Stone, Tile & Grout Care Q & A

We frequently get emails from customers with common and unique floorcare questions. We answer these questions directly to the customer who asks and we post many of them on Facebook and (more briefly) on Twitter.  If you find the following stone, tile & grout care tips helpful, “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter for answers to all types of flooring questions.  We post Q & A’s a few times each week.

Remember to “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter for answers to all types of flooring questions.  We post Q & A’s a few times each week.

Q:  Does have product for use on ceramic tile?

A:  We sell a variety of products for ceramic tile.  Here are a few brands that have products for ceramic tile- Aqua Mix,  Bona,  DuPont™ StoneTech®.  In addition, we can answer your questions about  the right maintenance products for the type of tile you have.  Call us at 1-877-356-6748.


Q:  Which DuPont Sealer has a lifetime warranty for use on Marble?

A:  I don’t know of any sealer (by any manufacturer) that has a lifetime warranty. All sealer needs to be reapplied. You may be thinking of DuPont™ StoneTech® BulletProof® Sealer or Heavy Duty Sealer.  Both are recommended for use on natural marble w/ expected wear of 3-5 years when properly maintained. For routine cleaning of sealed Marble, use DuPont™ StoneTech® Revitalizer® Cleaner and Protector or Stone & Tile Cleaner.


Q: My foyer floor is Marble and I’m not sure if I need to seal it.  How can I tell and what Sealer should I use?

A: Place a few drops of water on the marble floor and wait 15 minutes. (This works for any stone surface.) If the water beads up and wipes off without leaving a dark spot then your surface is well sealed. If the water absorbs into the surface then you need to apply Sealer.  For interior use,  DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional Heavy Duty Sealer works well to protect a polished marble floor.  Once sealed, use Revitalizer® Cleaner and Protector, for routine maintenance.


Q:  Can I use AQUA MIX High-Gloss Sealer to seal natural stone in a shower?

A: AQUA MIX High-Gloss Sealer is a topical sealer and is NOT recommended for areas where there maybe standing water. Instead USE a penetrating sealer such as AQUA MIX Sealer’s Choice Gold or AQUA MIX Penetrating Sealer.


Q: Can I use AQUA MIX grout colorant over epoxy grout?

A: AQUA MIX Grout Colorant can be applied over epoxy grout. Coverage is 50 to 300 sq. ft. per kit depending on the width and porosity of grout joints. For best accuracy use the Coverage Chart.


Q: I use Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner for wood floors in my house.  It seems like such a gentle cleaner, can I use it on my bathroom ceramic tile?

A.  For tile floors (stone & laminate also) use Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner which is formulated for this type of floor. If you’re already using the Bona Floor Cleaning System for hardwood, you can use the same Microfiber Mop & Cleaning Pad which makes this an economical choice.  The Bona ST&L Cleaner is available in 32oz Spray & Spray Mop Cartridge.  However if your floor is under warranty, check the warranty before you buy cleaner. Flooring manufacturers often require a particular cleaner to uphold warranty.

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