1877 Floor Guy Featured Brand: Diversey Commercial Floor Care

Diversey-Feature-Image-1877FloorGuyDiversey, formerly known as JohnsonDiversey, Inc. traces its roots all the way back to 1923 as one of the top institutional and commercial cleaning solution manufacturers. Known for its expansive line of high-quality commercial floor cleaners, Diversey manufactures many high-quality cleaning solutions for a range of industries. These products are commonly used in healthcare, education, BSC and government facilities due to their safe, gentle and high-quality formulas. 1877FloorGuy proudly offersmany Diversey floor care products, many of which are designed with green ingredients and meet rigorous eco-friendly certifications, to suit your unique needs.

One of our best-selling products — not just by Diversey, but by all brands — is Diversey Stride Neutral Cleaner. This ultra-versatile neutral floor cleaner is specifically recommended by many industry leading floor manufacturers as a high-quality floor cleaning solution. It is commonly used on all types of resilient flooring, including rubber and linoleum. Diversey Stride is made with a neutral pH formula in order to thoroughly clean flooring without damaging any protective coatings. Diversey
also makes many high-performance floor finishes, general purpose cleaners, heavy-duty floor cleaners and problem-solvers to remove grease and provide floors with an extra layer of protection.

Diversey’s large line of brands includes names such as Profi Taski, GP Forward, Butcher’s, Carefree, Wiwax, Raindance, Snapback, Stride and more. Diversey floor care products are specifically recommended for use on Toli, Forbo and Tarkett flooring brands, but can be used on a wide range of flooring surfaces. Make sure to check your flooring manufacturer’s care and maintenance instructions for more detailed information. In 2011, Sealed Air Corporation purchased Diversey Holdings, Inc. so you will now begin to say the Sealed Air name on many of your favorite Diversey products.

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