How to Remove Carpet Mold

How to Remove Carpet Mold

Protect your familyWhether you’re restoring an old house or have discovered the growth of unsightly mold in your basement or bathroom, 1877FloorGuy can help. Mold is caused by excess humidity, which creates a hospitable environment for the growth of mycotoxins, a potentially toxic substance that can cause adverse health conditions. Besides the unpleasant, musty smell of mold, this growth can cause potential risks ranging from allergic reactions to asthma attacks. Cleaning moldy carpet can help keep you and your family safe without the high cost and effort associated with complete carpet replacement.
With that being said, in many cases, cleaning your carpet to remove mold will not be possible. For example, if the mold has occurred in several areas of the carpet or if there is a large area of growth that takes up the majority of the carpet area, then you will likely need to replace the carpet. We recommend cleaning moldy carpet only when it is detected early and hasn’t spread to the rest of your carpet. The key to these scenarios is to equip your space with high-quality dehumidifiers and ensure that there is no standing water or other moisture buildup that can cause mold to grow or

Quick Tips for Carpet Mold RemovalSafety First

  • Clean Dry — It may seem obvious, but introducing more moisture to a mold-prone environment is counterintuitive to tackling the problem. Always clean with a dry carpet cleaner like Host for the best possible results.
  • Protect Yourself — You never want to embark on any mold remediation task without the necessary safety gear. We highly recommend wearing a facemask, goggles, gloves and protective clothing to ensure that you’re not further exposed to potentially toxic mold spores.
  • Kill the Mold — After you’ve thoroughly cleaned your carpet with a dry cleaner, you can use an anti-fungal spray or solution (we recommend Vital Oxide spray) to thoroughly kill all residual spores.

Steps for Carpet Mold Removal

Gather the recommended supplies and follow the general steps below for best results removing mold from your carpets.Necessary Supplies

  • Protective wear: facemask, goggles, elbow-length cleaning gloves, protective clothing
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Stiff carpet brush
  • Dry carpet cleaning product
  • Dry carpet cleaning machine
  • Anti-fungal spray or solution such as Vital Oxide spray

How to Get Rid of Carpet MoldCarpet Cleaning

  1. Before beginning, put on protective clothing and a facemask to lower your risk of breathing in airborne mold spores that can make you sick.
  2. Open windows to encourage appropriate ventilation in the space.
  3. First, prepare your carpets for cleaning. If you’re working with a rug, remove the rug and work outside.
  4. Use a stiff carpet brush to loosen surface layers of mold from the top layer of the carpet. You may also hit surrounding floors that look like they have some mold growth during this step.
  5. Thoroughly vacuum carpets to get rid of any surface dirt.
  6. Next, you’ll want to use a dry carpet cleaner to completely clean the mold.
  7. To use Host:
    1. Apply about nine handfuls of Host powder to a 10-foot by 10-foot area of carpet.
    2. Apply additional Host powder on highly damaged areas and high foot traffic areas like entranceways and hallways, and less in areas where people don’t walk.
    3. Try not to place Host powder in areas where there is no soil, like in corners or closely along the walls.
    4. Brush Host through the carpet using the Host Dry-Clean Machine. Go over the carpet a total of three times with the machine.
    5. After an hour, thoroughly vacuum the carpet.
  8. Place a dehumidifier in the room to help the carpet dry out. Leave it running for a few days following your cleaning to get rid of any remaining mold spores and to encourage completely dry carpet fibers.
  9. Clean your vacuum, carpet brush and carpet cleaning machine using an anti-fungal solution to ensure that residual spores are killed.

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