Clear Sleeve Chair Leg Floor Protectors

Try out Clear Sleeve Chair Leg Protectors on your home or business chairs. 10 sizes. are Among the most popular chair leg floor protectors at 1877floorguy.

Repair Scratches on Luxury Vinyl Floors

Dr Schutz ScratchFix Kit conceals ugly floor scratches on luxury vinyl and other resilient floors. Follow tips on how to use the ScratchFix Kit for the best repair results.

Bruce Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner

Bruce now has  Bruce Multi Purpose Floor Cleaner for luxury vinyl, tile, ceramic and stone floors! Ready to use formula. 32oz Spray & 1gal Refill. Reliable brand name.

Eliminate Smoking Odors!

Got smoking odors in your car, home or workplace? Odorcide Smoke Brake is formulated to do away with cigarette, canabis and other smoking smells!  Odorcide is a leader in odor eliminating products.

Woca Swep Mop SILVER - Remove Mop Head

Woca Swep Mop SILVER has a replaceable mop head. Until you know how to take off the old mophead, it can be tough to know how to replace it. Once you see how it's done, it's easy.

Woca Swep Mop SILVER - Attach Mop Head

Once you take the old mop head off the Woca Swep Mop SILVER, you need to put on a new Woca Silver/White Replacement Mop Head. Seems confusing, but not so much after seeing how to do it.

Wet Mop & Flat Mop Floor Cleaning

See the difference between Wet Mopping -and- Spray & Wipe Mopping  and the type of mop for each. Find out which floors can be wet mopped and which should only be spray mopped.

Caddy Clean/Bissell ProScrub 2.1 Battery Pack

Two ways to carry the Caddy Clean battery pack while cleaning- attach it to your belt or to the Caddy Clean/Bissell ProScrub 2.1 machine. See how to use the clip and battery pack.