Dr. Schutz ColorRize at Shu Uemura Cosmetics in Bloomingdales, NYC

 Dr. Schutz ColorRize was just installed over an existing wood floor at the Shu Uemura cosmetics counter in Bloomingdales, NYC. Result is fabulous!

ColorRize was chosen as a cost effective way to handle the aggresssive wear on the retail store’s floor. The wood floor, at Shu Uemura cosmetics, Bloomingdale’s, New York City, is challenged every day with heavy foot traffic. The store needed a way to improve the durability of this floor while maintaining style. They turned to Dr. Schutz ColorRize for use over their existing wood floor (saving time and money).

The job was completed in two days and the area did not need to be dismantled. Result is beautiful! See for yourself!

Dr. Schutz has a family of floorcare that works hand in hand with existing or new flooring materials to create durable, slip-resistant surfaces. For more information on Dr. Schutz products, go to www.SchutzNA. or call 1-877-272-4889 Sales x1.

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