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Green Floor Care

Eco Friendly floor cleaning products at 1 877 FloorGuy

Cleaning Green with Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaners

Cleaning Green with Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaners Choosing eco-friendly floor cleaners is a great step towards making your home safer, more sustainable and more beautiful. 1877FloorGuy is an expert when it comes to picking green cleaners for the home, whether you’re looking for low volatile organic compound (VOC) carpet cleaners or sustainable hardwood floor cleaning products.…

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Think Green for Floor Cleaning Products – Part II

The trend is obvious when you view the manufacturer links in Part I to this blog. Manufacturers are “greening” their manufacturing processes and their business cultures. Each touts the strides they have made towards environmental stewardship using words like “reducing VOCs, sustainable resources, recycling, improving indoor air quality.” These are all great steps towards a…

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Dry Clean Carpets –Reduce Allergans, Environmentally Safe

Whether your carpets need spot cleaning for a stain or a full cleaning throughout the house, you are likely interested in using a product that is safe for kids or pets and is environmentally friendly. HOST® is the leading dry extraction carpet cleaning method that will meet all of these requirements! HOST is Green Seal…

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Keep Your Investment in Your Floor

Keep Your Investment in Your FloorOnce you make the decision to replace your flooring or have a new floor installed, it’s still an investment and you will want to protect that investment.One of the largest offenders to flooring is the scooting of furniture across it. People often mistake a shiny floor with being slick and…

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