Spring into Clean: Renew & Refresh Your Floors

Spring is in the air… The change of season is the perfect time to breathe new life into your home’s floors. April showers bring May flowers but they can also bring mud, dirt and allergens into your space so it’s important to have a floor care routine that can help you ensure that your floors remain clean, beautiful and maintained no matter what type of flooring – hardwood, tile, laminate or carpet. Here are some tips and tricks you can use for your own spring floor care routine.

It All Starts with a Deep Clean

Start your spring cleaning with a deep clean to remove any built-up dirt, grime and residue accumulated during the winter months. This begins with a thorough sweeping or vacuuming (depending on the type of flooring) to remove any surface debris. Your next step will be specific to the type of flooring you’re cleaning…

  • Hardwood and Laminate Floors: Use a pH-neutral cleaner specially formulated for hardwood or laminate floors to gently remove dirt and residue without damaging the floor. Avoid using excessive water and opt for a damp mop to prevent moisture damage.
  • Tile Floors: A mixture of warm water and a pH-neutral detergent works wonders for cleaning tile floors. Use a soft mop or microfiber cloth to scrub away dirt and stains effectively.
  • Carpeted Floors: Use a carpet cleaner or consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service to deep clean your carpets. Special attention should be paid to high-traffic areas and spots where dirt tends to accumulate.

Repair and Maintenance

Once cleaned, you should assess the condition of your floors to identify and address any needed repairs or maintenance.

  • Inspect your hardwood or laminate floors for signs of damage like scratches, dents, or warping. 
  • If you have tile floors, inspect the grout lines for any cracks or gaps so they can be filled in to prevent water damage or staining.
  • Carpet damage should be repaired to prevent further deterioration. Patch tears or loose seams, trim any loose threads and use carpet tape or adhesive to secure loose edges.

Protect and Prevent

Protecting your floors and staying on top of your preventative maintenance can go a long way to preserving the beauty and longevity of your floors.

  • Place Mats at Entryways. These mats help to reduce the amount of dirt and moisture that’s tracked into your home and onto your floors.
  • Use Furniture Pads. Using felt or rubber pads on the legs of your furniture can help to prevent scratches and scuffs on hardwood and laminate floors.
  • Control Humidity. Humidity levels inside your home can affect the integrity of your hardwood floors so use a humidifier or dehumidifier to maintain optimal humidity levels.

Establish a Regular Maintenance Routine

Having a regular maintenance routine will keep your floors looking their best not just during spring but throughout the year. Your routine should include frequent sweeping or vacuuming to remove surface dirt which will prevent dirt and debris from accumulating on your floors and causing damage, as well as regular cleaning with a cleaner specific to your flooring. Any spills should be cleaned as quickly as possible so they don’t settle in and become even more difficult to remove.

Ready to refresh your floors for spring?

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