New Year – New Flooring Goals

It’s a new year but instead of making Resolutions I prefer to set Goals. So, if you’re anything like me and one of your goals for the new year is to declutter your closets and clean or refinish your floors and if so, then this post is for you.

I completely decluttered my closet and was able to donate a large bag of clothing and other household items to a local shelter. The floor cleaning project I set in motion didn’t turn out exactly as planned – as a matter of fact it was a major FAIL!  

That’s right, after dusting and vacuuming my floors I applied a popular floor polish, whose name will not be mentioned, onto my beautiful hardwood floors and the results were NOT what I wanted!  The floors now look hazy and streaky and I can’t get them clean using my regular wood cleaner – my floor is a disaster.

When a cleaning fail occurs, the first thing most of us will do, including myself, is to go online to Google to search for a solution or head over to TikTok looking for a Hack.  However, before doing that, I remembered an old blog post on the 1877FloorGuy Blog but the steps seem kind of complicated and I want a simple solution.

Then I came across another 1877floorguy blog post about Basic Coatings Wood Floor Care products and I felt like I was on the right track to find a product to remove hard-to-remove polishes from my hardwood flooring so I went to the Basic Coating brand page on 1877floorguy and found just what I needed!

According to the specs, Basic Coatings Dissolver is used to get rid of hard-to-remove floor polishes from hardwood flooring. Perfect! Some well advertised floor coating products claim to add shine to your floor but instead they leave residue that makes your floor look bad. Basic Coatings Dissolver will remove the residue that streaks and marks your floor, returning it to the original factory finish and that’s exactly what I needed, so I made the purchase and included Basic Squeaky Cleaner because the directions on the technical data sheet call for it and I want to do the job right this time.

Before I start using Basic Coatings Dissolver to strip polish off my hardwoods, I will be sure to download and print the Tech Data Sheet from the item page on 1877floorguy website so I can follow the directions while I do the floor finish removal job.

Note the Basic Coatings Dissolver can be used on Commercial and Residential flooring for acrylic finish removal. Large commercial floor jobs may want to use a floor scrub machine for agitating Dissolver solution and for final cleaning with squeaky hardwood floor cleaner concentrate

So how are you doing with your new year goals – hopefully you are on target and getting excellent results, leave me a comment if you tried this product or any others from 1877FloorGuy?

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