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Carpet Care

Spring Cleaning

Spring into Cleaning with these Great Products

Get ready for your annual spring cleaning with these top-quality products recommended by the team at 1877FloorGuy. Whether you want to refresh the hardwood throughout your home or revamp the tile and grout in the bathroom, these are our top picks for making sure that your house shines this season. Bona Professional Series Hardwood Floor…

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How to Remove Carpet Mold

How to Remove Carpet Mold Whether you’re restoring an old house or have discovered the growth of unsightly mold in your basement or bathroom, 1877FloorGuy can help. Mold is caused by excess humidity, which creates a hospitable environment for the growth of mycotoxins, a potentially toxic substance that can cause adverse health conditions. Besides the…

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Host Carpet Cleaner featured in Hotel Industry Publication

Hey, Don’t Blame the Carpet,  an article in Hotel Industry Magazine’s online publication, features Host Dry Carpet Cleaning System.  The article highlights the benefits of using a dry carpet cleaner such as Host Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning. Host is effective for cleaning a small area or an entire room with a dry extraction powder that dries quickly, eliminates…

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Carpet & Rug Care Q & A

We frequently get emails from customers with common and unique floorcare questions. We answer these questions directly to the customer who asks and we post many of them on Facebook and (more briefly) on Twitter.  If you find the following carpet care tips helpful, “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter for answers…

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Fall for the Best Time to Get Back to Floorcare Basics

Autumn the perfect time to get back to floorcare routines that keep your floors looking GREAT.  It may even be time for your floor to get an extra bit of TLC to really shine before the winter holidays set in. There are many types of floors that require different routines however they all have one thing in…

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Summer is Here…Time to Clean the Vacation Home!

Whether you’re headed to your vacation home at the beach, lakeside or in the mountains, your first trip is likely to have your car loaded up with some or all of the following… kids, pets, boogie boards, beach chairs, fishing poles, tackle box, coolers, bed sheets, towels, toilet paper and the list goes on and…

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Where To Find Manufacturer Recommended Floor Care Products

Residential Flooring Manufacturers devote many dollars to developing floor care and maintenance products specific to the floor(s) they produce. These products are carefully formulated, for each type of flooring the manufacturer produces to leave the floor residue-free, maintain the integrity of the floor’s surface finish without compromising slip resistance or shine and it needs to…

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Think Green for Floor Cleaning Products – Part II

The trend is obvious when you view the manufacturer links in Part I to this blog. Manufacturers are “greening” their manufacturing processes and their business cultures. Each touts the strides they have made towards environmental stewardship using words like “reducing VOCs, sustainable resources, recycling, improving indoor air quality.” These are all great steps towards a…

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Think Green for Floor Cleaning Products – Part I

What is a green floor cleaning product? Is it about a manufacturer’s efforts to conserve natural resources and recycle? Does it mean that the floor cleaner will help you to conserve water or energy? What will be its effect on indoor air quality? Is it safe when it comes in contact with your skin? The…

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Dry Clean Carpets –Reduce Allergans, Environmentally Safe

Whether your carpets need spot cleaning for a stain or a full cleaning throughout the house, you are likely interested in using a product that is safe for kids or pets and is environmentally friendly. HOST® is the leading dry extraction carpet cleaning method that will meet all of these requirements! HOST is Green Seal…

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Your Carpet – Before You Replace, Try Cleaning

Your Carpet – Before You Replace, Try CleaningDid you realize that instead of simply replacing your old carpet, that you could actually go through and give it a deep clean? Many homeowners and landlords alike could save a large amount of money simply by getting their hands on a great carpet cleaning system. With a…

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