SchutzNA –Changing the Face of Commercial Floors in the US Market

SchutzNA aka Dr. Schutz, commercial flooring finishes, has just begun to penetrate the North American Market and the first rumblings indicate success with an innovative group of flooring finishes designed to solve problems in high-traffic areas of commercial, institutional and industrial buildings while maintaining the integrity of the floor.

These products, WaxNoMor, SlipNoMor, MarkNoMor Finishes and ColorRize, each serve a unique purpose (the names say a lot) and can be applied to most types of hard surface flooring, new or existing, to reduce maintenance costs and improve performance.

Dr. Schutz flooring finishes are used to improve durability of a floor, change appearance, adhere to ADA requirements, reduce maintenance, improve slip resistance or increase longevity. Any or all of these often add up to savings and solutions for building owners and managers.

Dr. Schutz products are available on or through a network of authorized commercial Distributors. Manufacturer certified Applicators are the only ones who should apply Dr. Schutz products because they have been professionally trained in the products’ use. These Applicators can be found throughout the US and Canada via the SchutzNA website or by calling 1-877-272-4889. Installations are currently underway in hospitals, schools, correctional facilities, warehouses, retail stores and restaurants throughout the US and Canada.

Find more information about these products at To get started with a SchutzNA products contact the manufacturer’s Sales Dept. On-the-job assistance is available in most areas.

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