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We frequently get emails from customers with common and unique floorcare questions. We answer these questions directly to the customer who asks and we post many of them on Facebook and (more briefly) on Twitter.  If you find the following carpet care tips helpful, “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter for answers to all types of flooring questions.  We post Q & A’s a few times each week.

Remember to “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter for answers to all types of flooring questions.  We post Q & A’s a few times each week.

This post includes info for Mohawk FloorCare Essentials, Host, Nylac & furniture glides for use on carpet.

Q:  How do I clean grease and tracked-in dirt from the “green” carpet Mohawk makes out of recycled pop bottles?

A:  Mohawk recommends the Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Carpet Stain Remover, 32oz Spray or Carpet Cleaning Kit, to treat stains on their EverStrand™ & SmartStrand® Carpets and they emphasize routine vacuuming & cleaning for ongoing care and upkeep.

Q:  My carpet gets “dented” where the coffee table sits in my family room.  The table moves when my kids rest their feet on it and they never seem to notice so now I’ve got carpet dents in more than one spot and the table is getting wobbly from being moved.  I’m looking for a way to fix this problem since telling my kids to take their feet down doesn’t seem to be working well enough.

A:  Equinox makes carpet glides for furniture that disperses the weight of the table leg onto a disk that is padded on one side and hard plastic on the other reducing the “dent” effect on the carpet.  The table will move more freely on these discs alleviating the stress on the table legs. So now when your kids put their feet up, the table will still move but  you won’t have the problem with carpet “dents” and the table legs will not be stressed.  Glides come in two sizes, 2-3/4” or 5” round.

Q:  I cleaned a coffee stain from my beige carpet with a cleaner I bought at the grocery store.  The stains seemed to be gone at first but now the area keeps getting dirty so I think it’s not totally gone.  How do I get rid of this?  Is there a carpet cleaner that will take up the whole stain?

A:  Host Carpet Cleaner will take up most stains without leaving a residue.  Host is a dry extraction system that absorbs soils as it dissolves them. The dissolved spot does not have the opportunity to run to the base of the carpet so there isn’t anything there to wick back to the surface.  For small areas, the carpet cleaning kit or 2.5lb shaker pack should do the job.

Q: Someone told me that Nylac Carpet Cleaner is good for cleaning my carpet because I’ve got allergies and it’s got no odor and is safe.  Do you have an MSDS sheet for this product so I can check for myself?

A: Yes, we have just updated the Nylac product information to include the MSDS sheet.  You can go directly to the Nylac MSDS sheet or to the Nylac Product page.

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