Summer is Here…Time to Clean the Vacation Home!

Whether you’re headed to your vacation home at the beach, lakeside or in the mountains, your first trip is likely to have your car loaded up with some or all of the following… kids, pets, boogie boards, beach chairs, fishing poles, tackle box, coolers, bed sheets, towels, toilet paper and the list goes on and on.  While you’re trying to fit all of this into your vehicle and realizing what a tight squeeze it is, remember… cleaning supplies to get rid of the must and dust that has settled into your vacation home during the winter months!

Have no fear… (1877)Floorguy is Here!  Before you leave for your lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer, take a few minutes to log on to, place your order for cleaning supplies and have it ship to your summer address.  This way, you won’t have to fit it into your car which leaves more space for lounge chairs, inner tubes, beach umbrellas, etc.  Don’t wait until you get there to buy it at the local grocer who will have a small selection at summer prices.  Shop smart at!

Check out our Top Picks for Summer 2010.  We’ve included products that take care of mold, odors and stains and convenient, easy to use items that will make cleaning your home away from home a breeze.  Then use our Shipping Calculator to estimate how far in advance you should place your order so it’s there when you arrive.  This feature is further explained in How Can I Reduce My Floorguy Shipping Costs Without Sacrificing Service blog.

Top Picks for Summer 2010:


Bona Spray Floor Mop with Refillable Hardwood Cleaner Cartridge will make cleaning hardwood floors easy with its all-in-one design, just pull the spray handle and mop. It’s that easy!  Comes with a Refillable Cartridge (we sell economical gallon size for refilling the cartridge) however, if you’re feeling kicked back and relaxed, you can order additional Hardwood Cleaner Cartridges for your mop.  Just replace it and you’re ready to go.  All we ask is that you, please, recycle the empty cartridges.


The same Bona Spray Floor Mop can also be used with the Refillable Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner Cartridge to easily clean hard surface floors in your vacation home such as stone, tile and laminate.




DuPont StoneTech Revitalizer Cleaner & Protector is a popular choice for cleaning and maintaining natural stone & ceramic tile surfaces often found in foyers, kitchens and bathrooms.  Available in spray or disposable wipes the Revitalizer Cleaner & Protector comes in two great scents,  Cucumber and Citrus, and the built-in sealer protects the surface of the stone while it cleans for a worry-free surface.  No need to rinse.  Just clean and go.  This allows more time for you to enjoy fun in the sun!


Great for routine bathroom & kitchen cleaning, AquaKleen is a multi-purpose basin, tub and tile cleaner that effectively cleans even soiled grout joints.  The No VOC, water-safe formula is approved for use on ceramic surfaces, natural stone, tile, porcelain, grout, plastic, glass, fiberglass, cultured marble, metal surfaces laminate, and fixtures which will give you peace of mind that a guest staying at your house, while you’re not there, won’t use the “wrong” cleaner because it’s hard to go wrong with AquaKleen.


Grout-Aide is a great quick fix for grouted tile floors that have stains on the grout that just wouldn’t come clean at the end of last season. Or maybe the grout just looks dingy.  With very little effort Grout-Aide covers the stains and dries quickly.  Grout-Aide comes in 5 different colors.  More information on this product can be found in our Quick-Fix for Dirty Grout blog.


Vital-Oxide is a must-have if mold or mildew has taken root or if you’re concerned about bacteria anywhere in your home. Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria on a wide range of surfaces in your home including counters, floors, mattresses, upholstery and in the laundry.  Vital Oxide is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial disinfectant, safe for use around children and pets. Ready-to-use formula available in 32oz Spray or Gallon Size.


Odorcide 210 is used alone, or with Vital-Oxide when a disinfectant is required, to neutralize and eliminate strong, adverse odors in the home.  Extremely effective and safe on a wide range of surfaces including wood, carpet, upholstery, laminate, tile. No residue, non-irritant, safe for use around people and pets.  Available ready-to-use or concentrate.

Three can’t-go-wrong spot cleaners for carpet. All proven effective and easy to use to quickly remove stains from carpet.  Don’t worry if your son spills his chocolate milk, the dog has a little “accident” or your husband tracks grease in from the bbq.  Here are three convenient carpet spot cleaners to have on hand that can clean-up the mess:


Spot Shot removes both oil-based and water-based stains without leaving any residue or ring behind.


Capture Carpet Spot Eliminator works great on grease and oil based stains.




Host Dry Carpet Cleaner Shaker Pack is a dry carpet cleaner that absorbs stains, reduces allergens such as dust mites, mold and pet dander, has no drying time.

We’ve got many more fabulous floor cleaning & maintenance items at, hundreds of products to keep your floors looking their best including equipment and tools, such as Bona Kemi Mops & Microfiber Covers and Manufacturer Supplied Care Kits such as Bruce Wood Flooring Maintenance Kit and Quick Step Laminate Cleaning Kit. We carry many hard to find floor care items so, if you don’t find what you need on our website, call us at 1-877-Floorguy (1-877-356-6748).

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