How Can I Reduce My Floorguy Shipping Cost Without Sacrificing Service?

I think you’ll agree that…Shipping is EXPENSIVE!  Shipping is IMPORTANT!  AND you’re a HAPPY Customer when our products ship to you in good condition and in a timely fashion.  We want to keep you happy by providing reliable delivery at the best possible price.  I am going to share with you some strategies you can use to improve shipping costs for the products you buy from us.

First, take a moment to find the Shipping Calculator located  on our “View My Cart” page by scrolling to the bottom of the page.  (At lease one item must be in your cart to be able to scroll.)  Our Shipping Calculator is linked directly to UPS and uses their rates based on weight, # of packages and destination.  This makes it easy for you to look at shipping cost before you place your order.

In order to maximize packaging opportunities and save money for our Customers we have figured out the right size boxes for each of our products and how many items per box create economy in shipping without sustaining certain damage en route to you.  You’ll notice, on our website, that most items are available in quantity discounts.  Minimum quantity for the price breaks correspond with the way our products are packaged because, for example, it costs less to package 2 bottles of 32 oz. Bona Pro-Series Hardwood Floor Cleaner than 1 so we pass the savings on to you.  In addition to the price break, your freight will be substantially less per item for 2 bottles than 1. (There is some difference due to handling and weight.)  The Shipping Calculator is an excellent, easy to use tool that you can use to compare shipping costs for multiple quantities vs individual quantities before placing your order.

Our Customers have let us know that shipping cost is an important factor in purchasing decisions.  Customers also say that reliable delivery, without damage, is even more important.  Based on this feeback, we continue to ship our producst with UPS because they provide us and our Customers with the best record of successful deliveries, ease of order tracking and reliable estimates for transit time (also shown in the Shipping Calculator).  If damage does occur in transit, UPS has a system in place to promptly notify us of the damage so we can reship the order to you in the shortest amount of time.

Here’s what some of our customers have said about our shipments:

Amy in Buffalo, NY, “Good products, good prices. Shipping was efficient and timely; the products were well-packaged.”

Miriam in Las Vegas, NV, “I received a confirmation email when I placed the order and another when the order was shipped. The email had a link to the UPS tracking website so I could see exactly when my products would arrive. The process was quick and easy.”

Mary in Newport, TN, “This was one of the easiest orders I have placed on line. The service was very fast and convenient. I received an E-mail confirmation immediately following placement of my order. The order was well packaged and it arrived as promised.”

In addition to quantity discounts, we offer FREE FREIGHT on orders that meet a certain dollar value.

The question, “Is there a way to reduce the shipping cost on my Floorguy order?”
The Answer is “Yes”…

  • Order multiple quantities of the same item.  You’ll SAVE SUBSTANTIALLY, per item, on freight.
  • Place a large order that meets our dollar value for free shipping.
  • Helpful Notes:

  • Due to the nature of some flooring maintenance products, there are times when you’ll come across a product in our store that has, “ORMD” as part of the item number.  These items require special handling and labeling and do not qualify for quantity discounting because we are required to ship only one item per package. (US Postal Service cannot handle these types of products at all.)   An example of this is DuPont StoneTech Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner.
  • We do our best to ship products the next business day after they are ordered.  At times we encounter backorders from our Suppliers.  When this happens, we’ll notify you right away via email or telephone.
  • If you have any questions about our shipping policies as you place your order, call 1-877-Floorguy (1-877-356-6748) to speak with one of our courteous, knowledgeable Customer Service Agents.

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