New Year – New Floor Repair LVT

Thanksgiving holiday dinner was wonderful, your family and friends arrived safely and left quickly!  There was lots of food, fun and laughter.  The day was literally problem free with no talk of politics and the turkey was cooked to perfection with delicious side dishes, but after everyone left you noticed that your floors needed a blessing or at least a little TLC!

Yes, you prepared perfectly for the meal, but you forgot to prepare your floors because you didn’t purchase the Clear Sleeve Floor Protectors from 1877FloorGuy Supply and now they look like this!!!

OH NOO!!!!

No worries, we’ve got a solution for you.  We have one of the best gifts of the season!

Dr. Schutz, ScratchFix Floor Repair Set 


So as you head into the new year, make sure your floors look like they are in their first year too!



Repair scratches in luxury vinyl floors and polyurethane factory-finished floors with one of a kind ScratchFix by Dr. Schutz. Easy to use, this scratch repair kit contains all that is needed to remove or reduce visibility of superficial scratches that penetrate the flooring wear layer. This is especially helpful to conceal scratch marks on Luxury Vinyl in schools, commercial spaces, retail stores, restaurants and can even be used at home.

ScratchFix repair kit is designed for simple application so it’s easy to fix minor superficial scuffing as well as longer scratches in the floor that look unsightly. All supplies are included in the scratch repair kit for fixing floor scratch marks. 

The videos below show you how to use Dr. Schutz scratch removal pen and scratch removal spray, as well as the other included buffing and scraping tools, are helpful and should be viewed before flooring repairs are made. You may be able to repair blemishes on your vinyl flooring instead of having to do an expensive flooring replacement.

Give a call to 1877FloorGuy Supply Customer Support if you need guidance to achieve the right gloss level. Do a test to ensure compatibility and practice the repair on extra flooring material or in an out of the way area, such as a closet floor, before making a repair in the middle of your dining room or store flooring. 

Like most things, practicing with the floor repair tools in this scratch repair kit will make your application better and ensure that the finish gloss level is compatible with your resilient floor type.

IMPORTANT: Gloss level between the repaired area and the factory finish may differ. Always test vinyl floor repair kit products on leftover material or in an inconspicuous area prior to the repair to be sure you will be satisfied with the results.

Happy Holidays!

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