Did You Know? Floor Care Products that are NOT Freeze-Thaw Stable

How winter weather effects floor care product shipments

Freeze-Thaw Stability

Most floor cleaning products are stable if they freeze then thaw, meaning they are good for use or “freeze-thaw stable”. Flooring finishes and sealers, such as Hilway Direct Matte Floor Finish or Diversey Over & Under Plus Sealer, are NOT freeze-thaw stable so if they freeze in transit they are no longer usable. Shipping liquid floor cleaners and finishes requires especially careful packaging in freezing temperatures. Cold weather packaging care, at 1877FloorGuy, includes the use of heat packs, insulating packing materials, and careful timing, so 1877floorguy.com products, that are NOT freeze-thaw stable, will continue to arrive safely at customer locations all winter long.

Notice in Shipping Information on 1877floorguy.com:

**Winter Shipping Advisory:
Due to adverse weather conditions that occur during the cold weather months of autumn and winter, 1877floorguy.com reserves the right to hold any order containing product that is not freeze thaw stable. This applies to, but is not limited to, acrylic floor polishes and sealers. This may cause a delay in shipping but you will be notified by a customer service rep from 1877floorguy.com if your order is being held. View list of products that are NOT freeze thaw stable.

Typically, when temperatures drop below freezing and transit time is likely to exceed the capability of our 96-hour heat packs, cartons containing products that cannot be allowed to freeze will be held at our warehouse until it possible to ship them for safe arrival at customer locations. Most often, this is just a couple of days delay. Customers will always be notified when there is a shipping delay, via email or telephone call. 

What if you are ordering floor maintenance products for a specific job and have a required by date? Ideally, place your order early because of potential weather delays and add a note to your order (real people actually read the notes!) to indicate the urgency and include a required by date. This will prompt a Customer Support Representative to reach out to you if your required date cannot be met with standard shipping. Another option is to choose overnight or 2nd day delivery to reduce transit time. Heat packs, that are utilized in packing products to prevent freezing, will radiate heat for up to 96 hours, which is 4 days. Extreme low temperatures may reduce the length of time for which they will emit heat. 

1877FloorGuy ships many items that are not impacted by winter weather including mopschair leg protectors, mop pads, floor machine scrub pads and brushesentry door mats and other items that are not at all temperature sensitive. These non-liquid goods don’t require quite as much attention to weather patterns when they are scheduled to leave our warehouse and ship to our customers around the country and into Canada. 

Our phones are answered by real live people every business day. When in doubt, give a call to (877)356-6748 and ask your question about shipping options.

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