Family, Food and Floor Protection

Keep Your Sanity and Floors Scratch Free with Clear Sleeve Floor Protectors from 1877FloorGuy Supply.

Clear Sleeve Floor Protectors
Protect Your Floor with Clear Sleeve Floor Protectors

For many families, this is the most wonderful time of the year, but for others it can be the most frustrating time of the year with thoughts of family, food and floor protection.

Yepper, we know that preparing the big feast at Thanksgiving takes a lot of time, effort and energy but what we put beneath the table should be just as important as what we put on top of the table.

Come on, let’s admit it, no matter how much time and energy that we put into maintaining our homes, there will always be someone to whom it really doesn’t matter, therefore, we have to take extra measures to ensure that our homes and sanity remain intact during the holidays.

Clear Sleeve Floor Protectors Sample Pack

Sliding chairs across a hardwood or luxury vinyl floor can cause major damage that no Stain Marker Pen or Filler can repair, so be prepared with Clear Sleeve Floor Protectors.

Clear Sleeve Floor Protectors from Floor Guy Supply fits round or square chair legs, with or without taper.  The sample set includes 10 sizes and measuring tape.  Sleeves stretch.  Heat for best fit.  

Click this link to view a video illustration on how to fit Clear Sleeve Floor Protectors onto chair legs, and for a limited time, we will send you a coupon code for the price of this item to be used on a future order of a Clear Sleeve Chair Leg Protectors multi-pack.

Each flexible, clear plastic floor protector features a felt pad on a clear sleeve that slides over the furniture leg to protect your flooring and the furniture’s foot. These convenient floor savers require no adhesive and slide on easily with a clear sleeve that stays put and holds tight. If it’s tough to apply this protector, heat it first with a hair dryer to increase the stretch of the plastic sleeve. This will make it more flexible while it’s warm and easier to get the proper fit. 

These floor protectors are ideal for protecting all hard-surface floors such as wood and luxury vinyl from scuffs, scratches and nicks. Use with assurance on rounded furniture legs as found on many decorative chairs and dining tables. 

So before the family rings your doorbell and parks their feet beneath a seat in the kitchen and dining room, make sure to protect your floor from scratches and gouges with Clear Sleeve Floor Protectors from 1877FloorGuy!

Thanksgiving dinner with family

Happy Thanksgiving from Our Family to Yours!

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