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LONSEAL Resilient Vinyl Floor Care & Maintenance Troubleshooting

Lonseal Resilient Vinyl Flooring provides easy to follow maintenance programs for each type of flooring they manufacture along with troubleshooting guidelines for common problems.  Outlined here are typical problems, causes and solutions.  For the more serious issues, when it may be difficult to discern the cause, you may want to consult with the factory or…

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Summer is Here…Time to Clean the Vacation Home!

Whether you’re headed to your vacation home at the beach, lakeside or in the mountains, your first trip is likely to have your car loaded up with some or all of the following… kids, pets, boogie boards, beach chairs, fishing poles, tackle box, coolers, bed sheets, towels, toilet paper and the list goes on and…

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How Can I Reduce My Floorguy Shipping Cost Without Sacrificing Service?

I think you’ll agree that…Shipping is EXPENSIVE!  Shipping is IMPORTANT!  AND you’re a HAPPY Customer when our products ship to you in good condition and in a timely fashion.  We want to keep you happy by providing reliable delivery at the best possible price.  I am going to share with you some strategies you can use to improve…

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