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Disinfectants & Odor Control

Odorcide Surface & Air Deodorizer in 5 Varieties

Did You Know? Odorcide, a Powerful Surface & Air Deodorizer

To eliminate bad odors, and I mean really bad odors, in your home or business, Odorcide is the best deodorizer you can buy for interior surfaces and air freshening. Use Odorcide on upholstered furniture, carpeting, floors, clothing and on any water safe surface. It works better than most air fresheners by eliminating malodors associated with…

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Odorcide 210 Laundry Gets the Job Done

Have you ever had something stink and no matter how many times you clean it, the smell is never quite gone? My most recent experience was with my son’s backpack. He returned from a Boy Scout camping trip with a “wet dog” smell in his backpack and on the items that were in the backpack.…

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Vital Oxide – Hospital Disinfectant, Food Service Surface Sanitizer

Vital-Oxide, EPA Registered as a Hospital Disinfectant and NSF Certified for use on no-rinse Food Prep Surfaces. This broad spectrum disinfectant cleaner is proven to effectively eliminate and protect against harmful bacteria, viruses, mold & mildew including MRSA, E-Coli, H1N1 & more using new chlorine dioxide technology. Safe for people, pets and the environment, clear,…

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Summer is Here…Time to Clean the Vacation Home!

Whether you’re headed to your vacation home at the beach, lakeside or in the mountains, your first trip is likely to have your car loaded up with some or all of the following… kids, pets, boogie boards, beach chairs, fishing poles, tackle box, coolers, bed sheets, towels, toilet paper and the list goes on and…

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How to Really Eliminate Bad Odors in the Home or Business

Smells come from many sources and in a variety of strengths. For the really BIG, bad odors that don’t go away on their own…Odorcide 210 is the answer. This deodorizer is different than most for several reasons. 1. It works! 2. It doesn’t leave a residue on hard surfaces like laminate counters or wood floors.…

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Vital-Oxide Effectively Kills MRSA, H1N1, EColi & Mold –Environmentally Safe

Removing mold and bacteria does not have to involve corrosive, caustic chemicals! Vital-Oxide kills bacteria and controls mold while at the same time the formula is gentle, safe in contact with skin and can be used on a variety of surfaces- fabrics, carpets (even wool), polyurethane wood floors, ceramic tile, laminate, sealed concrete, stainless steel,…

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