New Year’s Cleaning Guide: 5 Tips to Help with your Cleaning Resolution

  1. Ditch the Professional Carpet Cleaning Service — Instead, implement a routine dry carpet cleaning regimen using powerful at-home carpet cleaners by brands such as Host and Nylac. Bonus: you’ll save a ton when you reduce the amount of professional carpet cleanings required each year.
  2. Go for Professional Cleaning Supplies — Add a professional edge to your home cleaning routine when you choose commercial-grade mops and cleaning supplies by O-Cedar and Libman. These tough mops help eradicate the most difficult dirt and debris throughout your home. Also consider if your flooring brand recommends a particular cleaning product for best results.
  3. Recolor and Seal Grout — You don’t have to completely replace the tired, dingy tiles in your bathroom or kitchen for a dazzling new look. Instead, refresh/recolor and seal your grout with easy-to-use Aqua Mix Grout Colorant Kits that make your grout look like new again available in 20 color options.
  4. Refresh Hardwood — Nothing makes your home feel squeaky clean like a deep hardwood floor refresh. Choose a hardwood cleaner that’s specifically recommended by your flooring manufacturer for the best possible results. 1877FloorGuy features products such as Bona Professional Wood Refresher and Basic Coatings Intensive Floor Treatment for wood flooring.
  5. Prevent Tracked-In Dirt — Stop dirt, ice, snow and moisture from entering your home when you invest in a high-quality entry door mat. These mats prevent ground-in dirt and debris from damaging your floor’s surface over time.

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