor as this could damage the floor. Liquids are your floor’s enemy! For spot cleaning small areas, wipe up spill then apply the cleaner onto a clean cloth and use it to rub area until clean.

Rules of thumb:
• Don’t let spills sit on the floor. Wipe up promptly and clean area with Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner and a soft cloth.
• Don’t allow heavy object to drag across the floor. If you need to move furniture or appliances, use EZ Move Felt-Bottom Slides that allow the heavy item to sit on a cushioned pad with felt on the bottom so you can easily slide the piece along the floor without damaging its surface.
• Put felt floor protectors on the bottom of chair legs and all other furniture that sits on your wood floor to prevent denting & scratching.
• Keep sharp items off your floor! Such as spiked or worn heels, heavy wooden soled shoes, toys with hard plastic wheels…you get the idea.
• Pets’ nails should be kept trimmed.

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