The Best Floor Protectors

Best Furniture Floor Protectors

Choosing to use furniture floor protectors is a great way to lengthen the life of your expensive flooring investment. These little felt protectors provide a barrier between your furniture and the floor, effectively helping to reduce scratching and scuffing that will make a floor look dull over time. Commonly used in commercial applications — especially in education on school chairs and desks — felt furniture pads are ideal for residential use as well. Choose the best floor protectors for hardwood, vinyl, laminate and other hard-surface floors as well as rugs and carpeting by browsing the selection in the 1877FloorGuy store.

When choosing any type of floor protector for your furniture items, look for commercial grade felt pads and plastic slides from brands like Expanded and Flexi-Felt. Heavy duty felt furniture floor protectors are best suited to prevent damage to hard floors such as wood, vinyl, laminate and rubber flooring at home, in schools, meeting spaces, healthcare facilities and more. When selecting hard bottom glides for furniture, choose durable heavy use protective slides, like the ones from EZ Moves, to move heavy equipment or furniture with ease over rugs and carpeting.

Types of Floor Protectors
Chair glides come in three common types: felt, plastic and metal. Metal chair glides are typically ineffective in institutions that are tough on furniture, such as schools, that find damaged metal glides leaving gouges in the floor due to sharp, rough edges. Metal furniture feet also rust when the floor or rug beneath them gets wet from leaks or spills, leaving ugly stains on resilient hard surface floors and on carpeting. Felt and plastic floor protectors each have their place on the base and feet of furnishings to save the floor from damage.

Customers at 1877FloorGuy are most often looking to protect LVT, hardwood, linoleum and other resilient flooring surfaces so our store has lots of options for protecting these hard floor surfaces from scratches and dents. The best type of pad that we recommend using on hard surface flooring is felt because of the way it protects the floor. When felt furniture pads are commercial quality they will last and greatly reduce or eliminate scuffing where chairs or other items move frequently on the floor.

  • Felt Floor Protectors
    • This type of floor protector comes in many attachment styles to fit a wide range of furniture and facilities for residential or commercial use. Felt floor protectors are the best option for hard surface floors. The least expensive type of floor protector is the felt peel-and-stick design that adheres to the feet or base of chairs, desks and other pieces of furniture to effortlessly glide over hard-surface flooring without causing damage. The most standard peel and stick felt pad is round and comes in several diameters and in large or small quantities. 1877FloorGuy has done the best job of sorting these items in their online store but it can be confusing so feel free to call Customer Support for guidance.
    • Many customers like the look and secure fit of Expanded’s Clear Sleeve Floor Protectors that can fit over square or round chair and table legs without the use of adhesive. In addition to round felt pads that stick on and clear sleeve felt pads that grip, 1877FloorGuy has high profile Slip-On® or low-profile Slip Over® Floor Savers™ for school classroom desks and chairs, Flexi-felt Ultimate Shrink to Fit felt chair glides that are possibly the most durable felt furniture attachment ever and Wrap-Around or Clip-On felt bottom pads for sled base and stacking chairs.
    • Felt floor protectors are the softest option, so they’re ideal for any hard surface flooring, especially LVT that tends to scratch more easily than stone and tile flooring, and they can be used in residential and commercial environments. Heavy duty felt protector pads can be swapped out if you don’t want to clean them, or you can use a vacuum to lift off dirt and dust from the pads to keep floors from scuffing long term.
  • Plastic Floor Protectors
    • Plastic floor protector glides are intended for use on carpeting or ceramic tile floors. Resilient flooring, such as laminate, linoleum and vinyl will scratch when plastic furniture glides move back and forth, especially if the glide becomes damaged and there is a sharp or rough edge sticking out that will scratch the floor. Plastic bottom glides that fit to tables and chairs can adhere to each furniture leg or they can sit under a heavy piece of furniture so it glides easily and won’t snag carpeting or area rugs. Plastic furniture glides come in many shapes and sizes however most popular, at 1877FloorGuy, are the 3-inch square or round hard plastic bottom glides that fit great under the legs of a coffee table or sofa in a home’s living room or in an office waiting area. Available in several neutral shades, these plastic glides blend with most carpet colors so they don’t stand out.
    • Fitted styles of plastic furniture bumpers are also available. Frequently used in meeting rooms on tubular sled base chairs are the plastic wrap around glides by Expanded. In heavy use settings, be sure to check plastic guides periodically for damage and replace ones that are nicked or have a rough edge.

Choosing the Right Size Based on Furniture
Floor protectors come in so many sizes and style options that it can be confusing. To choose the right size basic round felt pad that sticks onto a chair or table leg to protect your floor from furniture scratching, measure the diameter of your chair or table leg at the base and select the size felt pad that is the same as or slightly smaller in diameter. For finding the right size clear sleeve felt protector, buy the sample pack that includes a measuring tape and all of the clear sleeve sizes – you’ll save time and money by doing so.

To meet the needs of customers with large and small amounts of furniture, floor protecting pads are available in large and small quantities, from 4 to 1000 pads, depending on the item. To try out pads and find the right size for your furniture, buy a small package to start or purchase the Clear Sleeve Sample Kit.

If you’re scratching your head because you are still not sure which furniture bumper will protect your floor and look best, don’t hesitate to contact 1-877-FloorGuy for additional advice and information. The small amount you’ll spend on these tiny felt protective pads will add years of good looks to your home or facility flooring, in which you’ve made a large investment, so protect it.

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