UPDATED Top 7 NEVERS for a Hardwood Floor

med wood floorWe’ve updated our top 7 NEVERS for wood flooring.  We tried to keep it to 7 (because of the title) however we thought of more and couldn’t consolidate too much without diluting the message so …now there are 8. 


  1. Clean with rag mop & bucket of water.   
    • Water is a wood floors worst enemy! Always clean with the type and brand cleaner recommended by the floor’s manufacturer.  It is typically formulated to work on your specific type of floor.  Not sure what to use for cleaning? Call for advice 1-877-Floorguy (1-877-356-6748).
  2. Use hard rubber brush, plastic vacuum attachments, vacuum with beater bar to clean your floor. 
    • Use only a soft brush attachments and a vacuum without a beater bar on the hardsurface setting.
  3. Allow furniture to rest or drag directly on the floor without protectors on the feet or base. 
    • Use Floor Protectors & Glides on the feet and base of all furniture. Self-adhering felt-backed pads come in many shapes and sizes to fit all furniture and protect your floor from dents and scratches.  EZMoves furniture glides with felt bottoms make moving heavy items EASY and protects your floor from scratches.
  4. Let a spill sit for “a while”.  
    • Water is still a wood floors worst enemy! Wipe up spills promptly.  Use appropriate cleaner if needed to remove sticky residue from a spill.
  5. Forget to keep carpeted floor mats at exterior entrances & vacuum them routinely.
    • Small particles of dirt & debris tracked on a wood floor cause scratches that dull the appearance of the wood.  Floor mats minimize this tracking-in of dirt and debris.  Routine vacuuming makes the situation even better.  In addition, all mats, area rugs & carpet runners should have a non-skid backing to protect the floor beneath from the rough carpet backing.  Non-skid backing also keeps the carpets in place.
  6. Let too much time go between vacuuming area rugs, carpet runners and mats.  
    • The key is to keep dirt and debris to a minimum.  Frequent vacuuming prevents debris from filtering down through the weave and scratching the floor beneath.
  7. Allow anyone to wear spiked high heel shoes, shoes with cleats or taps, heavy wooden heeled shoes or any “worn” shoes with exposed metal or sharp parts.  
    • These types of shoes can cause extensive damage!  Most of your houseguests will respect a no-shoes policy.  That way you don’t single any one person out to remove their damaging shoes.
  8. Use a steam mop on hardwood! 
    • Driving it home…water is bad for wood!  Steam is water vapor and the moisture is likely to seep into and between the wood planks causing warping and permanent damage to your hardwood floor.


  1. Leanna on September 10, 2022 at 6:14 pm

    I need to take the heavy wax buildup off my hardwood floors. I just bought Dessolver and Squeaky Cleaner. Can you give me any pointers how to strip the wax?

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