1877 Floor Guy Featured Brand: Dr. Schutz

Dr Schutz ScratchFix on LVT

Based in Germany, Dr. Schutz has been producing quality floor cleaning and pre
servation products for over 60 years. These innovative flooring solutions are specifically designed to help you care for and maintain one of your home’s most expensive investments. If you’re looking for easy-to-use options that help revitalize your floors to keep them in great shape for a few extra years, then Dr. Schutz is definitely a brand you’ll want to explore. 1877FloorGuy has all the best Dr. Schutz floor care products for resilient flooring.

One of the most cutting-edge products in the Dr. Schutz line of floor care products is the Dr. Schutz ScratchFix Kit. This kit comes with everything you need to repair deep and surface scratches in LVT, VCT vinyl and polyurethane factory-finished floors. Compared to replacing the floor, you can save big when you use Dr. Schutz for floor revitalization. Using a smart system complete with a spray, a pen and accessories, the kit allows you to mend even deep scratches quickly and easily. ScratchFix is uniquely designed to help accommodate most finished flooring gloss levels, ranging from natural matte finishes to medium satin gloss finishes.

The kit also comes with buffing and scraping tools that help you prepare the floor for the application of the pen and spray, so that you get a smooth, professional result. Before you use Dr. Schutz ScratchFix, we highly recommend watching instructional videos and testing the solution in a small, inconspicuous area (such as inside a closet) to ensure that the finish matches your floors before applying it to a larger area. Don’t forget to read the full manufacturer’s instructions before application!

Videos demonstrating how to use Dr. Schutz ScratchFix:

1877FloorGuy is staffed by a team of floor care experts and professionals, so we’re always available to help you find the right Dr. Schutz products for your flooring type and specific concern.

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