Clean Schools in Summer with these Commercial Cleaning Products

Schools - Floor Cleaning During Summer

Clean Schools and Commercial Spaces in the Summer with These Products

The summertime is the best time to prepare educational environments for a new wave of students in the fall. In addition to performing a deep clean, the custodial staff will typically refinish floors during this time, since it’s the only period all year where staff has two or three months of interrupted time to work on the floors. 1877FloorGuy is here to help you find quality commercial and educational cleaning products for cleaning K-12 environments as well as college dorms and other university spaces.

Educational Cleaning: The Basics

A good K-12 school or dorm room cleaning and maintenance plan should not only include top-quality products that keep floors and other surfaces looking clean, but also solutions that ensure that floors are protected from damage by the daily, heavy foot traffic, furniture and chairs, such as floor protectors and walk-off mats. It should also include the application of a quality floor finish to help keep floors in their best shape year-round.

Because college dorm rooms can become especially dingy and dirty over the course of the semester, you may need a few extra cleaning solutions to tackle the job. All of the products mentioned below are excellent for cleaning dorm rooms and will help make dorms look their best even after students have left behind significant grime. We also recommend choosing a reliable multi-surface cleaner, such as Spartan Shineline, for cleaning dorms.

  • Floor Protectors — Equip floors in every single classroom with high-quality floor protectors by FlexiFelt and Expanded Technologies. Furniture floor protectors come in many styles ideal for school chairs and desks, including thick felt slip-on protectors as well as clear heat-shrink sleeves.
  • A Neutral Floor Cleaner — A good pH neutral floor cleaner for commercial use will help revitalize and refresh floors without dulling or damage. For example, you can use Diversey STRIDE Neutral Cleaner either with your auto scrubber, mop and bucket or spray bottle in general and daily cleaning without damaging the floor’s protective coating.
  • Commercial Mops and Buckets — Enhance any educational cleaning routine with fresh, clean equipment for the new school year, such as commercial-grade mops and buckets by O-Cedar. You’ll also want to invest in a reliable two-bucket system so that you can easily maneuver large amounts of water and solution throughout your facility. This system has two buckets: one to hold the solution and one to hold clean water for rinsing.
  • Floor Cleaning Machines — In situations where you need to strip, clean and buff large areas of commercial floors, an automatic floor machine can do wonders. When paired with the right 3M Floor Machine Pads, these machines will assist with everything from deep cleaning early in the summer to floor preparation before applying new finishes.
  • Floor Finishes — Custodial professionals know that finding time to fully refinish a floor is nearly impossible with school in session. The summer is the ideal time to add a new finish to the floor to enhance shine and add protection. We have a range of commercial floor finishes and preparation products at 1877FloorGuy, including Spartan Green Solutions Floor Finish Remover, Diversey Carefree Matte Floor Finish, Hilway Direct Allsafe Stripper and more.

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