How To Utilize Area Rugs on Hardwood


How To Utilize Area Rugs on Hardwood

Adding area rugs to your hardwood floors is a great way to define space in an open-layout room, especially in dining rooms and seating areas. They’re also an excellent option for protecting hardwood floors from scratches, stains and sunlight. The most important things to be aware of while choosing area rugs for hardwood are staining and slipping. Always use a non-staining area rug mat or spray-on gripper like RugLock to ensure that your rugs are safely secured to the floor. This will ensure that area rug edges don’t curl and cause a trip hazard for disabled or elderly family members.

Benefits to Using Area Rugs on Hardwood Floors

  • Protecting Hardwood from Sun Damage — If you’ve placed an area rug in a well-lit room for a long period of time, you’ve probably noticed that the shade of the hardwood beneath the rug is a different shade (usually darker) when removed. Given time, this will even out as all of the areas of the floor are exposed to sunlight. This is a natural process, and no remedy or staining will correct it.
  • Protecting Hardwood from Scratches — The extra layer of material in your area rugs will help preserve your hardwood for the long-term and ensure that it doesn’t become directly exposed to heavy foot traffic and damage caused by accumulated dirt and moving furniture. As long as you choose a non-staining rug pad, your area rug should not affect the finish or beauty of your hardwood. Always use furniture floor protectors in areas where furniture comes in direct contact with hardwood.
  • Defining Different Areas of a Room — If you have a large, open format in your living space or dining room, then an area rug is a great way to help break up the space into different sections. For example, you can use rugs to delineate separate seating or dining areas in spaces with few architectural separators.

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