Blog Post: Spring into Clean | Top 10 Must-Have Floor Care Products from the Experts at

Our Top 10 Must-Have Floor Cleaning Essentials Every Home Should Have

Clean and well-maintained floors are not just aesthetically pleasing. They also help make your home healthier and more comfortable. To keep your floors looking their best, you need the right tools, but with so many options available how do you know if it’s a must-have or just a gimmick? Whether you’re dealing with everyday spills,…

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Blog Post: Spring into Clean | Renew & Refresh Your Floors

Spring into Clean: Renew & Refresh Your Floors

Spring is in the air… The change of season is the perfect time to breathe new life into your home’s floors. April showers bring May flowers but they can also bring mud, dirt and allergens into your space so it’s important to have a floor care routine that can help you ensure that your floors…

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Are Your Floors Ready For The Holidays?

It’s hard to believe, but here we are just weeks away from Thanksgiving – the start to the holiday season. This time of year brings joy, laughter and the warmth of spending time with family and friends, along with delicious home cooked meals, fondly remembered stories of the past and family traditions. If your home…

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Thanksgiving Dinner with family

Family, Food and Floor Protection

Keep Your Sanity and Floors Scratch Free with Clear Sleeve Floor Protectors from 1877FloorGuy Supply. For many families, this is the most wonderful time of the year, but for others it can be the most frustrating time of the year with thoughts of family, food and floor protection. Yepper, we know that preparing the big…

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Did You Know? The Difference – Wet Mop OR Spray & Wipe Mop

With so many types of floors available to homeowners and businesses, it can be confusing to figure out the right way to clean your floor, especially if it’s a new floor. At 1877FloorGuy we talk about floor cleaning all day long so the terms, “wet mop” and “spray & wipe” floor cleaning are terms we’re…

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Chair Leg Protectors - Feature Image

Chair Leg Protectors Reduce Floor Scratches

Chair leg protectors are these tiny little items that have a huge impact on the success of your floor. Furniture items, like chairs and tables, that frequently slide across wood, vinyl or laminate flooring cause scratches that can make a floor look worn. Applying chair leg protectors will greatly reduce floor scratches. You can find…

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Best Furniture Floor Protectors

The Best Floor Protectors

Choosing to use furniture floor protectors is a great way to lengthen the life of your expensive flooring investment. These little felt protectors provide a barrier between your furniture and the floor, effectively helping to reduce scratching and scuffing that will make a floor look dull over time. Commonly used in commercial applications — especially…

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