Chair Leg Protectors Reduce Floor Scratches

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Chair leg protectors are these tiny little items that have a huge impact on the success of your floor. Furniture items, like chairs and tables, that frequently slide across wood, vinyl or laminate flooring cause scratches that can make a floor look worn. Applying chair leg protectors will greatly reduce floor scratches. You can find packages of felt protector pads in most grocery or hardware stores however you are likely not getting the best quality furniture pad when you add a package of these floor protectors to your shopping cart as an impulse purchase. Mutli-sized or “Economy” packages of felt chair pads are not likely to provide the level of protection you want for your investment in floor covering. At 1877FloorGuy, we only sell high quality, heavy-duty commercial grade chair leg protectors and our Customer Support Team is  available to help customers choose the best protective glides for their home, business or school furniture. Whether you need 16 or 1000 or more chair leg protectors, we have it!

Felt floor protectors are a great way to reduce wear caused by chairs, tables and other furniture or equipment that moves across your hardwood, vinyl plank or any type of hard surface floor. Let’s face it, furniture floor protectors are not an item most individuals will spend a lot of time comparison shopping since the prices are usually low and the typical thought is that a felt pad is a felt pad and they are all the same. At 1877FloorGuy, we have over a dozen chair leg protector styles to fit all kinds of chairs including wood leg chairs, classroom chairs, sled-base chairs, metal leg chairs and and everything in between. I assure you, all chair leg protectors are not the same. The chair leg protectors in the store are commercial quality with thick padding for durability and excellent floor protection. They will reduce scratches on LVT or wood plank flooring and can be used at home, in institutional, retail or corporate facilities.

Clear Sleeve Chair Leg Protector Clear Sleeve Chair Leg Protector

Our residential customers have had a lot of success with the clear-sleeve furniture floor protectors, one of our most popular styles. The clear-sleeve furniture floor protector has a clear flexible sleeve that grips around the chair leg to hold the felt bottom in place. We sell a sample pack that contains 10 sizes and a measuring tape so you can get a tight fit to your furniture legs. This is important for this item and our customers find the sample pack to be a great time saver in finding the right size.

Dr Schutz FootClick-2 Chair Glide Dr Schutz Scratchnomore ChairFixx Clip-on Chair Glide

Another style that is increasingly popular for home use is the Dr Schutz Scratchnomore glides, the FootClick 2 for leg-based chairs and the Chairfixx for tubular sled-base chairs. Scratchnomore furniture glides have a thick carpeted base for long-term floor protection and just the pad can be replaced when needed instead of having to replace the whole glide. The Scratchnomore items are sold individually or in sets of 4, so you can buy 1 or 100. If you’ve tried other styles and they just don’t work, try a set of 4 on one chair, you will likely find this is just what you’ve been looking for in a chair pad.

Slip-On Floor Saver for Classroom Desk/Chair Slip On Floor Saver for Classroom Chairs & Desks

Schools tend to like the Slip-On Floor Savers for classroom chairs. Floor Saver chair leg protectors fit most classroom furniture, are available in large quantities- 100 or 1000 per pack and provide a much better option than tennis balls! Available in grey or brown, they do a strong job of staying on chair and desks to protect the floor from scuffs and scratches while school is in session.

Flexi-Felt Ultimate Chair Glide

For institutions that need the very highest level of staying power, the Flexi-Felt 6328 Ultimate Felt Glide shrinks to fit and is guaranteed, by the manufacturer, to stay in place in heavy-use environments.

Expanded Peel & Stick Felt Pad Flexi-Felt Peel & Stick Felt Pad

A long time customer favorite is the economical peel-and-stick round felt heavy-duty pad. With five sizes and two different brands in stock, these heavy duty stick-on felt pads will work hard in most any facility or home. The adhesive on both brands, Expanded and Flexi-Felt floor protectors, is intended for commercial use and is made to stay in place for long term use. Packages sold in the 1877FloorGuy store range from 4 to 1000 and vary for the different sizes and brands.

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