Quality Cleaner for No-Wax Wood & Laminate Floors

In recent years, many major flooring manufacturers have discontinued their brand-specific floor cleaners leaving customers unsure where to turn for a quality floor cleaner at a reasonable price. Homeowners have tried various methods to clean their no-wax wood and laminate flooring with results often ranging from bad to worse. Vinegar and water, long touted as a miracle cleaner, is actually harmful to wood and laminate floors due to the acidic nature of vinegar and the penetrating qualities of water. Together they can dull a floor’s finish and irreparably distort and warp the floor. Grocery-store bought hardwood or laminate floor cleaners typically contain ingredients that leave residue on the floor that attracts dirt and is difficult, if not impossible, to remove. This often appears as a cloudy film covering the floor.

no-vinegar-symbolHilway Direct saw the need to provide homeowners with a clear and simple quality option for cleaning their polyurethane and factory finished hardwood and laminate floors. Hilway Direct’s NEW Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner delivers superior cleaning capability, ease of use and straight-forward product selection…at an affordable price.

Hilway Direct provides a premixed, perfectly blended, daily cleaner making it easy to clean no-wax wood & laminate flooring. In addition, Hilway Direct Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner is also approved to properly clean cork, bamboo and vinyl flooring. This ready-to-use cleaner and a microfiber mop are all you’ll need to easily lift dirt and grease without leaving a film, residue or streaks and with no measuring or rinsing required while being safe for use around children and pets. Just spray and mop!

Customers who have already tried Hilway Direct Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner say it’s the best cleaner they’ve used on their floor. Hilway Direct Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner is available in two convenient sizes- 32oz Spray and 1 Gallon Refill. Both are ready-to-use formulas that require no measuring and no mixing which means easy, no-hassle cleaning for homeowners.

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