Natural Stone Sealer & Enhancing Stone Sealer

Natural stone surfaces, including marble and granite floors, need to be sealed to protect the surface from stains caused by spills or tracked in contaminants. Most sealers for stone tile are penetrating sealers that soak into the porous natural stone surface to protect it from staining. Freshly applied, still wet, sealant will always look glossy on the tiles and will make the stone surface appear richer in color. Once dry, the stone will return to it’s natural look unless the sealer is also an enhancer or topical finishing product.

Since not all sealants will enhance the color of the stone tile, it’s important to know, when you are shopping for sealer, whether you want to enrich and add shine to the stone or retain the no-sheen natural look. As you familiarize yourself with the types of stone sealers available, you will find that many sealers don’t alter the vibrance or shine of the stone floor or counter so the surface retains it’s natural appearance while others will add a low to high-gloss finish and enhance the color of the stone tiles. Each of these options provide a protective coating. The selection you make depends on the look you want to achieve.

When you decide on the type of sealer you want to use and before applying it to your floor or counter made of travertine, marble or other stone, ensure that the product will bond to the natural stone surface in your home or business by first reading the label for types of stone and if it’s intended for use on floors and/or counters. Next do a test application on an extra tile or in an inconspicuous area, following product label instructions. Tip: If your type of stone- ie: slate, granite, honed marble -isn’t listed as an approved surface, call the manufacturer of the sealer and speak with their technical support about your specific application before proceeding. 

Natural stone sealer will typically be applied directly from the bottle at full strength, with an appropriate mop or lint-free cloth. If you, or someone you hire to apply sealer to your stone surface, is diluting the sealer with water, check the label directions to see if that is an approved method before continuing the application. Tip: Not all sealing and finishing products for stone should be used on the floor – find out by reading the label before application begins.

Well known brands of sealers, cleaners and problem solvers for natural stone and tile include Aqua Mix, Miracle Sealants and Laticrete Stonetech (formerly DuPont Stonetech). These three reputable brands are available in the 1877FloorGuy store.

Take a look at these popular natural stone penetrating sealers if you want to retain the stone’s natural appearance without adding gloss or altering the appearance of the stone – Sealer’s Choice Gold, 511 Impregnator Sealer, and Stonetech Sealer.

To enhance and add shine to natural stone consider these reliable sealing agents – Seal & Finish Low-Sheen, Stonetech Semi-Gloss or High-Gloss Finishing Sealer, 511 Seal & Enhance.

For the best ongoing appearance of the natural stone surfaces in your home or business, clean them routinely with a natural stone cleaner or cleaner-resealer that is recommended for the type of stone surface and for the specific sealer that has been applied.

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