Things to Consider When Buying a New Floor

Buying a new floor is a major investment, much like buying a car or a new home, so you want to do all you can to maintain and protect that investment. When you find yourself heading out the door to visit a local flooring retailer, be prepared with some questions that you may not have considered.

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Neutral pH Floor Cleaner – Hilway vs Zep

Hilway Direct Neutral Cleaner and Zep Neutral Cleaner are both commercial cleaning products that are designed to clean and maintain various types of flooring. While they are both neutral cleaners, meaning they have a pH close to 7 and are not acidic or alkaline, there are some differences between them that are worth noting. Ingredients:…

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Mopping with Mannington

The time has come to start my serious Spring cleaning especially since Daylight Saving Time has given us more sunshine during the day. However, with all that extra sunlight, it gives me more time to see that my luxury vinyl floors need some serious attention and care! So let me get to mopping with Mannington…

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Finding the Best Cleaner for Luxury Vinyl Floors

Product Selection An excellent question and one we hear often is, “What’s the best cleaner for my luxury vinyl plank floors?”. The answer to finding the best floor cleaning product is not one specific item. It depends upon the brand of floor and if it is in a home or business. Any luxury vinyl floor-…

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pouring disinfectant cleaner into mop bucket

Adding Disinfectant Cleaner to Your Floor Cleaning Routine

Disinfectant Cleaners are getting a lot more use these days with the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Folks are retooling their cleaning protocols at home and at work. If you’ve added disinfectant cleaner to your floor cleaning routine, there are a few tips you will find helpful. At 1877FloorGuy, our technical gurus have been fielding questions about…

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Shoes and pets bring snow and ice onto floors indoors.

Get Your Floor Winter Ready!

With dropping temperatures comes snow and ice tracking indoors on shoes, pets and wheeled equipment onto your home or business flooring. 1877FloorGuy is here to help you through the mess! First, a quality entry doormat that has a leak proof, non-staining backer. Not all doormats list the type of backer, so purchase carefully. 1877floorguy sells…

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