Wood Floor Refinishing for Weekend Warriors  

Are you a weekend warrior, someone who is always busy working around the house especially on Saturday and Sunday?

I have to admit that I am definitely a Weekend Warrior, someone who feels the need to always be busy doing something either inside the house or outdoors especially when the weather is warm.  

Just the other day, I was looking outside and could see the sprouting of my spring bulbs because here in Delaware it has been one of the warmest winters ever.  I am now so ready to open the windows and start my spring cleaning.

However, according to the Groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, we still have a few more weeks of winter so I plan on staying indoors, sitting on the sofa and binge watching new episodes of HGTV.

One of my favorite shows is My Lottery Dream Home, but I also enjoy watching Celebrity IOU.  This heartwarming show is about the renovation of a home for a friend or family member of a celebrity.

In one episode the Property Brothers took down a few walls in a home to increase the footprint of a room and then showed the celebrity how to restore the original hardwood flooring in that room.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I would be hesitant to do any of this without having the right tools and products and perhaps the assistance from the Property Brothers – because they are cute too!

But seriously, we’ve only been in our “Forever Home” for 3 short years, so it will be a while before we’ll even think about doing any major renovations or improvements.  

However, hubby has been online looking at basement updates and has been thinking about replacing the carpet in the basement and refinishing the hardwood flooring upstairs.  So after watching a few episodes of this Old House on YouTube, I have learned a few things including that I will need to fill the gaps between the wood planks after sanding the floor.


I did a Google search and came across several products that will be needed for this project that includes Dr Schutz X-tra Fill.  

According to the instructions:

Dr Schutz X-tra Fill

For hardwood floors, fill cracks and joints during sand and refinish with Schutz Xtra Fill mixed with fresh sawdust from floor during sand and refinish jobs for a smooth finished floor. The 1-liter size of Extra Fill will cover up to 200 sf. 

Mixture dries on the floor in less than 2 hours under normal conditions so it is ready for sanding and finishing quickly. Apply Dr Schutz X-tra Fill mixture before final stain and finish applications. Use on wood floors that have a subfloor. 


Click to watch this video for application techniques.

So on the day that it’s officially Spring, I am going to open up the windows and begin refinishing my hardwood floors then head outdoors to enjoy my bloomed Tulips.

How about you, are you a Weekend Warrior, and if so, what is your 1st spring home improvement project?

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