Hardwood & Laminate Floor Care Q & A

Includes questions regarding Bona, Bruce, Uniclic, Quick Step, Award Wearmax.

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Q:  I cleaned my hardwood floor with Orange Glo and it left an ugly residue.  Is there anything that will get this off? 

A:  Click on this link for directions that will help you remove the Orange Glo from you floor, Removing Acrylic Polishes from Hardwood Floors & Other Hardsurface Floors.


Q: When I take up the rugs from my hardwood floors I can tell that the wood under the rugs is lighter than the rest of my floor. Is this due to sunlight? Is there anything I can do to darken the light areas?

A: Yes, exposure to daylight does cause wood to darken. The areas covered by rugs aren’t able to darken. Remove the rugs completely or move them every so often so these areas get exposed to daylight.


Q:  My Uniclic-Quickstep Laminate Floor (installed ‘07) has worn very well however the cleaner I am using, given to me by the contractor who installed my floor, leaves an oily film.  What do you recommend to clean the residue and shine the floor as it should?

A:  Quick Step has floor care products to clean and maintain Uniclic Floors.  As far as restoring any luster that may have been lost with the wrong cleaning products, try Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Polish to restore shine.  We suggest that you test all products in an inconspicuous area to be sure they bond properly and give the right sheen before you treat the entire area.


Q: Bona Hardwood Floor Refresher says that it CANNOT BE USED after Bona Hardwood Floor Polish has been applied to the floor.  Does that mean if the polish has EVER been used on the floor? What if I use the cleaner (for a thorough clean) and then Refresher even though I have used the Bona Polish in the past?  If not, what can I do to bring the shine back to my dull hardwood floor?

A: This is a great question that we get often.  If Bona Polish has been applied to the floor, EVER, you CANNOT use Refresher BECAUSE it will leave a white film or haze on the floor.  You CAN apply Bona Polish, Low or High Gloss, again to rejuvenate your hardwood floor.  This can be done periodically to bring the shine back to your floor.  Frequency depends on the amount of traffic on your floor so it may be every few months or every few years. 


Q: A couple months ago I ordered a Quick Step Floor Care Kit for my Quick Step Laminate Floor.  The cleaner and mop work very well.  I have noticed, however, that Bona also sells a laminate floor cleaner. As long as my laminate floor is Quick Step, should I stick with the Quick Step Quick Clean, or will Bona work just as well? 

A: Flooring manufacturers often formulate their cleaning products to provide optimum care for the floor they are intended to maintain and using these products will uphold your floor’s warranty should you ever need it.  Other cleaning products may contain ingredients potentially harmful to your floor. Quick Step and Bona are both quality laminate floor cleaners however in this case we recommend you stay with the QuickStep Floorcare Products. 


Q:  I have an Award Hardwood Floor with the Wearmax Ceramic Finish. I have ordered the recommended Wear Max Cleaner from you in the past and see that it is now discontinued.  What should I use to clean my Award wood floor?

A:  Recommended replacement is Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner.  Use a Microfiber Mop with the cleaner.  Mop package comes with a dusting pad which can be used dry to dust the floor periodically & before mopping.


Q:  I’m looking to buy a Bona Professional Floor Mop.  Do you carry this product?  It looks like you carry just about everything for the “Bona System”.

A:  Likely you’re looking for the 18″ Professional Mop which is sold in a kit.  In addition to that we carry several Bona floor mops on our website in the Bona Mops, Pads & Covers Section including a 15″ Residential Mop Set and an all-in-one Spray Mop.


Q: I have 8 year old Bruce hardwood floors throughout my home.  It seems that I have, over the years, used products that have built up on the wood floor leaving a film. What cleaner do you recommend to remove the film then keep the floors looking great? 

A: Bruce has their own line of maintenance product recommend for use on their wood floors.  Presuming your floor is urethane coated hardwood, you’ll want to use the Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Cleaner, avail in 2 sizes- 32oz Spray & 64oz Refill.  This cleaner should lift the residue on your floor and leave it residue and streak free. You’ll likely need to put more pressure on the mop than you typically would and go over it a several times if the buildup is heavy from years of other cleaners.  Bruce also has Fresh Finish Floor Polish that will refresh the shine on your floor once it is thoroughly cleaned.


Q: How do I get an MSDS for a product on your website?

A:  Many of our products have an MSDS link located at the end of the product’s description.  If you are viewing a product that does not have an MSDS, contact us via email at help@1877floorguy.com or call 1-877-356-6748 and we’ll forward the information to you.


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